The 5 Best MLB Moments from Tuesday

"That's the coolest thing I've ever done" - local man playing baseball.

On a day full of ~discourse~ about MLB’s “unwritten rules” and Tony LaRussa’s hypocrisy, the actual playing of baseball came as a welcome relief for just about everyone. There were plenty of great moments in Tuesday’s games, so rather than dwell any more on that nonsense, we’ll get right to the fun stuff.

But first, a hat tip to Spencer Turnbull for doing what few thought possible: embarrassing the Mariners with a no-hitter on their home field. Wait, what’s that? It’s already been done this season? Oh well, still impressive.

Here’s the final bow. M’s fans, you might want to skip ahead.

Now without further ado, the five best moments you missed from Tuesday.

Smiling Through the Pain

Usually, we spend this column highlighting the most fun moments from the games themselves. But here’s one from a player who wasn’t able to participate in those games: Kevin Pillar and his face of steel, fresh off wearing 95-mph heat on the schnoz against the Braves Monday and landing on the IL with multiple fractures, delivering the lineup card for last night’s game:

If you missed it, he talked about the situation with the press before the game, defending Braves pitcher Jacob Webb despite his injuries. It was an impressive show of empathy for Pillar, who had every right to be angry given the potential danger of the situation.

He was in good spirits arriving at the ballpark, too, according to teammate Marcus Stroman, who played with Pillar for several years in Toronto as well. He even tried to make his case to play:

A masked vigilante in Gotham? We can get behind that.

Feeling Jazzy

Alright, enough of the sentimental stuff. Let’s get to the bombs. Specifically, the Jazz Chisholm variety, which are consistently among the most delightful bombs you’ll see. Case in point:

And yes, that was on a 100-mph pitch from Jose Alvarado. No big deal for Jazz, who already accomplished the same feat against Jacob deGrom earlier in the season. According to Sarah Langs, this swing made him the first player to homer twice on triple-digit pitches in the entire pitch-tracking era (since 2008). It’s just not supposed to be that easy.

And if you needed any more reason to love this guy, here he is giving Bryce Harper a finger wag in the same game to let him know he would’ve beat the throw.

Shohei Update: Still Mashing, Still Losing

The latest news on the Angels is as follows: Mike Trout is headed to the IL for 1-2 months with a calf strain (bad); they still have one of the worst records in the American League (bad); today’s starting pitcher, Shohei Ohtani, casually hit a 440-foot moonshot to center for his MLB-leading 14th dinger (good!); they still lost (bad).

The way the Halos dropped this one was particularly painful, as they came all the way back after surrendering five runs in the first to tie it in the seventh, only to lose 6-5 on a Josh Naylor home run. Cue the Onion tweeting their latest story, ruthless as always:

Angel fans, I feel for you. That’s why I’m including this Ohtani dinger compilation to cleanse your palate. You can thank me later.

Dead Man on the Gallo

Loyal readers might remember this highlight from yesterday’s post, featuring Joey Gallo doing a faceplant after walking on Monday:


Well, the Rangers certainly didn’t forget, and they didn’t let Gallo hear the end of it either. When he got to the field yesterday, there was a special surprise waiting for him at first base.

Tommy Hunter, Hit Gatherer

We started with the Mets, and we will end with the Mets. Meet Tommy Hunter, the Major League Baseballer who quite simply had a great time last night. Pitching in a “bullpen game” for the Mets, the veteran 34-year-old reliever got a rare opportunity to swing the bat — and he absolutely came through.

In celebration, he promptly graced us with this magnificent gif:

Not only did Hunter record his first hit after 10 MLB seasons, but he also came around to score his first career run on a Jonathan Villar homer. Afterward, he gained some new perspective on running the bases:

“That was the most I’ve run in probably four years. I don’t like running, so it’s a challenge. I’ll tell you what: That’s a long way around the bases.”

But of course, he didn’t stop there. Here’s an extended clip from Hunter’s postgame presser, which may be the best thing you’ll see all week.


And finally, did you catch who was hyping him up more than anyone in the previous clip? Here’s a hint: he has two black eyes and non-functional nostrils.

The power of baseball, right there. Let’s all be Kevin Pillars and Tommy Hunters today.

Wynn McDonald

Born a Kentuckian, much like Dan Uggla. Braves fan by choice, unlike Dan Uggla. I enjoy long walks on the Brandon Beachy. @twynstagram

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