OTF 49 – Grayson Graduates (So Who’s Next?) w/Nate Kosher

Discussing the MLB debut of GrayRod and more

On the Farm –  LaMar (@InsideFastball) is joined by Pitcher List writer Nate Kosher (@NathanielKosher) to discuss Grayson Rodriguez’s long-awaited MLB debut and the other pitching prospects we could expect to join him this season.

00:30 – Intro

31:07 – Who’s Next?

58:24 – 2023, maybe?

Nate Kosher – The Relief Pickle

LaMar Gibson

A lifelong Baltimore Orioles fan that still hasn't forgiven Jeffrey Maier, Tony Fernandez, the 2014 Royals, or Edwin Encarnacion...and has no interest in doing so in the foreseeable future. You can read more of LaMar's thoughts by subscribing to his free monthly newsletter, Inside Fastball, for all things prospects.

2 responses to “OTF 49 – Grayson Graduates (So Who’s Next?) w/Nate Kosher”

  1. Forrest says:

    How could you omit Gavin Williams and Tanner Bibee of Cleveland? With the Guards currently using Plesac, Gaddis and Battenfield in the rotation, its only a matter of time before either or both of these studs get called up.

    • Nate Kosher says:

      You are right – both of those guys have bright futures! And perhaps the Espino injury opens up things that much more quickly for them.

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