Milwaukee Brewers Top Fantasy Baseball Prospects

Milwaukee Brewers' top 20 prospects for fantasy baseball

Each off-season it seems as if many speculate that the Brewers are about to enter a rebuild. Although that has yet to happen, the team did welcome multiple young players to the lineup last season. After welcoming Joey Weimer and Sal Frelick to the outfield, the team will add another new face this season. The Milwaukee farm system has perhaps the top prospect in baseball who has already signed an $82 million contract along with several other intriguing bats that crack many top-100 lists.

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Top Brewers Prospects


The Top Tier


1) Jackson Chourio– OF, 19 YO

2023 Stats(AA/AAA): .282/.338/.467/22 HR/44 SB/17.8 K%/7./4 BB%

Chourio is arguably the best prospect in all of baseball. He has moved quickly through the Brewers’ system since signing with the team in January of 2021. Despite a bit of a smaller frame. he uses his legs and quick hands to generate plenty of power. He utilizes the pull side well to make his power even better. His raw power is greater than his game power at this point as Chourio does not elevate the ball enough to reach his power ceiling.

Currently, Chourio’s best fantasy attribute is his speed. He is an excellent base stealer and profiles to steal 35+ at the Major League level. His hit tool showed significant improvements this past season. He reduced both his whiff rate and strikeout rate and should continue improving. The Brewers already signed him to an 8-year $82 million contract this off-season all but guaranteeing he will be in the Opening Day lineup. Chourio has rare five-category upside making him an elite dynasty asset.


2) Jeferson Quero– C, 21 YO

2023 Stats (AA): .262/.339/.440/16 HR/5 SB/17.8 K%/10.0 BB%

The Brewers signed Quero out of Venezuela back in 2019. Quero was initially known for his defense which has remained a plus attribute. One of the most underrated aspects of evaluating catching prospects from a fantasy perspective, is the emphasis teams place on defense. This tool carries them through the system and earns them playing time at the Major League level. His value took off this past season as his offense quickly caught up to his defense.

Quero hit a career-high 16 home runs this past season. He does not profile as a prolific power hitter, but his bigger frame and leg kick give him a base projection of 15-20 home runs. His hit tool profiles right around average. He has a consistent swing path and strong pitch recognition although there is some swing and miss. Quero does a lot of things good as opposed to one specific thing great. He is a low-variance prospect who’s defense should carry him to the Major Leagues.


3) Jacob Misiorowski– SP, 21 YO

2023 Stats (A+/AA): 71.1 IP/3.41 ERA/35.0 K%/13.4 BB%

Misiorowski stands at a tall 6’7″. His length creates a whippy wind-up with a lower arm slot release point. The stuff explodes out of his hands. Misiorowski’s fastball can routinely touch triple-digits and his sweeper dives down and away from righties. He mixes in a cutter which helps keep hitters off balance. His changeup and curveball are still works in progress but should continue to improve.

This stuff is what gives Misiorowski front-end starter upside and makes those in the dynasty community so excited about his potential. Since joining the Brewers’ organization, his strikeout rates have been through the roof. The issue, and reason he only ranks third, is inconsistent control. Misiorowski walks a ton of batters and still is not sure where his electric stuff is going. In contradiction to Quero, Misiorowski is a high-variance prospect. He could turn into a star pitcher for the Brewers, or find himself buried in the bullpen because he cannot throw enough strikes.


4) Brock Wilken– 3B, 21 YO

2023 Stats (CPX/A+/AA): .285/.414/.473/5 HR/4 SB/23.2 K%/16.3 BB%

Wilken was a star for Wake Forest before being drafted by the Brewers in the first round of the 2023 draft. Wilken is an intimidating presence in the box standing at 6’4″. He stands tall relying on a small toe tap from a partially twisted front leg to help get his timing down. His raw power is generated from his physical attributes, but his game power is just as impressive. Wilken gets the ball in the air consistently and knows how to tap into his pull-side to generate even more pop. He has quick hands at the plate which allows him to get the barrel out in front of pitches. He profiles to have a peak power projection of 35-40 home runs.

The main format for Wilken to generate fantasy value in is point/OBP leagues. He has strong plate discipline which should lead to high walk rates as he progresses through the Brewer’s system. His large frame limits his speed projection and does not figure to allow for many stolen bases. Perhaps the biggest question is whether or not Wilken will be able to stick at third base. If not, a shift to first base or DH would add additional pressure to his bat to live up to expectations. At this point, he profiles to be a slugging corner infielder with high walk rates. He fits more into the category of a low-variance prospect with limited fantasy upside.


5) Luke Adams– 3B, 19 YO

2023 Stats (A):.233/.400/.401/11 HR/30 SB/22.5 K%/17.3 BB%

Luke Adams comes with one of the more unique swings you will see. The stance starts fairly normal before his hands kick back and he uncorks one of the largest leg-kicks you will see. Combine this leg-kick with his 6’4″ frame and you get impressive raw power. The raw power has yet to fully translate into game power, but there is optimism that this will come with more experience. Adams does not turn 20 until the end of April giving the Brewers plenty of time to help him develop.

Adams is given 30-grade speed by FanGraphs although he managed to steal 30 bases in his first full professional season. He is unlikely to ever steal that many bases at the Major League level, but speed is an underrated aspect of his game. Adams’ batting average does not jump off the page, but he showed off solid contact skills with his 22.5% strikeout rate likely a result of an overly patient approach. There is a solid base of power, contact skills, plate discipline, and sneaky speed for fantasy managers. The approach might seem unorthodox, but he is certainly a player to keep your eye on.


6) Tyler Black– 2B/3B, 23 YO

2023 Stats (AA/AAA): .284/.417/.513/18 HR/55 SB/17.9 K%/15.8 BB%

The Brewers selected Black 33rd overall in the 2021 draft and have seen him progress quickly through the Minor Leagues. On the back of a strong hit tool, Black has managed to post impressive averages and offensive performances each year of his professional career. Black pairs his plus contact skills with an excellent understanding of the strike zone. This profiles nicely for OBP leagues. His best fantasy attribute is his speed. Although it is unlikely he will steal 55 bases at the Major League level, he profiles to be a 25-30 base stealer once promoted.

What really has people in the fantasy community talking now is the uptick in home runs. Entering 2023, Black only had five professional home runs. He hit 18 in 2023 seemingly raising his fantasy ceiling. Although this looks good on paper, Black still does not hit the ball very hard and struggles with inconsistencies in his swing path. He profiles to have below-average game power. With a shift to a corner infield spot seeming more and more likely, this lack of power could become problematic for fantasy managers.


7) Josh Knoth– SP, 18YO

2023 Stats: DNP

The Brewers have had some pretty solid success when it comes to developing front-end starting pitchers over the last few years. Brandon Woodruff, Freddy Peralta, and Corbin Burnes are all examples of homegrown talent. The team selected Knoth 33rd overall in this past draft hoping to turn him into their next ace. Knoth attended high school in Long Island at the same school that produced Marcus Stroman. He comes with a fastball that already sits in the mid-90s and the hope is he will be able to add more velocity as he continues developing.

According to MLB.com, Knoth’s best pitch is his 3,100 RPM curveball. At just 18 years old, this profiles to be a plus-plus offering and has paired nicely with his fastball up to this point. Knoth’s talent is still raw, especially coming from a Northeast high school. However, he is a changeup away from having a solid three-pitch mix and Milwaukee is an organization dynasty managers trust by now. He makes for an intriguing FYPD sleeper pick.


Prospects Dynasty Managers Should Know


8) Carlos F. Rodriguez- SP, 22YO

2023 Stats (AA/AAA): 128.1 IP/2.88 ERA/29.3 K%/10.6 BB%

Rodriguez deploys a deep arsenal of pitches to keep batters off balance. Nothing he throws is overpowering, but he has posted high strikeout rates at each level of the Minor Leagues. There are concerns moving forward over how well his fastball will play against Major League batters.


9) Robert Gasser– SP, 24 YO

2023 Stats (AAA): 135.1 IP/3.79 ERA/28.0 K%/8.4 BB% 

Acquired from San Diego in the Josh Hader trade, Gasser pitched well in his first full season in Milwaukee’s system. The left-hander attacks hitters with a lower arm slot and a deep arsenal of secondaries that all tunnel nicely together. He has already proven capable of handling a starter’s workload, but righties have posted significantly better numbers against him throughout the past few seasons. This adds some relief risk to his profile.


10) Eric Bitonti– 3B/SS, 18 YO

2023 Stats (CPX): .179/.333/.410/2 HR/0 SB/31.3 K%/18.8 BB%

The Brewers drafted Bitonti with their third-round pick in this past year’s draft. Bitonti has an excellent understanding of the strike zone despite being just 18 years old and should be able to make improvements to his hit tool as he matures. In addition, his 6’4″ frame adds plenty of projectability to his profile even if he shifts to third base long-term.


11) Luis Lara– OF, 19 YO

2023 Stats (A/A+): .286/.373/.359/2 HR/30 SB/15.4 K%/11.1 BB% 

Lara put his name on prospect radar’s with a breakout 2023 season. He showed off plus-speed and great contact skills throughout the season. The concerns come from a lack of power projection in his 5’7″ frame that limits his fantasy upside.


12) Cooper Pratt– SS, 19 YO

2023 Stats (CPX): .356/.426/.444/0 HR/4 SB/20.4 K%/9.3 BB%

The Brewers added more upside in their draft by taking Pratt in the sixth round. Pratt is still learning how to fully use all of his 6’4″ frame, but he showed a solid ability to make contact during his professional debut. His twitchy hands and loud batting stance create some concern, but hopefully, the Brewers can get him to calm everything down


13) Yophery Rodriguez– OF, 18 YO

2023 Stats (DSL): .253/.393/.449/6 HR/12 SB/17.9 K%/18.3 BB%

Rodriguez’s hands are lightning-quick. He showed off plus raw power and speed during his time in the DSL this year while also walking more than he struck out. He currently tries to pull everything that could leave him susceptible to pitches down and away against tougher competition.


14) Mike Boeve– 2B/3B, 21 YO

2023 Stats (CPX/A+): .324/.400/.529/5 HR/1 SB/20.8 K%/11.7 BB%

The Brewers’ second-round pick put together a strong professional debut. He profiles to be a plus hitter who taps into his pull-side pop to generate most of his power. He profiles more as a third baseman long-term which puts more pressure on his game power to consistently show up (something that was an issue for him in college).


15) Logan Henderson– SP, 21 YO

2023 Stats (A): 78.2 IP/2.75 ERA/25.2 K%/8.6 BB% 

Henderson’s 5’11” frame lends itself to some relief risk, but it is difficult to argue with his results so far. His changeup profiles as his best pitch and is especially effective disappearing under the bat to left-handed batters. He lacks an effective breaking pitch which is likely to be the key to his development at the upper levels of the Minor Leagues.


The Next Five


Although these prospects do not crack the top-15, dynasty managers should keep their eye on these five players.

Wes Clarke– 24 YO- Power hitter with a strikeout issue who is likely to shift off of catcher at the Major League level.

Bradley Blalock– 23 YO- Right-hander with intriguing stuff, but concerns over his durability as a starter.

Dylan O’Rae– 19 YO- Speedy, slap-hitting outfielder with excellent contact skills and plus plate discipline.

Eric Brown Jr.-23 YO- A plus-defender at short who has yet to show much offensive potential outside of a high stolen base total.

Daniel Guilarte– 20 YO- Versatile infielder who hits too many ground balls to ever project much power.



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