2017 Rankings: Top 150 Dynasty Hitters

Welcome to dynasty baseball! Well, if you’re an owner of a dynasty team, you’ve probably been playing fantasy baseball all year. You’ve been researching prospects, trying to swindle other owners...

Welcome to dynasty baseball! Well, if you’re an owner of a dynasty team, you’ve probably been playing fantasy baseball all year. You’ve been researching prospects, trying to swindle other owners via trades, following injures, breaking down your competition’s rosters, analyzing MLB trades, and trying to fill that final roster hole keeping you from fantasy glory! And with the smell of pine tar, the sound of bats cracking in Spring Training batting practice, and fans filing into Florida and Arizona ballparks, it’s unmistakable…Baseball is upon us. But for dynasty owners who want a no nonsense, straight-forward visual of who is worth keeping, trading for, or ditching altogether, then we’ve got a list for you. And if there’s one thing here at Pitcher List that we love, it’s lists! So without further ado, here is Pitcher List’s Top 150 Dynasty Bats for 2017. Come get it.

Tier 1: The Beasts!

The Beasts tier is basically a group of men from which you can build a dynasty around. These guys offer both incredible athleticism and strength, as well as a high baseball IQ. Their relative long-term career horizon gives them increased value in dynasty.

1. Mike Trout (24, OF, Los Angeles Angels)

2. Bryce Harper (24, OF, Washington Nationals)

3. Kris Bryant (25, 3B/OF, Chicago Cubs)

4. Mookie Betts (24, OF, Boston Red Sox)

5. Carlos Correa (22, SS, Houston Astros)

6. Manny Machado (24, SS/3B, Baltimore Orioles

7. Nolan Arenado (25, 3B, Colorado Rockies)

8. Corey Seager (22, SS, Los Angeles Dodgers)

9. Jose Altuve (26, 2B, Houston Astros)

10. Anthony Rizzo (27, 1B, Chicago Cubs)

11. Paul Goldschmidt (29, 1B, Arizona Diamondbacks)

12. Josh Donaldson (31, 1B, Toronto Blue Jays)

Tier 2: The Lesser Elite.

Tier 2 is difficult because a few of these names could well be in The Beast tier, but age and ceiling potential has to drop these names from the elite above. Don’t get me wrong, I am fully confident that a few of these names will be in tier 1 come 2018 rankings. If you are not fortunate enough to have a name in tier one, a handful of these guys could be just as good or even better.

13. Xander Bogaerts (24, SS/3B Boston Red Sox)

14. Starling Marte (28, OF, Pittsburgh Pirates)

15. Trea Turner (23, OF/2B, Washington Nationals)

16. Miguel Cabrera (33, 1B, Detroit Tigers)

17. Giancarlo Stanton (27, OF, Miami Marlins)

18. Gregory Polanco (25, OF, Pittsburgh Pirates)

19. Francisco Lindor (23, SS, Cleveland Indians)

20. Christian Yelich (25, OF, Miami Marlins)

21. George Springer (27, OF, Houston Astros)

22. Joey Votto (33, 1B, Cincinnati Reds)

23. Jonathan Villar (25, SS, 3B, Milwaukee Brewers)

24. Freddie Freeman (27, 1B, Atlanta Braves)

25. Kyle Schwarber (24, OF, Chicago Cubs)

26. Charlie Blackmon (30, OF, Colorado Rockies)

27. Kyle Seager (29, 3B, Seattle Mariners)

28. Robinson Cano (34, 2B, Seattle Mariners)

29. Nomar Mazara (21, OF, Texas Rangers)

30. Miguel Sano (23, OF, Minnesota Twins)

31. Yoan Moncada (21, 3B, Chicago White Sox)

32. Andrew Benintendi (22, OF, Boston Red Sox)

33. Andrew McCutchen (30, OF, Pittsburgh Pirates)

34. J.D. Martinez (29, OF, Detroit Tigers)

35. Anthony Rendon (26, 3B, Washington Nationals)

36. A.J. Pollock (29, OF, Arizona Diamondbacks)

37. Addison Russell (23, SS, Chicago Cubs)

38. Yoenis Cespedes (31, OF, New York Mets)

39. Ryan Braun (33, OF, Milwaukee Brewers)

40. Buster Posey (29, C, San Francisco Giants)

41. Byron Buxton (23, OF, Minnesota Twins)

42. Daniel Murphy (31, 2B/1B, Washington Nationals)

43. David Dahl (22, OF, Colorado Rockies)

44. Alex Bregman (22, 3B, Houston Astros)

45. Gary Sanchez (24, C, New York Yankees)

46. Carlos Gonzalez (31, OF, Colorado Rockies)

47. Rougned Odor (23, 2B, Texas Rangers)

48. Wil Myers (26, 1B, San Diego Padres)

Tier 3: Solid Output + Prospects

Though tier 2 had a prospect (Yoan Moncada), whose hype basically demanded a tier 2 slot, I personally don’t put a ton of stock in prospects. It’s such a crapshoot. Don’t get me wrong, drafting a teenage phenom and watching him become a MLB superstar is dynasty nirvana. But unless you have large rosters dedicated for prospects, or have a chance to draft a once-in-a-generational talent, you should probably play the prospect game somewhat conservatively. Don’t believe me? Look at the past 10 year’s top-10 prospect lists. You will only recognize a few names. The vast majority on those lists become career minor leaguers or MLB role-players. There’s a decent amount of prospects on this next tier, but take their placement with a grain of salt. Youth and potential is why they are here. The rest in tier 3 are solid players who will most likely put up good counting stats for your squad. The reason why they are on tier 3 is because they are not 5-category contributors. Most will be 2-3 category contributors. Understand that you will get a stat hole or 2 with these guys.

49. Billy Hamilton (26, OF, Cincinnati Reds)

50. Dansby Swanson (23, SS, Atlanta Braves)

51. Jose Abreu (30, 1B, Chicago White Sox)

52. Marcell Ozuna (26, OF, Miami Marlins)

53. Justin Upton (29, OF, Detroit Tigers)

54. Khris Davis (29, OF, Oakland Athletics)

55. Javier Baez (24, 2B/SS/3B, Chicago Cubs)

56. Victor Robles (19, OF, Washington Nationals)

57. Adam Eaton (28, OF, Chicago White Sox)

58.Dee Gordon (28, 2B, Miami Marlins)

59. Brendan Rodgers (20, SS, Colorado Rockies)

60. Stephen Piscotty (26, OF, St. Louis Cardinals)

61. Willson Contreras (24, C, Chicago Cubs)

62. Evan Longoria (31, 3B, Tampa Bay Rays)

63. Hanley Ramirez (33, 1B, Boston Red Sox)

64. Jonathan Lucroy (30, C, Milwaukee Brewers)

65. Nelson Cruz (36, OF, Seattle Mariners)

66. Edwin Encarnacion (34, 1B, Cleveland Indians)

67. Trevor Story (24, SS, Colorado Rockies)

68. Austin Meadows (21, OF, Pittsburgh Pirates)

69. Rafael Devers (20, 3B, Boston Red Sox)

70. Brian Dozier (29, 2B, Minnesota Twins)

71. Amed Rosario (21, SS, New York Mets)

72. Jason Kipnis 29, 2B, Cleveland Indians)

73. Justin Turner (32, 3B, Los Angeles Dodgers)

74. Yasmani Grandal (28, C, Los Angeles Dodgers)

75. Maikel Franco (24, 3B, Philadelphia Phillies)

76. Mark Trumbo (31, OF, Baltimore Orioles)

77. DJ LeMahieu (28, 2B, Colorado Rockies)

78. Clint Frazier (22, OF, New York Yankees)

79. Odubel Herrera (25, OF, Philadelphia Phillies)

80. Chris Davis (30, 1B, Baltimore Orioles)

81. Ian Desmond (31, OF, Colorado Rockies)

82. Lorenzo Cain (30, OF, Kansas City Royals)

83. Eloy Jimenez (20, OF, Chicago Cubs)

84. J.P. Crawford (22, SS, Philadelphia Phillies)

85. Adrian Beltre (37, 3B, Texas Rangers)

86. Matt Carpenter 31, 1B/2B/3B, St. Louis Cardinals)

87. Jean Segura (26, SS/2B, Seattle Mariners)

88. Nick Castellanos (25, 3B, Detroit Tigers)

89. Carlos Santana (30, 1B, Cleveland Indians)

90. Nick Senzel (21, 3B, Cincinnati Reds)

91. Ian Kinsler (34, 2B, Detroit Tigers)

92. Evan Gattis (30, C, Houston Astros)

93. Adam Jones (31, OF, Baltimore Orioles)

94. Michael Conforto (24, OF, New York Mets)

95. Todd Frazier (31, 3B, Chicago White Sox)

96. Joc Pederson (24, OF, Los Angeles Dodgers)

97. Brandon Belt (28, 1B, San Francisco Giants)

98. Eric Hosmer (27, 1B, Kansas City Royals)

99. Troy Tulowitzki (32, SS, Toronto Blue Jays)

100. Jose Bautista (36, OF, Toronto Blue Jays)

101. Josh Bell (24, 1B,Pittsburgh Pirates)

102. Raimel Tapia (23, OF, Colorado Rockies)

103. Yasiel Puig (26, OF, Los Angeles Dodgers)

104. Dustin Pedroia (33, 2B, Boston Red Sox)

105. Gleyber Torres (20, SS, New York Yankees)

106. Jackie Bradley Jr. (26, OF, Boston Red Sox)

107. Elvis Andrus (28, SS, Texas Rangers)

108. Nick Williams (23, OF, Philadelphia Phillies)

109. Lewis Brinson (22, OF, Milwaukee Brewers)

110. Jose Peraza (21, SS/OF , Cincinnati Reds)

111. Mike Moustakas (28, 3B, Kansas City Royals)

112. Matt Kemp (32, OF, Atlanta Braves)

113. Jorge Mateo (21, SS, New York Yankees)

Tier 4: The Remains!

Kind of a joke name for tier 4. These “remains” will put up some decent numbers for your squad, and I highly doubt that many of them will hurt your squad. I’m also highly confident that there are a handful of future all-stars in the form of prospects in this tier too. They are just too young and unproven for me to try to get you to overspend for them. A few of these names are great players, they are just at the end of their careers and have much less value in dynasty.

114. Joey Gallo (23, 3B, Rangers)

115. Jose Ramirez (24, 3B/OF, Cleveland Indians)

116. Jonathan Schoop (25, 2B, Baltimore Orioles)

117. Brad Miller (27, SS/1B, San Diego Padres)

118. Hunter Pence (33, OF, San Francisco Giants)

119. Franklin Barreto (21, SS, Oakland Athletics)

120. Michael Brantley (29, OF, Cleveland Indians)

121. Logan Forsythe (30, 2B, Los Angeles Dodgers)

122. Ketel Marte (23, SS, Arizona Diamondbacks)

123. Starlin Castro (26, 2B, New York Yankees)

124. Kole Calhoun (29, OF, Los Angeles Angels)

125. Corey Ray (22, OF, Milwaukee Brewers)

126. Jurickson Profar (24, 3B, Texas Rangers)

127. Aledmys Diaz (26, SS, St. Louis Cardinals)

128. Devon Travis (26, 2B, Toronto Blue Jays)

129. Jorge Soler (25, OF, Kansas City Royals)

130. Ben Zobrist (35, 2B/OF,Chicago Cubs)

131. Hunter Renfroe (25, OF, San Diego Padres)

132. Cody Bellinger (21, 1B, Los Angeles Dodgers)

133. Adrian Gonzalez (34, 1B, Los Angeles Dodgers)

134. Max Kepler (24, OF, Minnesota Twins)

135. Blake Swihart (24, C, Boston Red Sox)

136. Jung-ho Kang (29, 3B, Pittsburgh Pirates)

137. Ronald Acuna (19, OF, Atlanta Braves)

138. Dexter Fowler (30, OF, St. Louis Cardinals)

139. Willy Adames (21, SS, Tampa Bay Rays)

140. Yulieski Gurriel (32, 3B, Houston Astros)

141. Keon Broxton (26, OF, Milwaukee Brewers)

142. Raul Mondesi (21, 2B, Kansas City Royals)

143. JT Realmuto (25, C, Miami Marlins)

144. Albert Pujols (37, 1B, Los Angeles Angels)

145. Aaron Judge (24, OF, New York Yankees)

146. Manuel Margot (22, OF, San Diego Padres)

147. C.J. Cron (27, 1B, Los Angeles Angels)

148. Yasmany Tomas (26, OF, Arizona Diamondbacks)

149. Greg Bird (24, 1B, New York Yankees)

150. AJ Reed (23, 1B, Houston Astros)

William Wright

UCLA grad and fantasy baseball junkie. Lives in Los Angeles and follows the Dodgers. Works in education and writes for Pitcher List.

3 responses to “2017 Rankings: Top 150 Dynasty Hitters”

  1. thequester says:

    You are a bit early with some of these since a few will not even be in the majors in 2017.

  2. Boaty McBoaterface says:

    I can’t see Corey Ray’s ceiling going any higher than Ben Revere. Quality MLB guy for a while sure, but never an OPS above 750, and even still he’s a ways away from MLB with a log jam ahead of him in Phillips, Brinson, Broxton, Santana, and dare I say when he never gets traded, Braun. He’s going to have to absolutely destroy this year to even be considered for a SEP call up in 2018.

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