Seager Bowl Kicks Off With a Bang and 4 Zesty Things From Monday

Fun history, weird typos, and Mike Trout. Here's the scoop from Monday.

While Monday was a travel day for many around MLB, it sure didn’t disappoint in its share of weird occurrences and fun matchups. Here’s a quick roundup of all of the awesome things you may have missed.


Welcome to the Seager Bowl!!


This Monday (Monday, Monday!) marked the beginning of the first-ever Seeeaaaagerrrrr Booowwwwlll, in which the brothers Kyle and Corey squared off on the baseball diamond for the first time in their MLB careers. The two will face each other this week over the course of a four-game series between the Mariners and the Dodgers, two teams that rarely play each other but are matching up this year due to the COVID-impacted schedule.



The two teams last played each other in 2018, but Corey Seager was sidelined following significant injuries to his elbow and hip. Currently, the two teams couldn’t be further apart in their direction and place in the standings, as the Dodgers are cruising to another playoff appearance while the Mariners find themselves in the cellar with the second-worst record in the American League at 7-16 (.304).


Going into Monday’s game, Corey is slashing .294/.342/.574 with five home runs and a 150 wRC+. His older brother Kyle Seager is just behind him with a .287/.366/.487 line, three home runs, and a 133 wRC+.


Kyle poked fun at his brother’s popularity with his 2017 Players Weekend jersey nickname.


While their friends and family couldn’t be in the stands to cheer them on, the brothers were still very excited to play each other. “I’m pretty excited,” said Corey’s brother. “Get to see what all the hype is about. See what he’s got.”

“I hope he goes off and has four hits tonight, and we still win,” Corey said. “He’s still your brother, still rooting for him and competing against him.”


Both Seager boys brought their A-game in their first battle Monday night, and they even got a chance to hang out for a bit as Corey passed Kyle while circling the bases after a launching a three-run homer off of Justin Dunn in the 2nd inning.



Not to be upstaged, Kyle got his younger sibling back with a shot of his own in the top of the third.



Corey got the last laugh, however, as the Dodgers defeated the Mariners in last night’s slugfest of an opener 11-9, a game where the two teams combined to clobber seven home runs. Both Corey and Kyle contributed with long home runs of their own, on their way to becoming the 20th pair of brothers in MLB history to leave the yard in the same contest (and the ninth on opposing teams). Kyle had the better performance in the first game, and went three-for-four with the long home run, a stolen base, and a walk. Meanwhile, Corey went “only” two-for-four with a three-run bomb, a walk, and a rally-sparking single in the seveth inning. The two will face off again as the series continues tonight at Dodger Stadium when Tony Gonsolin (0-0, 0.00 ERA, 9 SO) will attempt to keep rolling against Seattle stalwart Marco Gonzales (2-2, 3.97 ERA, 17 SO) at 4:10 PM PST (7:10 EST).


Papa Trout Says Hi!



Mike Trout continued his absurd pace following the birth of his son Beckham by hitting another missile out of the park, becoming the first player to reach 10 home runs in 2020 (later to be tied by Fernando Tatís Jr.). As he rounded the bases, Trout pointed at the cardboard cutout of his newborn son in the Angels “Family Section” behind third base. Dad strength, indeed.



That’s pretty cool. An even cooler baseball statistic: Beckham Trout only needs to post 74.3 WAR to match his father. The Blue Jays are eagerly waiting by the phone for the Trouts to return their calls.


Luis Garcia is the Youngest (And Oldest??) Player to Hit a Home Run


In the category of “news that will make you feel old,” Luis Garcia became the first player born in the 2000s to hit a home run on Monday night. Garcia, born on May 16, 2000, made his major league debut for the Nationals earlier in the week on August 14, and became the youngest player in MLB at a fresh-faced 20 years, three months of age.

He homered off of a Touki Toussaint fastball in the top of the second inning, taking the Braves’ starter 410 feet to right field.



In recapping the big moment, however, the broadcast encountered a small typo:



Notice anything weird here? This graphic paints Garcia as some kind of baseball vampire (no, not that kind of baseball vampire), an 1820-year-old slugger that has outlived the very sport itself. Garcia had to have lived through generations of world-changing events, so it makes sense that it took so long for him to make his way around to appearing in a major league baseball game.


Blooper Takes the Nats to Flavortown



The Braves’ mascot Blooper took Aníbal Sánchez on a trip to Flavortown Monday night as he did his best Guy Fieri impression behind home plate. Blooper, who has made appearances earlier this season as Bob Ross and other characters, donned the signature flaming shirt and righteous goatee of the culinary icon as he attempted to get Sánchez distracted during a rally by Atlanta in the third inning.



Check out the way Blooper Fieri stares daggers into Dansby Swanson during his at-bat, like Dansby just told him the Truist Park concessions stand was out of Donkey Sauce. Not even going to lie, this image is probably going to haunt me in my dreams tonight. While I wasn’t crazy about Blooper in the beginning, in the words of the frostily tipped chef, I’m starting to believe he’s the “real deal.”


Have a “Funkalicious” Tuesday.

(Photo by Adam Davis/Icon Sportswire)

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