Bullpen Depth Charts: Relievers To Stream — 7/11

Which relievers might be in line to vulture a save or win today?

Welcome back to Relievers to Stream for Wins and Saves! This will bring you up-to-date bullpen depth charts every morning for the day’s games and makes for a great tool for those of you looking to stream saves or wins. This series runs seven days a week, so be sure to check in every morning to get your daily bullpen fix!




Schedule Notes


  • Every team in the MLB took the field yesterday, and included was a double-header by the Mets and Pirates. Additionally, we did get one game(Oakland Athletics at Texas Rangers) that went into extra innings but was quickly ended in the 11th. Also, there was a fair amount of starting pitchers that went seven-plus innings pitched(Yankees, Mariners, Rockies, and Angels). Furthermore, today is the last day before the much-needed break for a lot of bullpens; so expect most arms to be available in any high-leverage situations.


Transaction and Injury Notes



Yesterday’s Performances


  • Peter Fairbanks was all things impressive as he struck out three batters in 1.1 innings pitched, picking up his ninth hold this season. Perhaps he was a little amped up as the fastball touched 98.1 mph, and he finished with a 42% CSW. Also, closing down the game for his 13th save was Diego Castillo, who was a bit erratic as only half of his pitches went for strikes, and he allowed one batter a free pass. Either way, the duo should be available, if needed, for any opportunities on Sunday.
  • Liam Hendricks needed only 18 pitches to record his 23rd save of the season. As we have been accustomed to seeing, Tony La Russa used Hendricks for the final out of the eighth inning and then locked down the ninth. The Orioles were a bit over-matched against Hendricks as his fastball, and pair of breakers generated eight whiffs while allowing only one batted ball in play.
  • The Oakland Athletics had to deploy five relievers before pulling out the victory in the 11th inning of last night’s game. J.B. Wendelken is credited with the win but blew the save in the 10th inning before getting bailed out by his offensive mates. A majority of the A’s bullpen getting work leaves Sergio Romo as a likely candidate for extra work for Sunday’s game. Although, with the break ahead, consider nearly all bullpen options in play.
  • In the second game of a double-header, the Mets declared victory with a 4-2 score. Included in that win was an overwhelmingly dominant performance from closer Edwin Diaz. On his six sliders thrown, the CSW was a perfect 100%(three whiffs and three called strikes), and the fastball even hit triple-digits on the radar gun. Tally another save for Diaz, as gives him 19 on the season and moves him into a three-person tie at 7th in the MLB.
  • The hottest name in the bullpen world is Heath HembreeThe Reds’ newly-appointed closer collected his six save on the season and third in four days. While it wasn’t the cleanest of appearances, Hembree has added some extremely valuable back-end innings to a bullpen in a free-fall to begin the season. Due to a high volume of pitches over the past few days, the expectation should be to look elsewhere if another save opportunity should arise.
  • Paul Seward and Drew Steckenrider did everything in their powers to preserve the masterful start by Chris Flexen. The pair of relief arms combined for two innings pitched and four Ks(three by Steckenrider, one by Seward) to shut down the red-hot Angels bats. While this was Seward’s second save of the season,  Kendall Graveman is still the closer and took at night off after pitching back-t0-back nights. Consider all options open for business for Sunday’s game, except for Steckenrider.
  • The only slamming in San Diego was by Daniel Bard as he locked down his 13th save, preserving a gem of an outing by Germán MárquezThe Rockies closer threw straight gas and only needed seven pitches to put out the Padres’ hopes of a comeback win. This was a most impressive feat as every pitch thrown found the zone, and the heart of the lineup sat down in order(Tatis Jr., Cronenworth, and then Machado).


Bullpen Depth Charts

Dave Swan

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6 responses to “Bullpen Depth Charts: Relievers To Stream — 7/11”

  1. Jayson says:

    I’m a bit surprised there hasn’t been a single word this week about Josh Hader. He blew his first save few days ago and yesterday he exploded once again while allowing a homer and logically took the L. I would really appreciate few words about him because although he has been so far the best closer in the MLB this season , we all know he has often had an issue with HR. This first half of the season seemed to tell us it wasn’t an issue any longer, but this week not so much. And this season the Brewers are using Hader no more than 3 times per week (usually 1 or 2) to keep him fresh. If he starts again to struggle with HR, it will be a serious issue in my opinion.

    Finally, what about Emmanuel Clase? A terrible week! He hasn’t been awesome lately. And overall, the Indians bullpen is a mess. Clase and Karinchak hardly get any save opportunity week to week.

    • Dave Swan says:

      First, thanks for reading!

      About Hader, I would say he has earned plenty of leash from his team and fantasy managers. Those HRS are the only two of the season and if they weren’t in such proximity we wouldn’t be concerned. While I do understand the point, there is just way too many elite outings IMO.

      Zach Hayes touched on the Indians bullpen briefly yesterday. The main reason I wouldn’t be concerned with Clase is the control is still there(13:1 K/BB ratio). Karinchak pitches outside the zone quite bit but also induces a TON of whiffs. So the walks might always be a slight concern.

      As far as usage, maybe Cleveland is giving them a little breather since both are in the top-30 for innings pitcher by AL RPs.

      Karinchak #17 39.1 IP
      Clase #29 36.2 IP

  2. Tim Burton says:

    Just a general comment about this list and this feature. It’s a good tool, but would love to see RP & closer rankings including all teams, just like there are SP rankings on this site. This list tells you from team to team who is the closer and the roles of the other relievers, but falls short of letting the user know which closers are secure in their roles, which ones are in a closer-by-committee, which ones are in danger of losing the job as closer, etc. Where I can go to the SP List and know at a glance which SP is ranked higher among any two, I can’t do that with this list. So for instance if I had a choice of Hembree or Romano and would like to know which you would recommend, it’s not here. If this content is elsewhere on this site and I’m just missing it, sorry but I haven’t seen it.

  3. BB says:

    There are three such rankings lists each week: Closing Time (closers) on Tuesdays (https://pitcherlist.com/closing-time-7-6-ranking-the-top-30-closers-every-tuesday/), The Hold Up (others) on Thursdays (https://pitcherlist.com/the-hold-up-7-8-ranking-the-top-90-relievers-for-holds-every-thursday/) and an overall, combined lists for SOLDs leagues on Fridays (https://pitcherlist.com/top-100-relievers-for-savehold-leagues-7-9/).

    • Dave Swan says:

      Correct BB!

      Always check out Rick Graham’s bullpen content. He has what I think you’re looking for.

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