Pitcher List’s 2019/2020 First-Year Player Mock Draft

Pitcher List prepares its 2019 First-Year Player Mock Draft, detailing all the new players you need to know in 2019.

In Dynasty Leagues, success is determined well in advance of your major league roster—it is determined by the prospects you hold onto as they develop, either to play or trade as needed. Each summer a new crop of players is drafted (Rule 4), and shortly after eligible international players are signed (July 2 or “J2”).

Every league is different in how it handles prospects; some have a first-year draft once a year where each team selects these incoming players, others (more lax leagues) allow for fantasy teams to scoop up players at their leisure (i.e. how one of my fellow league mates has stashed Robert Puason, an expected top J2 signing this year, since he was 14 years old).

The goal of this exercise is to provide fantasy insight prior to any significant professional experience and give some familiarity with the top talent coming out of 2019. In lieu of straight rankings, we have opted for a snake-style draft of first-year players: 10 managers each selecting five first-year players with an accompanying analysis of their picks. Below is Pitcher List’s 2019 First-Year Player Draft Board—check back daily as each manager expounds on their selections.


The Draft Board


Manager Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5
Daniel Port Adley Rutschman (C) Nick Lodolo (LHP) Alek Manoah (RHP) Gunner Henderson (SS) Brennan Malone (RHP)
Shelly Verougstraete Andrew Vaughn (1B) Kameron Misner (OF) Tyler Callihan (2B) Rece Hinds (3B) Trejyn Fletcher (OF)
Scott Chu Bobby Witt Jr. (SS) Shea Langeliers (C) Michael Busch (1B/OF) Matt Wallner (OF) J.J. Goss (RHP)
Brennen Gorman Jasson Dominguez (OF) Robert Puason (SS) Daniel Espino (RHP) Zack Thompson (LHP) Erick Pena (OF)
Jamie Sayer J.J. Bleday (OF) Kody Hoese (3B) George Kirby (LHP) Kyle Stowers (OF) Sammy Siani (LHP)
Adam Lawler Hunter Bishop (OF) Keoni Cavaco (SS) Michael Toglia (1B) Aaron Schunk (3B) Brandon Lewis (3B)
Travis Sherer Riley Greene (OF) Greg Jones (SS) Quinn Prestier (RHP) Noah Song (RHP) Maurice Hampton (OF)
Paul Ghiglieri C.J. Abrams (SS) Jackson Rutledge (RHP) Will Wilson (SS) Matthew Allen (RHP) Logan Davidson (SS)
Andy Patton Josh Jung (3B) Corbin Carroll (OF) Braden Shewmake (SS) Ethan Small (LHP) Thomas Dillard (C/OF)
Hunter Denison Brett Bady (3B) Bryston Stott (SS) Matthew Lugo (SS) Seth Johnson (RHP) Ryan Pepiot (RHP)


Pitcher List’s Draft in Review


Brennen Gorman’s Analysis

Travis Sherer’s Analysis

Paul Ghiglieri’s Analysis

Andy Patton’s Analysis

Daniel Port’s Analysis

Adam Lawler’s Analysis

Jamie Sayer’s Analysis

Shelly Verougstraete’s Analysis

Scott Chu’s Analysis

Hunter Denson’s Analysis 

Graphic by Michael Haas (@digitalHaas on Twitter)

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