The 6 Best MLB Moments from Tuesday

Slick catches, dad power and the most embarrassing walk-offs yet.

We are officially one (1) week from the 2021 All-Star Game. Isn’t that fun to say? After a year without the game, seeing MLB’s best line up on the field together in their respective teams’ colorful jerseys will be a sight for sore eyes.

Wait, what? They’re all wearing the same jerseys? Oh, and they’re hideous? Right, it’s all coming back…

In all seriousness, I’m looking forward to it. And I’m even more excited for the first Coors Field Home Run Derby of my lifetime (yes, Ken Griffey Jr.’s 1998 derby show is older than me). Speaking of that, we now know the final competitor from the A.L. side: Matt Olson!

That just leaves two N.L. spots to be filled between now and Monday. Tyler O’Neill? Kyle Schwarber? Personally, I’m holding out hope for Pablo Sandoval, but we’ll see.

On to the best moments from Tuesday…


Wizards of Waverly Place

Usually, we lead off this piece with something dramatic: walk-off homers, wild celebrations, Shohei Ohtani existing, etc. This time, I’m leading off with defense. Once you see these clips, I think you’ll get why. Let’s start with Billy Hamilton, who made a catch so slick in Minnesota that it churned up a whole new round of Hamilton jokes:

Not bad, huh? Well, evidently, Dylan Carlson saw Billy’s play and decided to raise him with a similar grab to save the game in the ninth for the Cards.

That’s tough to top. But Juan Lagares gave it his best effort, leaping in right to hijack a home run from Xander Bogaerts:


Shohei approves. But Fernando Tatis Jr. was feeling left out too, so he graced us with this record-breaking laser of a relay to obliterate Starlin Castro’s dreams of scoring:

And while we’re talking about shortstops with a cannon arm, may I submit this Trea Turner gem to nab the speedy Manny Machado?


Okay, I’m satisfied. That was fun. We can go back to the dingers now.


Papa Power

Some say “dad strength” is made up. I say those people are wrong. It is very real, and I have seen it. The latest example is Yordan Alvarez, who had a brief stay on the paternity list this past weekend to see the birth of his second child. In his first at-bat upon returning, he announced his presence vociferously. Here’s home run No. 1:

A nice present for baby Yordan! But you know what would be better? Home run No. 2! To tie the game!

I’m kidding, of course. Babies don’t care about baseball games. But someday, maybe, he or she will look back on this day fondly. Future Alvarez child, if you’re reading this—we’re all rooting for you.


A Sunny Day in Philly

Someone better check the water at Wrigley. Fresh off scoring 13 runs in Monday’s win over the Cubs, the Philadelphia Phillies had themselves a field day on Chicago pitching Tuesday. They finished with 15 this time out, starting with a first-inning granny from Andrew McCutchen:

Later on, Rhys Hoskins got into the fun as well, putting a dent in the scoreboard in the process:

And finally, Bryce Harper put the lasting touches on the W (and a five-hit game) with this moon shot—his first non-solo shot of the year, if you can believe it.

However, I’m much more interested in this home run bucket hat deal they seem to be sharing. Did I miss this? Because I love it.

Then again, Cutch could literally wear a mop and still make it look cool. We should probably take that into account here.


Good Show, Sho

Look, I waited until bullet No. 4 to highlight Ohtani. That’s progress, right? Pretty good restraint? I don’t know. He just keeps doing ridiculous things, the latest of which includes rebounding from last week’s Yankee Stadium debacle with seven strong innings of two-run, five-hit ball against the first-place Red Sox. He also helped his own cause with an RBI double, but y’know, who cares.

What I like to see is that through all the hype and hubbub, he’s staying humble. Look, he’s even helping the other team clean up their messes!


Classy as always, Shohei. See ya next week.


Swinging in the Rain

What’s the best way to stay loose and keep fans invested during a rain delay? Ask the Mets, who somehow hooked up a Nintendo 64 to the big screen to keep the action moving.

Shoot, must’ve needed one heck of an HDMI cable.


Walk-off Weirdness

I’m going to walk-off this post with a trio of walk-off doozies from last night. First, we have the culmination of a dramatic comeback for the Royals, who scored six runs in the eighth and ninth to beat the Reds 7-6 on this Salvador Perez knock:

Love me some Salvy. But as brutal as that inning was for Reds fans (Kansas City benefitted from two errors in the frame), it’s better than what happened to Tyler Matzek and the Braves, who entered the ninth in a 1-1 tie with the Pirates and ended it four batters later… with a four-pitch walk-off walk.

It was so brutal, I’m not even going to post the video. Look it up if you want. Instead, enjoy this bafflingly bad double-error play by the Dodgers that gifted the Starling Marte and the Marlins a win in extra innings:


That’s certainly one way to do it. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m gonna shimmy on out of here. Happy Wednesday, folks.



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