The Stash List Week 11: Top 10 Hitter Prospects to Stash in 2023

The top 10 hitting prospects to stash in redraft leagues.

The Hitter Edition of The StashList is back and updated for Week 11.

This stash list highlights the 10 best-hitting prospects likely to make an impact during the 2023 season.

Prospects are often thought of as only holding value in dynasty formats. However, knowing which prospects hold value for the current season can help set you apart in redraft leagues. Several have a 2023 ETA and getting ahead of the curve on rostering these prospects is a key part of roster management. You can check out last week’s edition of the list here and keep reading to find out the latest updates.

Ground Rules

  • The StashList is for your redraft leagues and does not consider impact beyond 2023.
  • Only current minor league players who are expected to make an impact this season are included.
  • Upside, proximity, health, and opportunity are all weighed for each player.
  • The focus is on 12-team leagues with standard categories.
  • Rankings and rostership percentages will be updated weekly.
  • Stats will be updated weekly for all players through Friday’s games.


The Stash List


In what will likely be the most notable promotion of the year, the Reds decided to call up Elly De La Cruz this week. De La Cruz wasted no time introducing himself as he crushed this home run off Noah Syndergaard in just his second game.

If you did not stash Elly early on, it is definitely too late to pick him up now. Prospects do not usually bat cleanup in their major league debut, but that is just how special EDLC is. If he can keep the strikeout rate in check, he will be an instant star for both real life and fantasy.

Top 10 Hitting Prospects to Stash


1. Jordan Westburg, 3B/SS/2B Baltimore Orioles


For back-to-back weeks, we have seen the number two player on this list earn their promotion to the major leagues. Despite this, Jordan Westburg who continues to rank as the number one stash option, remains in Triple-A. At this point, you have to wonder what Baltimore’s plan is with Westburg. He continues to dominate minor league pitching and is now up to 16 home runs with five stolen bases on the year. Perhaps most impressively, Westburg is striking out under 15% of the time since May 24th. Increased maturity at the plate improves the chances of Westburg finding instant success at the major league level.

At the major league level, Gunnar Henderson has been a little bit banged up over the past week but appears to be healthy now. Jorge Mateo continues to be a complete offensive drain at the plate. His streak of “solid” play since May 27th only results in a 50 wRC+. Another way to put it is that good for Mateo recently is still 50% worse than the league average. The Orioles are competing for a playoff spot. Westburg gives the team the best chance to earn that spot and they should promote him any day now. He will have an instant fantasy impact and remains the top stash option.


2. Colton Cowser, OF Baltimore Orioles


Wait…. Another Orioles player? Yup, Colton Cowser jumps from seventh up to second on this week’s edition of the StashList. The only reason Cowser was ranked so low last week was his current injury, but now he is back and continuing to swing a hot bat for Triple-A Norfolk. Overall on the season, Cowser has a .336/.482/.570 triple slash. As if that is not impressive enough, Cowser has been even better if you take out the season’s first two weeks. Since April 14th, Cowser has an insane .393/.541/.692 slash with more walks than strikeouts. Cowser possesses plus speed, big-time power, and a hit tool that is continuously improving.

With Cedric Mullins on the IL, Aaron Hicks is getting to play every day. While Hicks is doing an admirable job so far, this is also Aaron Hicks. The same Hicks who hit a combined .211 in the past two seasons with New York. Hicks is not an everyday player at this point and does not offer nearly the same upside as Cowser. Even if the team decided they want to continue with Hicks, or if Mullins returns sooner than expected, Ryan O’Hearn is getting to play consistently at DH. Cowser offers an instant upgrade both offensively and defensively for the Orioles and he should be called up soon. Stash Cowser now and reap the rewards later.


3. Ronny Mauricio, SS/2B New York Mets


No changes for Ronny Mauricio as he sticks at number three on the StashList. Despite going homerless since May 13th and not stealing a base since May 20th, Mauricio remains an elite stash option. He has plenty of raw power with plus speed that turns him into a 25/25 threat over the course of a full season. Maurcio’s strikeout rate remains at a manageable number with the biggest flaw being a high chase rate. The raw tools are incredible and give him an upside few other prospects have.

Mark Canha’s continued strong performance makes Mauricio’s path to the major leagues a little more difficult. The Mets seemed destined to move Jeff McNeil to the outfield in favor of bringing Mauricio up, but this might not be the case anymore. With Canha playing well, the team could send Mark Vientos back to Triple-A and award Mauricio Daniel Vogelbach’s lineup spot. The longer Mauricio performs at his current level, the more of a priority it will become for New York to get him into the lineup. He should be with the club before the All-Star Break and is an excellent stash option.


4. Christian Encarnacion-Strand, 1B Cincinnati Reds


If there is one thing that the Reds have made abundantly clear recently, it is that they are more than willing to call up their top prospects. Recent StashList graduates Matt McLain and Elly De La Cruz are already up with the team and Andrew Abbott is up on the pitching side. This leaves Christian Encarnacion-Strand as the last prospect still waiting in Triple-A. Looking at his slash line it is hard to figure out exactly why the Reds have been waiting to give him a shot. He is still batting over .350 with 16 home runs despite missing the beginning of the season with an injury. Since May 25th, he is walking more than he is striking out leaving nothing to prove at the minor league level.

Perhaps the most difficult part of having such a loaded farm system is finding room for everybody to play. The additions of EDLC and McLain create a crowded infield that will only become more crowded once Joey Votto eventually returns. Right now, the team has Tyler Stephenson receiving the majority of starts at DH which looks like CES’ most likely path to playing time. He is leaving the Reds no option but to give him a chance soon and is one of the best stash options in baseball.

5. Kyle Manzardo, 1B Tampa Bay Rays


Kyle Manzardo’s slight drop down this StashList continues to have nothing to do with his overall performance. Sure, the home runs have slowed down and the slash line is not as sparkling as some of the players above him, but at this point, we know that Manzardo is major-league-ready. He has excellent plate discipline, plus power, and a natural feel for hitting. Manzardo has big-time upside similar to that of Vinnie Pasquantino who is already a big-time fantasy asset in just his second major league season.

The issue with Manzardo continues to be the exceptional performances of the current Rays’ players. The Rays are stacked at 1B/DH and have even been playing Luke Raley some in the outfield just to find ways to get him in the lineup. Between Raley, Harold Ramírez, and Yandy Díaz, it is going to take an injury for Manzardo to force his way onto Tampa’s roster. Manzardo has plenty of upside which is why he still ranks as the fifth-best stash option. Fantasy managers will just need to remain patient for the time being.


6. Bo Naylor, C Cleveland Guardians

AAA Stats:

Bo Naylor is in the midst of a seven-game hit streak. Since May 27th, Naylor is batting .316 with three home runs and is showing the Guardians that he is ready for his chance in the major leagues.

A team that is struggling for offense, it is becoming increasingly likely that Naylor will be called up soon. He is up to 11 home runs on the year and as Chris mentions in the tweet above, he gets a massive boost to his value in OBP leagues. On the season, Naylor is walking almost 20% of the time which can help provide a stable fantasy floor. In Cleveland, Mike Zunino’s average is down to .186 which would be okay if he was hitting for as much power as he usually does. Instead, he is slugging just .322 with three home runs. The team needs more offense and Naylor represents their best chance to improve. He should be up with Cleveland before the end of the month and is a prime stash target.


7. Endy Rodriguez, C Pittsburgh Pirates


Endy Rodriguez is officially back in business down in Triple-A. Rodriguez has been red-hot over the past week with hits in nine straight including three multi-hit performances. This recent stretch has helped bring his average back up and put him back on track to join Pittsburgh shortly. Maybe he felt the pressure from Henry Davis‘ promotion, or maybe his wrist is just finally feeling healthy again. Either way, Rodriguez is flashing the skills that made him one of the top stash options entering 2023.

Although the promotion of Davis to Triple-A might scare off some fantasy managers, this only increases the odds of Rodriguez contributing to the major league team. Rodriguez is clearly ahead of Davis in the pecking order and now that he is swinging the bat the team will not want to leave two catching prospects in Triple-A. Especially since Austin Hedges is batting .179 with zero home runs. Moving Rodriguez to the major leagues soon makes too much sense not to happen. Stash Rodriguez now if you need help at catcher.


8. Oswald Peraza, SS New York Yankees

AAA Stats:

Oswald Peraza dominates minor league pitching. He did in 2021, he did during the second half last year and is dominating in Triple-A this season. In 26 games, Peraza is up to 10 home runs and seven stolen bases, while batting well over .300. The issues with Peraza has nothing to do with his success in the minor leagues, but rather his struggles at the major league level. Peraza has struggled to get the ball or barrel it enough to hit for any real power which has prevented him from taking the next step. However, 10 home runs in 26 games is an encouraging sign that Peraza has what it takes to become an impact player at the major league level.

While it seems unlikely that the Yankees would send Anthony Volpe back to Triple-A, he is batting just .117/.143/.233 with a -5 wRC+ since May 20th. The Yankees want to be patient with Volpe, but they can only watch him struggle for so long without making a change. The Yankees need to win as many games as possible to keep pace in a loaded American League. Peraza offers them the best chance to do this and I expect he will be with the club soon. His combination of power and speed creates an enticing fantasy profile that makes him a prime stash candidate.


9. Michael Busch, 2B Los Angeles Dodgers

AAA Stats:


10. Coco Montes, 2B/SS Colorado Rockies


Coco Montes is not a household name. Montes was a 15th-round draft pick back in 2018 but has made his way up to Triple-A. Since joining the organization, Montes has done nothing but hit. 13 home runs in 2021 jumped to 20 in 2022 and this season he is on pace for 26/600. His swing is designed to hit tons of line drives into the gaps while also maintaining enough pull-side pop to launch the ball out of the park. Essentially, he has the perfect swing for Coors Field. In Triple-A, he is batting well over .300 supported by a .388 BABIP. The BABIP is high, but the number of line drives Montes hits makes it likely that he will run high BABIPs (especially in Coors Field). Strikeouts have hurt Montes in the past, but he has lowered his swinging strike rate from 13.6% last year to 11.6% this year.

There is really no excuse for the Rockies leaving Montes in the minor leagues as long as they have. Harold Castro continues to receive the majority of starts at second base despite a 46 wRC+ and a -0.6 WAR. Castro is hurting the team while Montes dominates the minor leagues. The biggest hurdle is that Montes is not currently on the 40-man roster, but this should be no issue with an organization like Colorado. There are plenty of people that the team can take off the roster and Montes should be with the club soon. He is not well known, but that does not mean he is not a valuable player to stash for redraft leagues.


On The Bubble

In no particular order, the top five hitters that were in consideration for inclusion to this list were: Justyn-Henry Malloy (#9 Week 10), Justin Foscue, Curtis Mead (#9 Week 1), Samad Taylor, and Eduoard Julien.




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