Chicago Cubs Top Fantasy Baseball Prospects

Chicago Cubs Top Prospects for Fantasy Baseball

One of my favorite and one of the best farm systems in all of baseball, the Cubs have plenty of top prospects. With a lot of close to MLB-ready talent, the Cubs should be fully stocked in 2025. Much like the 2023 Cincinnati Reds, the Chicago Cubs should be able to follow that same path over the next few years. Headlined by Pete Crow-Armstrong, 2023 MLB draftee Matt Shaw, and Cade Horton, the Cubs have prospects that will soon impact them at the MLB level.

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Top Cubs Prospects


The Top Tier

1) Pete Crow-Armstrong – OF, 21

2023 MiLB Stats (AA/AAA): .283 AVG | .365 OBP | .511 SLG | 20 HR | 37 SB | 25.8 K% | 9.2 BB%

2023 MLB Stats: .000 AVG | .176 OBP | .000 SLG | 0 HR | 2 SB | 36.8 K% | 15.8 BB%

Drafted 19th overall by the Mets in 2020, Pete Crow-Armstrong has hit well at every stop in his minor league career. Now a consensus top-25 prospect in baseball, PCA made his short MLB debut in 2023. A rough start as he only had 14 sporadic at-bats, he struck out in 7 of them and didn’t register a hit. PCA is going to get a shot to be the centerfielder of the future for the Cubs because of his plus defense. Speed is his calling card and PCA should be near the league lead for steals if he can lock down an everyday role.

PCA has plus speed that helps him on both the defensive and offensive sides of the field. With 30 plus steals in the last two seasons, Crow-Armstrong can hit at the top of the lineup and also bring the power. With 16 and 2o home runs in his last two seasons, he can provide something in every category. A lopsided strikeout-to-walk ratio is the biggest improvement PCA can make in order to hit for a good average. PCA doesn’t have anything else left to prove in the minor leagues and should win an everyday spot out of spring training.


2) Matt Shaw – SS, 22 YO

2023 MiLB Stats (ROK/A+/AA): .357 AVG | .400 OBP | .618 SLG | 8 HR | 15 SB | 14.7 K% | 5.3 BB%

Drafted 13th overall in 2023, Shaw quickly accelerated to Double-A. Shaw hit 8 home runs and stole 15 bases in just 38 games from Rookie Ball to Double-A. Shaw was aggressively promoted and it may have been due to seasons ending but there’s now a real chance he can debut early in 2024. The Cubs have a large crop of young, close to MLB-ready talent that Shaw could headline. An aggressive swinger, Shaw didn’t strike out or walk at a high rate in 2023. He gets his power from a large leg kick that kickstarts his strong swing.

Shaw has good all-around tools, but his speed sticks out the most as a current plus tool. Watching him play, Shaw reminds me a lot of Dustin Pedroia both offensively and defensively. Shaw most likely isn’t as good of a hitter as Pedroia but there are some similarities in the finishing of their swings. With Dansby Swanson and Nico Hoerner holding down the middle of the infield, Shaw might move to a third base or corner outfield spot. If the Cubs continue this aggressive approach with Shaw and think 2023 was enough to start him in Triple-A, he could debut by the 2024 All-Star break. I think the Cubs stay aggressive with Shaw but he spends the first half of the season between Double-A and Triple-A, possibly making a debut late in the season.


3) Cade Horton – SP, 22 YO

2023 MiLB Stats (AA): 88.1 IP | 2.65 ERA | 33.5 K% | 7.7 BB%

Drafted 7th overall in 2022, Horton moved quickly in his first professional season as he reached Double-A. Domination is one word for his season as he struck out 117 batters in 88.1 innings pitched. With a 2.65 ERA in 2023 and a 1.33 ERA in his 27 Double-A innings, Horton established himself as one of the top right-handed pitching prospects in all of baseball. We’re seeing teams not want to waste valuable innings from top prospect pitching anymore so a promotion for Horton could come anytime around the All-Star break. The Cubs need pitching and Horton has the stuff to compete in the big leagues.

Horton has a good four-pitch mix with a plus fastball and slider with an average curveball and changeup. Horton has a fastball that lives in the mid 90’s and can reach the upper 90’s. His best pitch and go-to strikeout pitch is his slider which has been clocked in the upper 80’s. His curveball is currently ahead of his changeup but both are still average pitches that need to be more consistent. Horton is just another Cubs top prospect who is knocking on the door of an MLB debut.


4) Kevin Alcántara – OF, 21 YO

2023 MiLB Stats (AA): .284 AVG | .345 OBP | .465 SLG | 13 HR | 15 SB | 24.1 K% | 8.3 BB%

One of the most picked prospects to break out in 2023, Alcántara had a solid season but failed to break out to elite prospect ranking. At 6’6, 190 pounds, Alcántara is a wirey and twitchy hitter. With only 13 home runs and 15 steals, Alcántara failed to have a monster counting stat increase to become a top outfield prospect. Alcántara had a bit of a streaky 2023, as he often had big games followed by mini-slumps. With a ton of projection in the bat, Alcántara has the potential of a 25-25 season yearly.

With PCA playing centerfield, Alcántara will lineup next to him in either left or right field eventually when both are in Chicago. Like PCA, Alcántara has a bit of a lopsided strikeout-to-walk ratio. Room for improvement in his approach, the swing decisions could be honed to find himself in better counts more often. A smooth and effortless swing, the power comes naturally to Alcántara but he has yet to see the homerun total reflect that. Spending most of his season at High-A, Alcántara is still like a full year away from attempting an MLB debut.


5) Jackson Ferris – SP, 19 YO

2023 MiLB Stats (AA): 56 IP | 3.38 ERA | 32.5 K% | 13.9 BB%

Ferris was highly regarded as one of the better high-school arms in the 2022 draft. He fell to the Cubs at 47th overall and is extremely projectable. A smooth delivery that he can repeat with ease. At 6’4, 195 pounds, Jackson Ferris has a good body and frame to add some velocity as he gets stronger. A good 3 pitch mix, Ferris has 3 above-average pitches that all have the chance to be plus. His out pitch is his big breaking curveball in the upper 70s and a good changeup that can flash above average in the mid-80s. Ferris has a fastball that he throws in the low 90s but has reached the upper 90s at times and could do more consistently as he matures.

The command was a big issue in 2023 as he walked 33 batters in 56 innings. This was the knock on Ferris prior to being drafted so seeing him not able to consistently command his pitches was slightly disappointing. The positive is that Ferris only allowed 35 hits in those 56 innings as well, proving his stuff is well above the Low-A level of competition. 2024 will be crucial for Ferris to make his first improvements as a professional and hone his command to reach that front-of-the-rotation potential.


6) Owen Caissie – OF, 22 YO

2023 MiLB Stats (AA): .289 AVG | .398 OBP | .519 SLG | 22 HR | 7 SB | 31.1 K% | 14.4 BB%

Another outfield prospect for the Cubs, Caissie made a huge jump in 2023. Caissie doubled his home run total from 2022 but saw a slight jump in strikeout rate. A bit of a mixed bag, Caissie draws a decent amount of walks, hits for power, and hit .289 at the Double-A level in 2023. A 2nd round pick in 2020 by San Diego, Caissie is known for his plus power potential. Caissie is threatening to make an MLB debut in 2024 as he’ll most likely start 2024 in Triple-A.

As Caissie continues to face better and more advanced pitching, he’ll need to cut down on his strikeout rate. Another concern is the splits against left-handed pitching. Caissie hit .315 against right-handed pitching and .224 against lefties in 2023. Caissie also saw a high .407 BABIP in 2023 so there’s a chance natural regression is coming in 2024. One step away from an MLB debut where he should be able to play against RHP at the least.


7) Jefferson Rojas – SS, 18 YO

2023 Stats (ROK/A): .265 AVG | .342 OBP | .400 SLG | 7 HR | 13 SB | 20.0 K% | 7.4 BB%

An underrated prospect for the Chicago Cubs is young Jefferson Rojas. Rojas played all of his year at the Low-A level where he was 2.9 years younger than his competition. Rojas is smaller at 5’10, 150 pounds but he provides plenty of pop with a strong swing. His 2022 was spent in the DSL where he held an impressive 18-strikeout to 16-walk ratio with one home run and 15 steals. With an aggressive promotion, the Cubs sent Rojas to Low-A, showing how much they believe in this kid.

Jefferson Rojas held his own in 2023 at Low-A and hit seven home runs and stole 13 bases in just 71 games. Rojas plays above his age, he looks mature and advanced at recognizing pitches for his age. The strikeout rate nearly doubled from his DSL season but at 18 years old in Low-A it’s not an issue. Along with his strikeout rate rising, his walk rate lowered to 7.4% which is something he’ll need to work on increasing. 2024 should be another aggressive promotion for Rojas if he starts the year at High-A. Rojas is a prospect to watch for the Cubs and might not be a sleeper for much longer.


Prospects Dynasty Managers Should Know


8) James Triantos – 2B, 20 YO

2023 MiLB Stats (A+/AA): .287 AVG | .364 OBP | .391 SLG | 4 HR | 16 SB | 10.7 K% | 9.6 BB%

A 2nd round pick in 2021, Triantos got a lot of love due to his ability to be a consistent hitter. Traintos has resulted in any monster counting statistics as his season-high homerun total was 7 and stolen base total was 20. Regarded as a good contact hitter, Traintos could slot in at the top of a major league lineup. Triantos turns 21 years old in late January, and with plenty of time to develop Triantos could see the power surge as he continues to get stronger.


9) Moises Ballesteros – C, 20 YO

2023 MiLB Stats (A/A+/AA): .285 AVG | .374 OBP | .449 SLG | 14 HR | 7 SB | 15.8 K% | 12.8 BB%

At 5’7, 195 pounds, and newly 20 years old, Ballesteros broke out in a big way in 2023 by reaching double and putting up a consistent stat line. With a .285 average and 14 home runs in 2023, Ballesteros is a big body with great pull-side power. Ballesteros has a large leg kick that helps him powerfully drive the ball. An aggressive hitter who also possesses a good eye at the plate, Ballesteros keeps a low strikeout rate with a good walk rate. Moises Ballesteros could break out in an even larger way in 2024 with the chance to hit 20+ home runs yearly at the catcher position.


10) Jordan Wicks – SP, 24 YO

2023 MiLB Stats (A/A+): 91.1 IP | 3.55 ERA | 26.5 K% | 8.6 BB%

2023 MLB Stats: 34.2 IP | 4.11 ERA | 16.3 K% | 7.5 BB%

A plus changeup, Wicks is a consistent pitcher with an out pitch giving him mid-rotation potential. Average other offerings for now, Wicks has a low 90’s fastball that has good movement keeping hitters guessing. A slider and curveball that could use some improvement to solidify Wicks as the #3 starter for the Cubs. Wicks showed his great command, walking just 8.6 percent of batters between Double-A and Triple-A in 2023. There’s not a ton of upside here but Wicks is a consistent and safe pitcher that can help add reliability to a rotation.


11) Ben Brown – SP, 24 YO

2023 MiLB Stats (AA/AAA): 92.2 IP | 4.27 ERA | 32.6 K% | 14.3 BB%

Ben Brown has plus stuff in his arsenal and showed that with 130 strikeouts in 92.2 MiLB innings in 2023. With a four-pitch mix with three plus pitches, you can pick any of his fastball, curveball, or slider as his best pitch. Brown uses a mid-90s fastball that can touch the upper 90s to get ahead in counts, a slider that lives in the upper 80s, and what I think is his best pitch, a curve in the mid-80s. Brown often goes to the curve that has a big break when he needs a strikeout. Brown needs to improve his command but he could work out of the bullpen in a high-leverage role if starting doesn’t work long-term.


12) Michael Arias – SP, 22 YO

2023 MiLB Stats (A/A+): 81.1 IP | 4.09 ERA | 31.3 K% | 13.5 BB%

Arias is a tall lanky pitcher that can reach the upper 90’s with his fastball. An electric arm in a 6-foot, 155-pound body, Arias has a whippy action to his delivery that adds movement to his fastball. With only 121.1 career minor league innings, durability is one of the bigger concerns for Arias given his small frame. The arsenal from Arias includes a good changeup that lives upper 80s, often at 88 with good sink. His last offering is a slider that can show above average at times, giving him a good chance to reach mid-rotation potential.


13) Alexander Canario – OF, 23 YO

2023 MiLB Stats (ROK/A+/AAA): .273 AVG | .356 OBP | .488 SLG | 9 HR | 2 SB | 27.5 K% | 10.7 BB%

2023 MLB Stats: .294 AVG | .294 OBP | .647 SLG | 1 HR | 0 SB | 47.1 K% | 0.0 BB%

Another Chicago Cub with a massive breakout 2023 season, Canario hit 37 home runs and stole 27 bases between High-A, Double-A and Triple-A. Canario had a 2023 filled with injury but still managed to make his MLB Debut. There’s a lot of power in the bat of Canario and would be his calling card for fantasy owners. Canario utilizes a big load-up with his bat, with a whippy action on his follow-through. This allows Canario to tap into his raw power as he is only 5’11, 170 pounds.


14) Matt Mervis – 1B, 25 YO

2023 Stats (AAA): .282 AVG | .399 OBP | .533 SLG | 22 HR | 2 SB | 22.7 K% | 15.2 BB%

2023 MLB Stats: .167 AVG | .242 OBP | .289 SLG | 3 HR | 0 SB | 32.3 K% | 8.1 BB%

Mervis fully broke out in 2022 when he hit 36 home runs with a .309 average from High-A to Triple-A. 2023 wasn’t as dominant for Mervis but he still put together a good year at Triple-A with 22 home runs and a .282 average. Unfortunately, Mervis was only given 90 MLB at-bats in 2023 despite having nothing left to prove in the minor leagues. Providing a little of everything, Mervis can hit for average, power and draw enough walks to maintain a high on-base percentage. With Cody Bellinger not currently a Cub, Mervis has a shot to lock down the full-time first base role.


15) Jaxon Wiggins – SP, 22 YO

2023 MiLB Stats: N/A

Drafted 68th overall, Wiggins has a strong four-pitch mix that can all flash above average with two potential plus pitches. Wiggins fastball is his best pitch as he can hit 99 but lives in the mid to upper 90s. Adding in three off-speed pitches, Wiggins’ best two are his slider and changeup that are both strikeout pitches for him. Command was the issue for Wiggins at Arkansas and ultimately didn’t make him a 1st round pick. Wiggins could make a move to the bullpen if the command continues to be an issue.


The Next Five


Although these prospects do not crack the top 15, dynasty managers should keep their eye on these five players.

Derniche Valdez – 17 YO – A top 2023 international signing, Valdez is a potential all-around prospect with a long path in front of him.

Josh Rivera – 23 YO – A 2023 3rd round pick, Rivera stands 6’2, 215 pounds, and has a good bat with above-average power.

Edward Vargas – 19 YO – A repeat DSL player, Vargas has a good frame but needs to add some weight for his 2024 stateside debut.

Cristian Hernandez – 20 YO – Once a top international prospect, Hernandez has struggled due to his lack of strength but there’s still raw talent there.

Drew Gray – 20 YO – A former 3rd-round pick, Gray is entering his first fully healthy professional season with a solid three-to-four pitch mix and projectable frame.


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