The 5 Best MLB Moments From Wednesday

Begone rain, 'tis time for Votto talk.

By the time you read this, it will be Bobby Bonilla day, happy holidays to those who observe. Also have you all heard about this “All-Star Game” thing they’re doing? Apparently you gotta vote for it?



Seems important…


Ring The Bell, Rev The Quad


It’s been…a season for the Phils so far, but one constant for the Team Of Brotherly Love is the Phanatic, and the fact that it is great. That kind of thinking doesn’t just apply to those of us who watch it from the strands or our TVs, as here we get to see Jean Segura take the ATV for a spin, as is his wont.



I wonder how they pick who gets to do that? I wonder how the insurance company feels about a non-Phanatic behind the wheel?


Sad Sax, Dramatic Skies


Tonight was a heck of a night for the weather. I can only assume Mike Trout was at home having a grand ol’ time tracking the huge swathes of thunderstorms that were apparently crossing the entire eastern half of the country. Meanwhile, I got to look at a lot of weather delays, but it wasn’t all bad since The Bronx was in the path of one of the cells, which means we got the smooth, smooth sounds of that YES rain delay music:



It wasn’t just rain, though, check out these sweet lightning bolts:



Watching a whole mess of this stuff make its way into and out of NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, and Cincinnati in real-time via baseball streams was interesting, and I still don’t really understand how it all worked here on the east coast since it seemed to hit NY, then Boston, then Philly? Maybe Mike can explain it to me.


Buffalo Double Dare


The relationship between the first baseman and a runner is one of the best weird little things about baseball, as are the remarkably open channels for communication and advice between players on opposing teams. But I’m not entirely sure that Ty France really had Vladito’s best interests at heart here:




Vladimir Guerrero Jr.didn’t climb atop the fWAR leaderboard by being foolhardy, though, and he saw right through Ty’s ruse and made his way around the bases only when Randal Grichuk hit a double out into left field.


Although, Vlad, if you’re reading this, I’m sure a lot of fantasy managers would have appreciated the SB.


Votto, Votto, Burning Bright


We’re back on Votto Watch, and how’s this for some fearful symmetry?



Joey Votto hitting his 1,000th dinger is pretty cool alone, but I deeply love this kind of weird historical fact/coincidence that makes you think there must be something deeper going on but is really just the random number generator that is the universe spitting out weird stuff on the reg.


Panda, Panda, Panda, Panda, Panda


Atlanta had themselves a big Wednesday, giving the Mets a 20-2 shellacking, and that kind of thing definitely helps to loosen up a dugout:



Much like @Cut4, I’m not fully sure of the symbolism of Ronald Acuña Jr./strong> wearing the head of a teammate, but they’re the professionals.


Featured image by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns of Twitter)

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