5 Reasons the D-backs Should Wear Their Retro Uniforms in the NLDS

It’s the right move for everyone involved.

Not many thought the Arizona Diamondbacks (84-78) could pull it off, but they did.

After qualifying for the postseason, they swept the Milwaukee Brewers, celebrated at American Family Field, and headed to Los Angeles to meet the Dodgers in the National League Division Series. In Game 1, the D-backs pounded the Dodgers, 11-2, showing they are a team on a mission.

After two games, the series will move to Phoenix, and I’m here to make the case for the D-backs dusting off those purple-and-teal, 25th anniversary retro uniforms for the Dodgers arrive.

Here’s why.


5. Fans like the D-backs’ retro uniforms


Think back to to mid-August when the D-backs brought them out as part of a 25th anniversary celebration. At the time, Zac Gallen ran an X/Twitter poll to test fan enthusiasm. The response was overwhelming.

That’s not even close.

When an underdog like the D-backs is trying to overthrow a dynasty like the Dodgers, they want to ensure fan enthusiasm. Wearing their retro uniforms would turn things up a notch.


4. Gallen is an advocate for the retro unis


He’s been open about this:

As Gallen put it back in August, ”I think the old uniforms just look awesome.”

Listen to the probable Cy Young finalist and cornerstone of the D-backs’ starting rotation. Aces Gonna Ace and all that, but they ought to look good while doing it.


3. The team (mostly) likes the retro unis


Geraldo Perdomo said back in August, “These are so nice. I think we should wear them more.” Center fielder Alek Thomas added, “Everyone loves the purple, everyone loves the teal and the pinstripes.”

The only skeptic was Merrill Kelly. “Purple’s not necessarily my cup of tea,” he said, but he is in favor of the teal over the Sedona red, and he likes the pinstripes.

This is a young team trying to take the next step. It only makes sense to let them have fun while doing it and wearing the retro uniforms would add to the atmosphere.

Plus, they would compliment Lourdes Gurriel Jr.’s hair.

Here’s Evan Longoria before Game 1 in the NLDS.

That’s a Luis González jersey. Longo gets it.


2. These uniforms fit the occasion


The postseason is special, and, since the D-backs have uniforms that are ideal for a special occasion, this is an opportunity they should not miss.

They’re purple (a rare color in MLB), they have pinstripes (an unusual fashion move for the D-backs), and they’re vests, which no team currently wears.

I’m a fan of the D-backs City Connect uniforms, but they can improve on that by wearing their retro uniforms in the NLDS.


1. They connect a young D-backs team with their history


This is the most important reason. Back in 2001 when the D-backs won it all, they did it wearing these uniforms.

That’s the energy a young D-backs team wants to bring to this series, and these uniforms connect them with their 2001 World-Series-winning forebears.

And don’t forget that the 2023 D-backs broke their losing streak when wearing these uniforms in a series against the San Diego Padres.

They’ve been good luck for this team and this franchise.

When the D-backs clinched a wild-card spot, they celebrated by reclaiming their pool at Chase Field.

In the NLDS, they need to reclaim those uniforms.

MLB, let the D-backs wear their retro uniforms in the playoffs.

Renee Dechert

Renee Dechert writes about baseball and fandom, often with a focus on the Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks. (She's also an English professor, but the baseball is more interesting.) Follow her on Twitter (@ReneeDechert) or Bluesky (@ReneeDechert.com).

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