The 6 Best MLB Moments from Tuesday

The Cinnamon Toast Crunch man had a good time. Did you?

Another terrific Tuesday in the books. Another wonderful, brilliant Tuesday has once again passed us by. Another fabulous, unique, and magnificent Tuesday. Can you believe we get these every week?

This particular Tuesday was chock-full of all the things we know and love about Tuesdays, namely that it came after a Monday and immediately preceded a Wednesday. And, of course, it had baseball, too. I’ll be talking about that shortly. But first, how about “Mr. Tuesday” himself, Frank Schwindel, taking home NL Player of the Week honors? If you had told a Cubs fan this news in February, he or she would probably have burst into tears and asked what the hell went wrong. “You’re gonna want to sit down for this one,” you’d tell them. But I digress…

In happier news, I was pleased to see that Larry Walker’s Spongebob Nascar shirt has made it to Cooperstown:

Upon seeing this, our friend Foolish “Baseball” Bailey reportedly made his submission to be inducted to the hall on the merits of fashion (and his prolific Braves career, of course).

As usual, there were a few fun bits from yesterday’s action that just missed the top moments cut. First, we have to acknowledge the Rockies’ wonderful “bark in the park” night, a promotion that never fails to deliver delightful content:

There was also this amazing story, which you can read more about here:

And how could we omit Marcus Stroman’s latest foray into photography?

Plus a serendipitous moment in St. Louis, which gave us this hilarious picture that took me longer than I’d like to admit to understand:

And finally, just to prove that Tuesdays really are the best, look—Chris Bassitt is back throwing after last week’s scary accident. Love to see it!

Now let’s get to the good stuff.


For Old Time’s Sake

The Dodgers are playing at the Cardinals this week, and you know what that means: time to get those tissues out! Because Albert Pujols is back at his old stomping grounds, and you better believe they haven’t forgotten his contributions.

But of course, he wouldn’t let them if they tried. Albert waited approximately four pitches before launching a ball to left field, as he has so many times before in that very park. It was every bit as awesome as you’d imagine.

Meanwhile, Yadier Molina wasted no time himself in getting on base so he could mess around with his old pal:

If that doesn’t just make you smile, I don’t know what will.


Meet Your Heroes

It all started with a sign. One young fan attended last night’s Orioles-Royals game with the simple hope of impressing a role model, and she made it on TV:

D’aww. Naturally, this reached Ms. Newman’s attention quickly…

And even better, the O’s were able to connect the two after the game!

What’d I tell you about Tuesdays? The best. I think Ellee would agree.


Windy City Fun

Sticking with the wholesome content for now, we move to Chicago, where the Reds and Cubs were locked in a tight one last night. It included this heartwarming feature about local Good Guy, Joey Votto:

This game also gave us another brilliant performance from Wade Miley, who went seven strong with eight strikeouts for my fantasy team, “Wynn at All Costs,” currently locked in a tight playoff quarterfinal matchup. Thank you, Wade. But as he reminded us with a fifth-inning single, he does more than just pitch. Remind you of anyone?

And yet, the Cincinnati highlight of the night came from neither of the above stars. No, that would be Kyle Farmer reaching out for this absurd grab in left to rob Schwindel of a hit on his big day:

If you watched this game, you certainly got your money’s worth.


Crunchy Baseball

Unfortunately, the same thing presumably can’t be said for the people who bought tickets to the Mets-Marlins game in Miami. Or at least, those who shelled out for tickets behind home plate, only to get stuck behind the Cinnamon Toast Crunch mascot. Yes, this really happened.

The cumbersome cereal square clearly got into the action, going as far as calling balls and strikes and truly baffling Gary Cohen:

It turns out the Marlins have been doing stuff like this for a while but have been so bad that no one noticed until now. That tracks, honestly. Sum it up, Craig:


Aces Wild

Another fun interleague matchup this week is the Angels vs. Padres, which could (hopefully) give us a fantastic Yu DarvishShohei Ohtani matchup tonight. On Tuesday, the two Japanese superstars got together for a quick photo op that we didn’t know we needed:

However, last night’s game featured an equally appetizing matchup with Blake Snell facing off against baseball name Hall of Fame candidate Packy Naughton. The two pitchers matched zeroes through five, but Snell went a little further, holding a perfect game through six. He looked so good, I thought I was about to have to re-write the whole intro to this post. But then things fell apart for Snell, as he lost his perfecto with a walk and then his no-no on this rip from Jo Adell:

Snell wound up the hard-luck loser, just as Kevin Cash predicted. Nothing good happens in frame seven. But yay Jo Adell, right?


Baltimore Style

I’ll leave you with this drop from the Orioles game last night, which honored the late Michael K. Williams and “The Wire” (I’ll be honest, it’s probably the best call of an utterly inconsequential home run that I’ve ever heard). Give the video a watch.

And with that, it’s a wrap on another spectacular Tuesday. Let’s make it a glorious Wednesday. See you next week.

Wynn McDonald

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