5 Things to Know About MLB’s New Spring Breakout

Spring Breakout will bring together some of MLB’s best young talent.

This year, MLB is trying something new.

From March 14-17, MLB will host “Spring Breakout” in both Grapefruit and Cactus League stadiums. It’s a four-day event that will spotlight some of the most exciting young talent in Minor League Baseball.

Here’s what you need to know.


1. Each team will select its best players for the roster


Those names will come primarily from MLB Pipeline, MLB’s ranking system, which was updated last week.

To be included in Spring Breakout, a player must be rookie eligible in 2024. That means they have fewer than

  • 130 at-bats
  • 50 innings pitched
  • 45 regular season days on an MLB roster

Spring Breakout kicks off with two of MLB’s best farm systems, the Baltimore Orioles and the Pittsburgh Pirates, to start the festivities.

Jackson Holliday facing Paul Skenes? Here for it.

Ready to see future Chicago White Sox shortstop Colson Montgomery try to homer off Chicago Cubs pitching prospect Cade Horton? It could happen. And that’s just one of many intriguing matchups.

Find a complete list of Spring Breakout rosters here.


2. The rules are a little different


Games will only last seven innings, unless teams agree in advance to play a complete game.

The following games will go the full nine:

However, there are no extra innings, so games could end in a tie.

Scratch the three-batter minimum—this will allow teams to showcase more pitchers. In addition, pitchers may also re-enter the game (à la the “Ohtani Rule”).



3. The Automated Balls-Strikes (ABS) Challenge system will be used at some venues


Tired of watching umpires take center stage in a baseball game? Your prayers have been answered.

MLB intends to showcase their robo-umps system for games played in Bradenton, Fort Myers, Jupiter, Port St. Lucie, Tampa (Grapefruit), and Salt River Fields at Talking Stick (Cactus). (Read more about how ABS works here.)

Each team is allowed three challenges. If a challenge is successful, the team retains their right to challenge; if not, they lose their challenge until they have used all their opportunities.

PitchCom and the pitch clock will also be in effect.


4. Be aware of how tickets are distributed


Tickets to games are available for purchase here. But if an organization’s Breakout game is part of a doubleheader, a ticket to the afternoon game also provides access to the nightcap.

So, for example, I’ve got a ticket to see the Colorado Rockies play the Oakland Athletics at 2:10 pm on Saturday, March 16. That ticket also gets me into the Breakout—same seat and everything. (I share this because it took me awhile to track this one down. But I really hope to see Jaden Hill face Jordan Lawlar.)

As an added bonus, attendees will receive a package of Spring Breakout baseball cards.


5. Spring Breakout will be broadcast widely


If you can’t make it out to the ballpark, you’re covered.

Finally, MLB seems to understand that they need to make games widely available.


All 16 games will be available on either MLB.com, the MLB Network, or a team’s affiliated RSN.

For a complete schedule, click here.

Good news, baseball fans. The future is now.








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