WAF 137 – Using Projections & Process to Find Buy-Lows

Van and Steve look for buy-low hitters

Wins Above Fantasy – Van Burnett (@Van_Verified) and Steve Gesuele (@stav8818) use rest-of-season projections and underlying process stats to find buy-low hitters.

Steve Gesuele

Steve Gesuele is a fantasy baseball enthusiast who has been playing since 2012. He takes pride in participating in his competitive home league- The League of Champions. He was the sports editor at Loyola University Maryland where he covered their men's basketball team and NCAA-champion men's lacrosse team. He is a die-hard New Jersey Devils fan currently residing in Hoboken, NJ.

One response to “WAF 137 – Using Projections & Process to Find Buy-Lows”

  1. Tom Test says:

    If you want me to listen to your podcast, you’ll have to list not just which players you talk about, but exactly WHEN they will appear in your discussion. FanGraphs does this, you should be able to do it to. And if you can’t for some technical reason, maybe you should try a different venue. Where I’m coming from is an AL-only fantasy league. I came here to find out your thoughts on G. Torres, but it’s frustrating to try to find him. I hope this is helpful feedback to you, good luck!

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