The 5 Best MLB Moments from Wednesday

Superstition, great pitches, and great plays from the box.

It’s the last Wednesday before the All-Star break! Who else is excited about this year’s Home Run Derby? It should be a lot of fun. Anyway, let’s talk about what happened during Wednesday’s slate of baseball. Twitter was a lot of fun to look at throughout the slate. So, let’s talk about it.


Sonny Gray’s Superstition


We all know that baseball players can be a little… weird. They do some weird stuff to make sure they keep playing well. Even when I played baseball, I did the same. I mean, I put my glove in the clubhouse freezer before I pitched. On Wednesday, Sonny Gray wanted to make sure he pitched better than he was, so, in the middle of his outing, he went into the clubhouse to change things… literally. 

Like atReds said, whatever works, Sonny. I think this is the first I’ve heard of something like this. I’ve even heard of shaving mid-game, but stripping down and changing all of your clothes? That’s a new one for me.

He retired 10 in a row, so if that’s what works for him, good on him.



Baseball Players Are Just Like Us


I don’t know about you, but sudden loud noises or lights can startle me. Apparently, the thunder and lightning startled Ronald Acuña Jr. on Wednesday, too!

I’m not a big fan of thunder or lightning, either. This is something small, and probably dumb, but it’s one of those things that might make you relate to a superstar/all-world baseball player a little bit. After the second one, I would’ve run into the dugout too.



Lindor’s Heads-Up Play… In the Box


We all know Francisco Lindor is a terrific defensive shortstop. He’s so smooth over there, and you just expect him to make some ridiculous plays. On Wednesday, he made a heads-up play on a ball in the air… but he was in the batter’s box. 

He does a great job of tracking the ball, in the air, over his shoulder. He almost looks like an NFL receiver. It was so natural and smooth, and he just watched it into his hands. And then he makes a quick throw!

My favorite part about this is that he can continue to be loose and fun, even in a big at-bat with the game tied in the bottom of the seventh, which was the last inning of the doubleheader game.


Billy Hamilton is Fast


Yes, I know, we all know that Billy Hamilton is really, really fast. We’ve known that since he’s been in the league. Nevertheless, some of the stuff he does with his speed is still really funny. Just watch:

Even Hamilton had to laugh! It wasn’t even a full swing. It was barely a half swing. And, yet, he still beat it out for an infield hit. I mean, that’s just ridiculous speed. Hamilton laughing makes it even better because it seems like he can’t even believe it.



John Gant… Juuuust a Bit Outside


In Wednesday’s loss to the Giants, Cardinals pitcher John Gant had one of the best pitches of the day, and it wasn’t even a strike. In the middle of an at-bat, Alex Wood called timeout right as Gant had started his windup. Gant didn’t want to stop, so he did something else instead. He just threw the ball, anyway. Look where it ended up. 

I mean, this is amazing. Normally, a pitcher stops in the middle of his pitch, or he just throws the ball to the catcher anyway. But Gant almost threw it into the stands! He missed, but was that was he was trying to do? Give out a souvenir? Or was he just trying to throw the most ridiculous pitch he could!


I hope you enjoyed Wednesday’s action, and I hope you enjoy Thursday’s as well!


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