The 5 Best MLB Moments from Friday

The best things that happened Friday... well, besides that no-hitter.

Before last night, the San Diego Padres belonged to a lonely club: they were only franchise without a no-hitter. But after Joe Musgrove’s amazing start, the Padres are a little less lonely. It’s only fitting that the first person to throw a no-no in the gold and brown is a San Diego native and lifelong Padres fan.

But enough about yesterday’s amazing historical moments, that’s not why you are here. Let’s look at some interesting moments you may have missed from Friday’s games.


A Phillies Fan’s Tale of Failure and Redemption


Sometimes, a tale so beautiful and Shakespearean takes place not on the field, but rather off it. Yesterday, we bore witness to a story of hardship, perseverance, and morality in the stands of Truist Park.

It all happened after an eighth-inning bomb from the reigning NL MVP Freddie Freeman. Now, in terms of the score (Atlanta leading 6-1), it wasn’t a consequential homer by any means. But that wasn’t the case for the young Phillies fan who bravely reached out to catch this bomb.



It’s okay, we’ve all been there, kid. Now if this was me, I wouldn’t have even been able to get my glove on that ball. So don’t beat yourself up over it! At least it landed in the bullpen, so maybe you could get a player to toss it up to you…


Fumble (x2)!!

Oh no! His dad can’t believe his eyes, and shamefully tries to look like he came alone.


Fumble (x3)!!!

But the Phillies fan is able to pounce on the ball for the quick recovery! Now, this kid may have made a couple blunders in front of a national audience, and he may currently be without a ride home. But redemption comes when he spots a young Atlanta/Freeman fan and gives him a gift that his new friend will cherish forever.


So let that all be a lesson to you. If you fail once, try again! Fail twice? Keep on trying! Fail it a third time? Quick, find a way to redeem yourself and all is good!


More Wholesome-ness in Atlanta


Thought that was all the wholesomeness that happened yesterday in the “Peach State?” Heck no! A game featuring Ronald Acuña Jr. is always going to be full of highlights.

Usually that means some herculean bombs—and yesterday was no exception.

But we also saw the latest chapter unfold in Acuña’s intensely friendly rivalry on the base paths with Jean Segura.


You see, this isn’t the first time these divisional rivals have duked it out on the diamond.

Be careful you two, there are kids in the stands! In fact, some of them are manager Brian Snitker’s grandchildren, who can finally watch him manage another game in person. Snitker made sure to welcome them.



A Grandiose World Series Serenade


The first Dodgers home game since their World Series win was quite the special moment. Yes, Walker Buehler did lead the team to a 1 – 0 shutout of the visiting Nationals. But there is something even more important… here’s Clayton Kershaw with a RING!

After more than a decade of postseason tragedy, the best pitcher of his generation finally has the missing piece of his trophy case.

Come to think of it, there was actually something even more special that happened during the ceremony…

When baseball fans think of former players that became musicians, they often recall Bernie Williams, one of the few athletes to ever receive a Grammy nomination. But did you know that famed high-leg kicker Bronson Arroyo also has a storied history with music?

If you didn’t, then get ready to have your mind blown.


I had no idea that Arroyo and Walker Buehler shared such a special bond.

Hope that blew your mind like it did mine. If that didn’t do the trick, here is Arroyo’s cover of the Foo Fighters (ft. Stephen King… yes that Stephen King).



The Fabled Triple Shimmy


Every 75 years, Halley’s Comet flies past us. But in San Francisco, we saw something even rarer.


Yes, the legendary TRIPLE SHIMMY.

Johnny Cueto turned back the clock in his start, showing some nasty movement in both his pitches and God-given shimmying ability. 8.2 IP, just 1 R against the former ace. I completely understand why the Rockies’ offense was left helpless, how could you not be mesmerized by the magic you are seeing on the mound?



Pinch-Hitting Pitcher Alert!


Please never bring the DH to the NL. Without pitchers hitting, how could Jacob deGrom ever get run support during his starts?

But this beautiful situation is another reason to keep the NL as it is.

Let’s give some context to this critical scene. After six innings, the Reds possessed a healthy 5 – 0 lead on the Diamondbacks. But in the seventh and eighth, Arizona rallied. The score is now tied. Stefan Crichton pitches a scoreless top of the ninth. Cincinnati then notches two quick outs, but Christian Walker works a walk. The D-Backs need a pinch hitter for Crichton. With the winning run on base and two position players available, which one do they pick?

Why Madison Bumgarner of course.

Ahhhh what a gorgeous pop out.


Photo by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns of Twitter)

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