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Aaron Judge continues to do that thing with his bat (also, puppies).

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Today’s Headlines


Fifty-Four and Ready for More

The Yankees tipped off another crucial series on Monday afternoon, welcoming the division-leading Twins to the Bronx for the first of four games. They came away victorious, thanks to a timely home run by the actual first person you’d expect. Baseball, meet Aaron Judge. Aaron, meet lucky no. 54:

Judge’s lead on the MLB home run leaderboard has now reached an astounding 18, as he looks down (literally, down roughly 7″ in height) with distain upon second-place Kyle Schwarber’s paltry 36. After the game, he apparently unwound by taking in some tennis:

That’s the look of a man who knows how close he is to certain records of historical importance, and is utterly unbothered.


Bo, Bo, Bo!

Elsewhere in the division, another series of some significance began yesterday between the Orioles and Blue Jays — i.e., the two teams currently fighting for the third Wild Card spot in the American League. These variously-shaded birds locked feathers for a double-feature on Monday, and it did not go well for the O’s.

Not only did Toronto take both games, but the nightcap quickly turned into a one-man showcase for Bo Bichette:

Bichette is the second Jay to pull off a longball hat trick this year, joining Vladdy Guerrero, of course. Check out this neat stat, courtesy of Sarah Langs:

If you think about it, Bichette technically gained some real ground on Judge in the home run game (he now trails by just 33). Ain’t over till it’s over, just saying.

Anyway, tough day for the O’s. But at least they got this sick play by Jorge Mateo:

The Orioles now sit 4.5 games out of the playoffs, with two more yet to play vs. the Jays this week.


Debut Dandy

Monday also brought new blood to the bigs, as a pair of rookie hurlers made their Major-League debuts. Hunter Brown, a 2019 fifth-round draftee by the Astros, rolled into town rocking a familiar style…

Both Brown and Ryne Nelson, another 2019 draftee now wearing a Diamondbacks jersey, began and ended the day with a career ERA of zero. Just keep this up and you’re Hall of Famers, kids!



Best Moments from Yesterday


Breakfast of Division-Leaders

The week began on a slow note for the red-hot N.L East race, as both the Braves (off day) and Mets (rainout) were out of action. But the rain clearly didn’t stop Starling Marte from enjoying the day off in his former city:

The view is decent, but let’s be honest, we’re all looking at the pancakes. Does his hotel deliver?


Go Off, Gary

It’s been an emotional few days for Gary Sanchez. First he nearly gets his head knocked off his shoulders, and now he gets the treat of being received by Yankee fans once again. Needless to say, he savored this massive shot off former teammate Jameson Taillon:


A Bunny Thing Happened…

WARNING: the following images may be triggering for fans of well-manicured outfield grounds (or those who fear the brutality of concert-goers in general). Proceed at your own risk:

To be fair, I’d wager Bad Bunny puts on a much better show than the 2022 Texas Rangers.



Now that that’s behind us, we can all stop and enjoy this beautiful canine camerawork from Dodger Stadium last night:

…they have hats. DAMMIT, THEY HAVE HATS.






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