Top 300 Hitters For Fantasy Baseball 2024: 1-20

Hitter Rankings for 2024 Fantasy Baseball: 1-20 Hitters


4. Mookie Betts (2B/SS/OF, LAD) – News that Betts will be the everyday second baseman for the Dodgers is fun because it means he’ll retain his most valuable position in all formats for at least another two seasons. The new stolen base rules didn’t help Betts get back to his pre-2020 speed totals, but a career-high 39 home runs and 233 combined runs and RBI with a .307 batting average makes the lower stolen base totals a non-issue. Betts is locked into the top of the order for the Dodgers, and his fantastic plate discipline ensures the ratios and counting stats will continue to pour in. Those in formats where you need 20 starts to gain positional eligibility won’t be able to plug Betts in as a shortstop, but that doesn’t impact his value in any way. Betts is the clear top dog at second base and also near the top in the outfield, and that’s what matters most.

5. Freddie Freeman (1B, LAD) – Freddie Freeman hasn’t finished at the top of the first base standings since 2018, which sounds bad until I add in the fact that he’s finished in the top two at first base for six consecutive seasons. Freeman finished second at first base again in 2023, though he was also the third-best hitter overall so it’s not as though he wasn’t close. You won’t find a more consistent player, especially at first base where the top talent vastly outshines the middle tiers. The power rebounded in 2023, the ratios and counting stats stayed elite, and there’s nothing to indicate that 2024 will be any different. Make the safe pick and feel awesome about it.

6. Kyle Tucker (OF, HOU) – I’ve never been shy about how much I love Tucker ever since I saw him constantly give pitchers a tough time in his first “full” season in 2020. His 60 combined home runs and stolen bases with over 200 combined runs and RBI should be the norm for this in-his-prime outfielder, and his .294 and .284 batting averages in 2021 and 2023 feel far more like Tucker’s true talent than his .257 in 2022. He doesn’t have the same ceiling as some of the other players in this range, but his remarkable consistency and projected promotion to the actual heart of the Astros lineup suggests yet another fantastic season for the young outfielder.

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