Mid-Season Fantasy Baseball Prospect Rankings- 2nd Base

Adam Garland's mid-season top 30 2nd Base Prospects to own in Dynasty Leagues.

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Today marks the third day of an 11 article special that is designed to help get you all caught up and informed on MLB prospects for your fantasy baseball leagues. My colleague Brennen Gorman and I are going to be releasing mid-season top prospect lists for every position and we will release our lists on the following schedule:

Top 30 Catchers
Top 30 1st Baseman
Top 30 2nd Baseman
Top 30 Shortstops
Top 30 3rd Baseman
Top 25 Outfielders
Top 50 Outfielders
Top 150 Overall Hitters
Top 150 Overall Pitchers
Adam’s Disagreements – July 23th
Brennen’s Disagreements – July 24th

We have included a rough prime projection for each player as well as an estimated ETA. We tried not to include players that have cemented roles in the majors at the time of this writing, so guys like Juan Soto and Mike Soroka will not be included. Note that we place an emphasis on upside, namely power and speed guys, while also prioritizing closeness to the majors when the value is close. Feel free to ask questions or drop a comment, we are always happy to discuss! Without further ado, onto the list!

Rank Player Organization Level Age Projection ETA
1. Garrett Hampson Colorado Rockies AAA 23 .296/.355, 11 HRs, 29 SBs Late 2018
2. Keston Hiura Milwaukee Brewers AA 21 .286/.340, 19 HRs, 6 SBs Mid 2019
3. Nick Madrigal Chicago White Sox 21 .293/.342, 12 HRs, 18 SBs 2020
4. Nick Solak Tampa Bay Rays AA 23 .277/.342, 15 HRs, 12 SBs Late 2019
5. Franklin Barreto Oakland Athletics AAA 22 .266/.317, 18 HRs, 14 SBs Mid 2018
6. Jahmai Jones Los Angeles Angels A+ 21 .269/.339, 17 HRs, 19 SBs 2020
7. Luis Urias San Diego Padres AAA 20 .290/.342, 10 HRs, 9 SBs Late 2018
8. Brandon Lowe Tampa Bay Rays AAA 23 .271/.353, 18 HRs, 4 SB Mid 2019
9. Shed Long Cincinnati Reds AA 22 .262/.328, 17 HRs, 10 SBs Late 2019
10. Cavan Biggio Toronto Blue Jays AA 23 .253/.364, 21 HRs, 5 SBs Late 2019
11. Max Schrock St. Louis Cardinals AAA 23 .289/.332, 7 HRs, 7 SBs Late 2018
12. Gavin Lux Los Angeles Dodgers A+ 20 .271/.343, 16 HRs, 8 SBs 2021
13. Louis Rengifo Los Angeles Angels AA 21 .264/.331, 8 HRs, 18 SBs 2020
14. Isan Diaz Miami Marlins AA 22 .238/.337, 22 HRs, 6 SBs Late 2019
15. Kevin Kramer Pittsburgh Pirates AAA 24 .268/.337, 16 HRs, 4 SBs Mid 2019
16. Dawel Lugo Detroit Tigers AAA 23 .272/.316, 13 HRs, 5 SBs Late 2019
17. Vidal Brujan Tampa Bay Rays A 20 .282/.347, 8 HRs, 18 SBs 2021
18. Esteury Ruiz San Diego Padres A 19 .256/.316, 19 HRs, 12 SBs 2022
19. Rylan Bannon Baltimore Orioles A+ 22 .256/.342, 22 HRs, 3 SBs 2020
20. Ramon Urias St. Louis Cardinals AA 24 .272/.334, 16 HRs, 4 SBs Mid 2019
21. Domingo Leyba Arizona Diamondbacks AA 22 .275/.338, 10 HRs, 4 SBs Late 2019
22. Esteban Quiroz Boston Red Sox AA 26 .275/.342, 12 HRs, 3 SBs Late 2018
23. Luis Garcia Washington Nationals A 18 .279/.316, 9 HRs, 14 SBs 2022
24. Eguy Rosario San Diego Padres A+ 18 .261/.312, 13 HRs, 7 SBs Late 2022
25. Ezequiel Duran New York Yankees ROK 18 .265/.306, 18 HRs, 5 SB 2022
26. Yunior Severino Minnesota Twins ROK 18 .247/.296, 18 HRs, 1 SBs Late 2023
27. Kean Wong Tampa Bay Rays AAA 23 .253/.330, 7 HRs, 8 SBs Late 2018
28. Eddy Diaz Colorado Rockies ROK 18 .273/.335, 3 HRs, 23 SBs 2023
29. Ronny Rojas New York Yankees ROK 16 .268/.340, 13 HRs, 6 SB 2023
30. Enmanuel Valdez Houston Astros A- 19 .255/.335, 9 HRs, 13 SBs 2022

Adam’s thoughts:

  • Garrett Hampson’s skillset is very fantasy friendly, combining plus contact skills (well above-average 5.9% swinging-strike rate for the season split between AA and AAA) with 70 grade speed and developing power. Add in the prospect of playing half of his future games at Coors Field and you have the look of a fantasy stud.
  • Nick Madrigal is the top 2B prospect from the 2018 MLB draft, and he is the only one that appears on this list. He offers a pretty similar skillset to Garrett Hampson, with perhaps an even better hit tool (doesn’t benefit from Coors Field though) but less speed. He should be a quick mover with his advanced approach and contact skills at the plate and could be on a similar timeline as guys like Andrew Benintendi and Alex Bregman out of College.
  • Nick Solak (who is in the picture above) is having a breakout year after being acquired as part of the 3-way deal between the Tampa Bay Rays, the Arizona Diamondbacks, and New York Yankees, and offers a well-rounded fantasy skill set. He currently ranks among the leaders in the Southern League in multiple hitting categories including wOBA and wRC+.
  • Max Schrock has done nothing but hit for average throughout his minor league career, but a notable lack of power is starting to appear with just a .092 ISO for the season in the Pacific Coast League which is a big reason along with a lack of patience that he’s posted a below-average 86 wRC+ for the season.
  • Vidal Brujan of the Tampa Bay Rays is showing a nice mix of contact skills plus patience and speed that should make him an intriguing potential leadoff hitter going forward. He currently has 30 SBs on the season in just 316 PAs. Luis Garcia of the Washington Nationals has a fairly similar profile but is less patient and has been less efficient on the bases to date.
  • Ramon Urias is the older brother of the San Diego Padres prospect Luis Urias, and Ramon joined the flyball revolution last year in the Mexican League to great success and has found reasonable success in North America this year too.
  • There’s a large group of interesting teenagers at the bottom of the top 30 list, Ezequiel Duran and Yunior Severino are perhaps the most interesting due to plus raw power that they may tap into more frequently as they develop.

Adam Garland

Adam is a marketing professional 9-5, but a fan and nerd of the beautiful game of baseball 24/7. He's known for his "Going Deep" articles on both MLB and MiLB players and has a strong reputation of identifying valuable players before the consensus. His passion though is MLB prospects, and he loves digging into scouting reports and dissecting the stats of prospects trying to understand what they mean. He plays in multiple dynasty leagues of varying sizes, and he hopes he can help with yours! He's also always up to talk baseball/prospects with anyone, so please don't hesitate to strike up a conversation here or @AdamGarlando on Twitter!

4 responses to “Mid-Season Fantasy Baseball Prospect Rankings- 2nd Base”

  1. Ryan says:

    Great article. I have Luis in a keeper league. I envision a avg and runs guy. Do you think? Or more of a better real player than fantasy?

    • Adam Garland says:

      Assuming you’re talking about Luis Urias, you are bang on with the skillset that he is likely to provide for fantasy baseball. He’s consistently shown a well above-average hit tool as he currently has an 8.1% swinging-strike rate this year at AAA which even with regression built in with a promotion to the majors, gives him a high enough floor to be an asset in terms of batting average. Urias also walks a lot with a 13.8% walk rate currently, and that helps him produce strong OBP numbers and should help him score plenty of runs. The power/speed profile isn’t the most exciting and is why he is ranked 7th on this list, but his elite contact skills make him one of the safer players in the minors and his fantasy profile could look a lot like DJ LeMahieu of the Colorado Rockies. That skillset is probably more valuable in real baseball, but it’s still plenty valuable in fantasy as well.

  2. Rich says:

    Have you heard much on Ezequiel Duran? Several years away, but sounds like a guy who could be near the top of the list down the road.

  3. Aaron Smith says:

    Good article!

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