Tampa Bay Rays Top Fantasy Baseball Prospects

Tampa Bay Rays Top Prospects for Fantasy Baseball

There are few teams that have spent more years atop Farm System rankings boards than the Rays, and maybe one or two others that have also seen prospects time-and-time-again grow into elite talent. The Rays are heralded as masters of scouting and development, and prospects within their system are often coveted due to the high expectations and ceilings credited to their process. From the crown jewel in Caminero to some of the lesser known international prospects, it is shaping up to be another solid year for Tampa Bay Prospects.

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Top Rays Prospects


The Top Tier


1) Junior Caminero – 3B/SS, 20 YO

2023 MiLB Stats (A/AA): .324 AVG | .384 OBP | .591 SLG | 31 HR | 5 SB | 19.6 K% | 8.2% BB%

Tampa showed their confidence in their breakout-star infielder last season by sending him to Double-A as a teenager and then selecting his contract in September without him ever going to Triple-A. The excitement around Caminero is due to elite bat speed that creates big pull-side power. We’re talking some 110, 112 MPH exit velocities as a twenty-year-old infielder.

Baseball America gave Caminero 80-grade power. There’s just not much more to say after that. His 90th Percentile Exit Velocity led the minors in 2023. These types of numbers put you in conversations with Giancarlo Stanton and Jo Adell while possessing a potential third base/shortstop eligibility. Some discussion has been had about potentially playing at shortstop but third base appears where he’s best defensively and he has the requisite arm strength, especially given his offense.

There’s room to grow too, as he has a high ground ball Rate, but if he’s able to add lift, he has the potential to be one of the top players in the majors on the right side of second base.


2) Carson Williams – SS, 20 YO

2023 MiLB Stats (A+, A, AA): .257 AVG | .356 OBP | .497 SLG | 23 HR | 20 SB | 31.4% K% | 11.7% B%

Williams is another plus-hitting, quick-bat infielder for the Rays. He has a bit less pop than Caminero, but the defensive skills and arm strength at shortstop are undeniable. Let’s be real, the combination of surefire athleticism with plus-hitting at the position is hard to come by. The 2021 first-round draft pick hit 23 home runs across three levels of minor league play last year, and the only real concern is how free-swinging he can be. That’s a common problem for his age, and if he can keep the strikeout rate anywhere within the 20s, he could be a breakout player for this organization and force their hand at keeping Caminero at third.

There’s real upside with Williams, as he stole 20 bases last year along with the power, but the concerns are that he may struggle against the breaking ball at the major league level. The Rays have need at shortstop and the power shown by this young athlete has turned heads. A 60-grade player is nothing to balk at, Williams’ ceiling is high and his price is still a bit low.


3) Curtis Mead – 3B/2B, 23 YO

2023 MiLB Stats (ROK, AAA): .287 AVG | .337 OBP | .502 SLG | 9 HR | 4 SB | 16.8% K% | 12.3% B%

2023 MLB Stats: .253 AVG | .326 OBP | .349 SLG | 1 HR | 0 SB | 22.8% K%| 7.6% BB%

You might not expect Mead to land this high on prospect lists if you only look at his MLB slash line, but with limited playing time and a bit of bad run in his 24 games in the pros, Mead has sneaky upside. His contact rates are phenomenal, plus range rates in the zone, and doesn’t chase much.

His swing is smooth and consistent, giving ample time to make good contact. The power is not going to blow you away, but he will likely produce a high rate of doubles. Mead has the potential to be an on-base machine and consistently hit for RBIs within the right lineup. He possesses versatility as an infielder and the plate discipline combined with the ball-to-bat skills will make him a solid producer at the major league level.


4) Xavier Isaac – 1B, 20 YO

2023 MiLB Stats (A+, A): .285 AVG| .395 OBP | .521 SLG | 19 HR | 12 SB

Isaac was a first-round draft selection in 2022 and a shocking one at that. He was the first true first baseman taken off the board and the 6’4″, 240lbs lefty-hitting youngster might still be undervalued. The power is very clearly present for Isaac, and given that he is not the fastest on the base paths (though not fully un-athletic by any means), and below average as a fielder, the Rays will need him to be a big-time slugger to be valuable.

Make no mistake, the confidence in his hitting is there, he has been hailed as more than just pure power while also being called the best hitting prospect in the Rays system. Even with his shortcomings, Isaac is definitely one of the names to keep an eye on at first base. If you like players who will swing for the fences and rip the laces off the ones they make contact with, Isaac is your guy! If the contact rates improve…watch out!


5) Shane Baz – RHP, 24 YO 

2023 MLB Stats: 27 IP |  30 K |  27 H | 15 ER|  5 HR | 9 BB

Baz isn’t exactly a prospect because of how long he’s been on the active roster, but with injuries cutting his season short again last season, he remains a solid prospect when considering dynasty baseball. Players coming off Tommy John are always worrisome, but the pitch arsenal that Baz possesses warrants consideration. The velocity of his fastball and its ability to keep hitters in check was being compared to Gerrit Cole. He brings a slider in the high 80s in combination that can make it very difficult for hitters, even though the breaking pitch doesn’t have the most movement.

A risky investment given the injuries, Baz will likely be weaned back into pitching a full load in 2024, but the upside is undeniable if he can stay healthy. His ceiling is that of a consistent SP2 with the most likely result being a serviceable mid-rotation option for Tampa.


6) Brayden Taylor – 3B, 21 YO

2023 MiLB Stats: .242 AVG |.361 OBP | .516 SLG | 5 HR | 11 SB | 31.5 K% | 15.8% BB%

Tampa’s first-round draft pick from 2023 at 19th overall, Taylor enjoyed a successful college career at TCU including a breakout final season where he hit 23 home runs in 2023. He played a total of 25 games in the minors after being drafted, so it’s a small sample size at best. Taylor isn’t going to impress you with any single tool, he does everything well and has the ability to play at almost any position in the infield. The Rays will likely continue to search for his defensive home while he continues to develop.

Taylor is quick, grabbing 11 stolen bases in those 25 minors games with no occurrences of being caught. He was caught just once in his college career! Combine this with his plate discipline, and he has the potential to be a nice OBP asset that can get into scoring position without much hassle. The power won’t overwhelm, but it should be around the average for a professional. The strikeout rate should fall below 30% as he develops.


7) Yoniel Curet – RHP, 21 YO

2023 MiLB Stats (A+, A): 104 IP | 144K | 51 H | 73 BB | 2.94 ERA | 1.19 WHIP

A fastball/slider pitcher, Curet joined the Rays from the Dominican Republic and is one of the most promising arms in the loaded farm system. Curet is 6’2″ and his fastball can reach up to 98 MPH. He generates whiffs on the heater and on his mid-80s slider that has legitimate break to keep hitters from sitting on the fastball.

As with many of these young arms that have elite swing-and-miss potential, he struggles to command it. The walk rate is far too high and if Curet wants to become a dangerous force in the majors, limiting free passes will be the number one obstacle. He carries ‘reliever risk’ where your precious high-ceiling arm may never make it to the starting rotation and could be a bullpen option for his career, but for a lower price, it’s worth the risk.


Prospects Dynasty Managers Should Know


8) Santiago Suarez – RHP, 19 YO

2023 MiLB Stats: 59.1 IP | 52 K | 11 BB | 1.52 ERA

Every time the Rays take a player from another team’s Complex League team, people should notice. Curtis Mead, Caminero, and now Suarez… He is a 6’2″ righty that posted elite numbers in the minors last season, featuring a strikeout-to-walk ratio north of 4.5. The fastball has mid-90s velocity and the induced vertical break you want to see to keep hitters on their toes. The off speed looks nice too. If everything comes together he could be a stud.


9) Adrian Santana– SS, 18 YO

2023 MiLB Stats (ROK): .205 AVG | .240 OBP | .256 SLG (10 Games)

Santana has one of the highest run grades I’ve seen. This kid is fast, and it lends to his defensive effort at shortstop since he has a plus arm as well. There’s no doubt Santana can be a professional fielder, but there are concerns about his hit tool. He hit 11 home runs as a senior in high school, which put him on the radar, if that continues to develop, nothing is stopping him from getting playing time down the road.


10) Dominic Keegan – C, 23 YO

2023 MiLB Stats (A+, A): .287 AVG | .386 OBP | .466 SLG | 13 HR | 2 SB | 59 BB | 65 RBI

Keegan is an interesting prospect, as he was a productive hitter for Vanderbilt but as a first baseman, leading to concern about his longevity and familiarity as a catcher. He is a plus hitter and is projected to be a major-league-caliber hitter. If he can survive as a catcher, he will be a valuable hitter in an ever-scarce position.


11) Colton Ledbetter – OF, 22 YO

2023 MiLB Stats (ROK, A): .274 AVG | .375 OBP | .438 SLG | 2 HR | 12 BB  (21 Games)

A potential center fielder always raises some eyebrows. Ledbetter has the plus speed to stick in center and has some steals upside as well. He is a patient hitter and his OBP will be his biggest plus as a hitter. The power will be the question that determines his future, much will be told this season about his future.


12) Mason Montgomery – LHP, 23 YO

2023 MiLB Stats (AA, AAA): 3.98 ERA | 29 GS | 124.1 IP | 144 K | 20 HR | 60 BB

The 6’2″ lefty can beat you with just a fastball, he sits around 93-94 MPH but can get to 97 MPH occasionally. He has pretty elite command, the walks are likely because he tries to paint the corners. Look for him to complete outings at a high level as a precursor to more future success.


13) Willy Vasquez – INF, 22 YO

2023 MiLB Stats (A+): .233 AVG | .310 OBP | .393 SLG | 16 HR | 17 SB

Vasquez went from a nobody to being a borderline top-10 Rays prospect pretty quickly, which is a big accomplishment in a loaded system. He has a blend of speed and arm strength that makes him viable anywhere in the infield. He’s 6’3″ with average power and he will need to improve his contact abilities to make the next jump.


14) Mason Auer – OF, 22 YO

2023 MiLB Stats (AA): .205 AVG | .292 OBP | .348 SLG | 11 HR | 47 SB

Auer had a down year in AA after a stellar 2022 season in A and A+, but the stolen bases are just otherworldly and his arm might be better. His contact leaves plenty to be desired but if that improves at all he could be a speedy outfielder that pads key stats. He’s a stellar athlete and is positioned to be a big-league outfielder.


15) Cole Wilcox – RHP – 24 YO

2023 MiLB Stats (AAA): 5.23 ERA | 1.30 WHIP | 106.2 IP | 99 K | 44 BB

Coming off an abysmal first year in AA returning from Tommy John (very quickly, might I add), Wilcox has his sights set on adjusting to the higher level of competition in 2024 and should return to form. Before the injury, Wilcox had a mid-high 90s fastball that could devastate opposing hitters. If he can stay healthy he should be able to be a solid option for the Rays in years to come.


The Next Five

Although these prospects do not crack the top 15, dynasty managers should keep their eye on these five players.

Ian Seymour – 25 YO- Seymour’s potential return to form post-Tommy John surgery and his proven ability to keep hitters off-balance with his deceptive mechanics and effective pitch mix could make him worth a deep look, especially if he can be a starter.

Brailer Guerrero – 17 YO – Guerrero’s combination of elite bat speed, significant power potential, and solid defensive skills positions him as an intriguing prospect to track, especially considering he is just 17.

Heriberto Hernandez – 24 YO- Hernandez’s transition to the outfield and his demonstrated plus power make him an intriguing prospect, despite concerns about his high strikeout rate and need for improved plate discipline.

Brock Jones – 22 YO – Jones’ transition from football to baseball, combined with his power and speed, presents him as a potential high-reward prospect, especially if he can reduce his swing-and-miss rate and harness his athletic abilities effectively on the field.

Marcus Johnson – 23 YO – Johnson’s development in the Rays system, marked by his high-spin slider and potential for increased fastball velocity, makes him a sleeper pick, especially considering his recent improvement as one of the Minors’ best strike-throwers in 2023.


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