2024 Pre-season Underrated Prospects

Five underrated prospects dynasty managers should know.

Every year, there are a few prospects that continue to perform but don’t get the recognition. Similar to that are the prospects that seem to be close to breaking out. The following five prospects fall a little under both categories to me. These five prospects bring value in multiple categories but do not often see top 100 rankings. Some of the things I look for in underrated prospects are the BB/K rate, homerun/XBH split, and stolen bases. Another aspect I like to touch on is if they possess a plus/plus category at all. If a prospect excels in one category and shows potential in others, there is breakout potential. Paired with picking prospects before they breakout are players that seem to be consistent but lack the plus tool currently. Here are five prospects I can see climbing up rankings in the near future.


2024 Underrated Prospects to Know


Dylan Beavers, OF, BAL:


Beavers was the 33rd overall pick in 2022 and has done nothing but produce. A .293/.392/.466 slash, with 11 home runs and 33 steals over 2 seasons and 142 games, Beavers has a similar profile to early Christian Yelich. He stands at 6’4, 200 pounds, to further match the Yelich comparison. There is a lot to like in the game of Beavers, starting with the plus speed and approach. Beavers could end up being a 20+ home run player, with 20-30 steals per season. A scorching hot second half of the season, Beavers hit .397, .344, and .289 in the last 3 months of 2023. Next in the long line of top Orioles prospects, Beavers could force his way to Baltimore if he starts 2024 how he ended 2023.

Beavers utilizes a big leg kick to tap into some of that power and could see 20+ homer power if he adds some muscle. Yelich saw his home run total jump to 20+ at age 24 so Beavers has time to reach that total. Another positive aspect Beavers brings to the table is his split against left-handed pitching. A .257 hitter with 17BB:27K against LHP shows his ability to stick around as an everyday player. Only two of his 11 home runs came against LHP but his ability to put together solid at-bats could allow him to tap into that power against them later on. While these numbers against LHP aren’t eye-popping, they allow Beavers to keep a high slash line. Speed is the best tool for Beavers as he stole 27 bases in 119 games in 2023. With his approach and possible bat, being a second-plus tool, Beavers is a tick-up in power away from being a top prospect in baseball. The size and athleticism make Beavers a prime candidate to make that jump. Beavers sprays the ball to all fields but could try to hit the ball in the air slightly more often. Hard to argue with the approach as he hit .288 in 2023 and even without a jump in power, Beavers is a must-watch prospect.


Luisangel Acuña, 2B/OF, NYM:


The younger brother of superstar Ronald Acuna Jr., Luisangel isn’t the same type of player. Standing at just 5 foot 8, Luisangel doesn’t possess the 40 home run power like Ronald. However, he does match the elite speed of his older brother as he stole 40 plus bases in each of the last 3 seasons. Ronald stole a whopping 73 bases last year in 159 games, compared to Luisangel swiping 57 in 121 games. The two had a friendly bet last season to see which brother could steal more bases. If Luisangel was able to play 159 games, this would have been an entertaining race at the end of the season. Before his trade to the Mets, Luisangel was raking with a .315 average, 7 home runs, and 42 stolen bases. His production slowed down a bit once he played in Binghamton but he has 15 homer/~50 steal potential. Luisangel doesn’t seem to get the praise that matches his production, but that could change if he is an everyday leadoff hitter.

A prototypical top of the order hitter, Acuña could hit in front of top RBI producers Lindor and Alonso in Queens. Hitting in front of two power hitters could provide 100+ run chances for Acuña. Even if Acuña hits toward the bottom of the order upon his MLB debut, he’ll provide plenty of steals to hold value. Luisangel will be 22 years old for all of the 2024 season and could force a call-up if he produces at Triple-A to start the year. He could be a long-term solution in centerfield but his best shot at an early call-up is an injury. The defensive flexibility works in his favor to get his electric game to Queens as soon as possible.


Tommy Troy, SS/2B, ARI:


The 12th overall pick in the stacked 2023 MLB draft, Troy had a successful 27-game debut. Easily overshadowed by the stellar debut from Wyatt Langford, Matt Shaw, and Kyle Teel, Troy spent 23 of his 27 games at High-A. Other top names like Paul Skenes, Dylan Crews, and Walker Jenkins have taken the spotlight away from Tommy Troy as a prospect to start his career. Troy may not get a lot of the talk right now but he is still ranked as a top 100 prospect by most. Personally, I think Tommy Troy is a top 50 prospect right now, and has the potential to be a top 25 prospect by mid-season.

In the small sample size of 27 games, Troy hit four home runs and stole nine bases. All four of his home runs and eight of his nine stolen bases came in his aggressive promotion to High-A. Troy has a very conventional stance at the plate but swings with aggressive power. I love swing comparisons and Tommy Troy finished his swing a lot like Mike Trout. Troy has a larger leg kick at the start of his swing but the quick bat speed and finish are both similar to Trout.

The Diamondbacks showed the amount of faith they have in Troy to start his professional career at High-A. Given the aggressive promotions from the rest of the 2023 MLB draft class, Troy was slightly behind due to a fractured foot he suffered in September. Still, being able to produce and show off what looks like a 20 home run 30 steal profile, Troy should open 2023 at High-A. Troy has all the potential to either share the left side of the infield with Jordan Lawlar, or be his double-play partner for years to come.


Justyn-Henry Malloy, 3B/OF, DET:


A high walk, high strikeout prospect, Malloy has a career MiLB OBP of .410. The plus OBP and above-average power give JHM great value for five category head-to-head leagues. Malloy and Colt Keith were close to a debut in 2023, but 2024 is the chance for them. After a phenomenal Triple-A season, Malloy has nothing left to prove at the minor league level. 110 walks in 135 games at the Triple-A level shows the advanced and disciplined approach. The patience allows Malloy to see plenty of pitches and he’s not afraid of taking a free pass. While the 110 walks is impressive, he also added a .277 average which leads to the yearly 400+ OBP.

While the strikeouts are also high, Malloy adds above average power as he’ll yearly be at 20+. Splitting time between 3B and OF, multi-position eligibility should allow him to play almost every day. The Tigers signed a few veterans this offseason in Gio Urshela and Mark Canha that could block Malloy. Between those three and Matt Vierling, Malloy might have to hit himself into an everyday role. Given the 18 percent walk rate in 2023, Malloy could slot in at 2nd in an MLB lineup. The ability to hit for above-average and borderline plus power could put him in the 3-6 spot as well. The potential for a 380+ OBP, with 20-30 home runs per season makes him a sneaky good option at 3B. He may not be a consensus top 100 prospect, but Malloy should play 120 games in Detroit in 2024.


Jefferson Rojas, SS/2B, CHC:


Rojas showed a solid approach in the DSL with 18K:16BB, and a .303 average in 2022. The Cubs aggressively moved him to Low-A for all of 2023 at just 18 years old. Rojas handled himself well with seven home runs and 13 stolen bases. In those 70 games at Low-A, he only walked 23 times, with 61 strikeouts and a .268 average. Given the age and advanced promotion, Rojas should be a fringe top 100 prospect. Rojas is an aggressive hitter at his young age, and patience could lead to a huge breakout. The tools are present across the board for Rojas despite the small frame at 5’10 and 150 pounds.

A beautiful swing, Rojas keeps his hands up by his head, loads his lower half and hits the ball hard. His swing is short and compact and should produce a solid homerun total as his body continues to grow. The aggressive approach is the biggest thing to keep an eye on for Rojas. Even as an aggressive hitter, Rojas still put up a 7.5 walk percentage in 2023. Likely to spend his 2024 and age 19 season at High-A, Rojas could be the next young star. As he matures physically, the 20 home run potential becomes more plausible. A solid 30.5 fly ball percentage, paired with 48.6 percent pull rate gives Rojas 20+ home run potential. Rojas keeps himself balanced at the plate and looks very comfortable for an 18-year-old. To further raise his stock, Rojas hit a loud home run in spring training. The raw power for a small guy, paired with the balance and maturity is rare for a young kid. Rojas has all the tools to be a top 50 prospect by June.


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