The 6 Best MLB Moments from Tuesday

I wood want to read this if I were you

Welcome back to Wednesday, friends. We’ve got another piping hot batch of baseball biscuits here for your reading pleasure. Tuesday’s top plays were crisp and buttery, just like momma used to make ’em.

Not among those plays, however, was this first “pitch” by Conor McGregor:

Juuuust a bit… terrible. But I think it might still be better than this attempt at a Boston accent by the Mets broadcast crew:

Yeah, I’m gonna need a palate-cleanser before we get to the moments. Take it away, Trea!

See? Smooth and buttery, as promised. Now, on to the best of the yest’…


Don’t Make Manny Mad

The San Diego Padres have been a great source of controversy, what with the pitching struggles, this weekend’s very public squabble between Manny Machado and Fernando Tatis Jr., and the overall amount of losing going on. The Tatis situation was particularly keyed on by the media, as the team’s two biggest stars having a shouting matchup during a game was not a great look. But yesterday, Machado and Tatis came out together to set the record straight:

Fair enough. But as Manny well knows, the only tried and true way to do away with controversy is by getting results. So, that he did. Cut to inning one last night against Kevin Gausman:

Woo-ee! That’ll get the job done. But hey, why stop there?  Cut to inning three:

Stone cold. The Padres finished with five hits and three RBIs between Tatis and Machado. Boom, controversy no more. Was that so hard?


Wood Work

Last week, I spent some column space talking about the thrilling “Battle of the Peraltas” as Freddy and Wily squared off. This week, I bring you the sequel: the highly-anticipated “Wood-off” in St. Louis:

As you can see, Jake Woodford and the Cardinals ultimately got the best of Brandon Woodruff and the Brewers, despite the latter Woody’s solid six frames and splintering strikeout power. Here’s a sample of that good Wood:

The Cards’ cause was aided by this cherry of a catch by Dylan Carlson:

But it was this clutch knock by Tommy Edman that ended up carving out the winning margin.

With the win, the Cardinals polished off their 10th consecutive W, and Woodruff took the hard-luck L. But the real question is… how much wood could a Woodruff chuck, if a Woodruff could chuck wood?


J.T. Grade

On Monday, the Phillies lost to the Orioles. With another loss Tuesday, they were in danger of falling four games back in the N.L. East chase. From the jump, J.T. Realmuto was ready to do whatever he could to make sure that didn’t happen:

Still, the Phillies’ offense was held down by the electric O’s bullpen, and the game went to extras. Enter Austin Hays, coming through in the clutch to put Baltimore in front:

But of course, the game found Realmuto. With two outs in the bottom of the 10th, two on, and the O’s reluctant to walk him and put the winning run in scoring position, he stepped to the plate and did this.

Game over. Exciting stuff! Tune in tonight to see if the fightin’ Phils can overcome the mighty Orioles in a normal amount of innings this time.


The Boys are Back in Town

Yesterday, news broke that Anthony Gose, former MLB outfielder for the Jays and Tigers, was making his return to the bigs with Cleveland—but this time, as a pitcher. In his debut on Monday, he touched 100 mph. Here’s a neat video put together by atMLB today:

But Gose wasn’t the only guy to make a long-awaited return this week. Last night, Luis Severino was back on the mound for the Yankees after more than 700 days between appearances. Good to see!

Hopefully, Sevy can regain his form and help the Yanks down the stretch. But if not, maybe he should try center field?


Bombs Up, Up, Up, Up and Away

Let’s be honest. You’re here to see some dingers. Let’s watch some dingers. Here’s Giancarlo Stanton obliterating a ball at 118 mph like it called his mother unspeakable names:

Here’s Matt Olson taking Marco Gonzales out to the cheap seats:

Here’s Jorge Soler making the oppo taco look absurdly easy:

And last but not least… I don’t even need to say his name. It’s a Tuesday, after all.


Changing Places

I always say, when in doubt, make something happen. This is especially true on the basepaths, and those who employ this mindset are very entertaining to watch. Looking at you, Jake Bauers:

Of course, it doesn’t always work out that well. Just ask Gavin Lux.

The good thing is, either way, it’s entertaining. We can’t lose!

Now I’ll leave you with the mood of the day… Kevin Kiermaier, obviously. Happy Wednesday.

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