From the Horse’s Mouth: PL Mock Drafters Give Their Best and Worst Picks

Tim Jackson spoke with participants of each PL Mock Draft and presents drafters' best and worst picks.

Shortly after the 2019 season ended, Pitcher List had 6 MLB mock drafts: 3 with staff members and 3 with industry experts. The rules were for standard 12 team leagues with 5×5 scoring, 3 OF, 2 UTIL, 9 P, and 4 bench spots. Now, after having time to reflect, we’ve put together a collection of drafters’ favorite and least favorite picks with explanations for each. Between 3 and 5 participants from each draft slot provided feedback.

We worked without the benefit of established ADPs. In fact, a big part of the fun was contributing to establishing a baseline for where players might go in 2020 so soon after the 2019 season. At times, the same player was selected at a similar point in different drafts but considered to be a drafter’s favorite and least favorite pick. That gives us a subtle piece of information about ADP that can be hard to always remember, especially once a draft starts: It’s a useful tool, but team construction is more than just who you can expect to get where.

Here’s the draft board for each mock, as well as Pitcher List ADP data from Smada: Staff Mock 1, Staff Mock 2, Staff Mock 3, Expert Mock 1, Expert Mock 2, Expert Mock 3. In each chart, participants’ Twitter handles are linked. Follow the good folks!

Here are some other interesting notes, with tables and feedback on each pick after:

  • The earliest favorite pick was at #2 overall (Austin Bristow II taking Christian Yelich). The latest was at 340 (Jonathan Metzelaar taking Robinson Cano).
  • The earliest least favorite pick was at #10 overall (Colin Weatherwax taking Alex Bregman). The latest was at 261 (Alex Fast taking David Robertson).
  • Both people whose least favorite pick was Adalberto Mondesi selected from the 7 spot. They made the pick within a round of each other.
  • Michael Ajeto and Tim Jackson each consider their least favorite picks to be catchers. They both drafted from the 4 spot.
  • Yoan Moncada was chosen as a least favorite pick twice. Ben Palmer selected Moncada at 56 overall, while Alex Fast took him at 62. Moncada’s ADP through the 6 PL mocks was 59.
From the 1 Spot

Myles Nelson on Carlos Martinez: “The talent is there and the question about his role seems to be whether he’ll be the closer or a starter. Either way, I’ll be very happy with the value in the 19th.” On Eduardo Escobar: “I should have drafted a pitcher there and snagged a comparable hitter to Escobar at the 11/12 turn.”

Rich Holman on Yu Darvish: “Love this value as he’s been going among the top 60 in ADP. I believe in the reduced BB%, but it will likely come with the increased HR/FB%.” On Paul Goldschmidt: “This pick ranks among the top five things I regret in life – hyperbole, yes, but not by much. This just shows what’s can happen with a lack of research. Don’t make my mistakes.”

Rick Graham on Max Kepler: “I’m not going to argue with 30/90/90 at pick 168.” On David Dahl: “I reached there for my second outfielder when 4 rounds later I was able to draft Kepler.”

Vlad Sedler of Fantasy Guru on Cavan Biggio: Not sure how he fell this far down the crack, but I’ll take the risk of a subpar batting average for the glory of counting categories.” On Pablo Lopez: “A bit too volatile for my roto taste buds and the adjusted ballpark dimensions won’t help but there is some upside with Pablito.”

Brent Hershey of Baseball HQ on Liam Hendriks: “Surprised that 5 CL went before him more than anything; his peripherals (velo, SwK bump) validated his 2H dominance. Legit.” On Domingo German: “Draft took place before the suspension, but this was a needless risk in a 12-team league.”

From the 2 Spot

Austin Bristow II on Christian Yelich: “It’s hard to dislike picking in the 2nd slot, mostly for your first pick. If Trout goes first overall, you get your pick of Yelich or Acuna, a win-win scenario. If Acuna or someone else goes first, you just got Trout. Doesn’t get much better. On Joc Pederson: “This admittedly has more to do with draft management than the 2 slot. Pederson was my first basemen in this draft. Let this be a cautionary tale: 1B is thinner than you think.”

Mary Ankenbruck on Keone KelaKela is likely to be the Pirates closer after Vasquez’s abhorrent off the field drama. They agreed to a deal with him to avoid arbitration and he has the most experience closing of their current bullpen. Yes, in this day and age saves can rarely be taken for granted but Kela is a pretty good gamble, especially this late in the draft.” On Jean Segura: “Truthfully, I lost sight of which shortstops were left and kind of panicked. I do think Jean Segura will bounce back somewhat but that doesn’t justify picking him in the 11th, especially with the Phillies now having a lot of questions of who will play where.”

Max Posner on Marcus SemienSemien fell farther than I expected and I was happy to draft him at 93. My raw compass for this draft was last year’s rank in a 5×5 and Semien performed amazingly well in 2019 with no apparent red flags for regression that I can see.” On DJ LeMahieu: “I believe there is no reason that LeMahieu can’t repeat his 2019 season, but I’m clearly in the minority with that belief. There’s nothing wrong with taking the guys you like a little earlier than their ADP, but I clearly left a bunch of value on the table taking him at 23. I don’t think he should fall to 80, but 23 was more than a little too high.”

Nick Pollack on Anthony Rendon: “I was thrilled to grab Rendon at the end of the second, as I have him going near the turn of the first and second. Rendon grants an excellent floor at HR/R/RBI/AVG making it easier to take chances later on in the draft. His plate discipline skills are very repeatable and slotted in the middle of the Angels lineup will keep the production alive all year. You want this foundation.” On Lance McCullers: “I overshot a bit in my expectations for McCullers’ expected innings in 2020 as Jim Crane suggested a limit close to 120 frames in 2020. It’s a bit disappointing as I do favor McCullers’ ability more than the strikeout-heavy arms surrounding him (Ray and Lamet, for example), but the innate cap of volume makes him not as strong of an upside as the 12th round calls for”

Mike Gianella of Baseball Prospectus on Willie Calhoun: “Maybe it’s because he only played half a season and the Rangers have been jerking him around forever, but I feel like Calhoun is flying under the radar as a potential 35-40 home run hitter with the potential for a solid batting average.” On Tim Anderson: “Given some of the shortstops that went later and some of the players who were available before him, I feel like I reached a little bit with this pick for a player who isn’t dominant in any category and whose batting average in 2019 was extremely fluky.”

From the 3 Spot

Trevor Hooth on Manny Machado: “This one is tough, I think I got good value on several guys, but none more than Manny Machado in the fifth. His stock was very down in this draft for a guy with a really good track record.” On Rhys Hoskins“I’m not sure if it’s so much an ADP thing, I think I just balked here. Hoskins is solid, and I remember wanting to add some power, but I think I could’ve waited and grabbed Matt Chapman. So much regret.”

Ryan Bucher on Lourdes Gurriel, Jr.: “Gurriel’s adjustments he made after coming back from Triple-A in May were for real, and he is slated to open the season in the top 4 of an improving top of the Blue Jay’s lineup.” On Scott Kingery: “Feels like a worse bet despite being the guy I took two rounds sooner. I like the versatility a lot, but I let previous year’s prospect love for him lead me to pull the trigger early on what likely would be a backup for my offense if this mock were played out.”

Dave Cherman on Ken Giles: “He went after most all of the elite closers despite putting up as good as or better numbers than most of them. He’s still an elite RP in this league and when he gets dealt in 2020, his value is gonna soar.” On Yuli Gurriel: “I don’t really believe that you can have ‘bad’ picks in a mock because a mock is designed to take chances and make mistakes. I guess my least favorite pick is Yuli Gurriel in the 11th because I wanted one of the higher-end 1B but they all got sniped.”

Scott Pianowski of Yahoo! Sports on Rick Porcello: “Some of [drafting Hyun-Jin Ryu] was mitigated by Porcello landing in the National League.” On Hyun-Jin Ryu: “Looks pricy and optimistic, a poor fit for Toronto.  No Altuve comments at this time (taken 22nd overall).”

Alex Chamberlain of RotoGraphs on Edwin Encarnacion: “That…that’s a joke, right? I mean, I get that he wasn’t signed to a team at the time, but what the heck is going on there? Then again, I’ll like Edwin at any price, so maybe I’m biased.” On Luke Jackson: “Doesn’t sound awful, but it was a wholly unresearched pick that arrived nearly three rounds after Mark Melancon left the board. Moreover, I psyched myself and got fancy instead of grabbing who I really wanted (Jose Urquidy, who was snatched up three picks later). Opportunity cost!”

From the 4 Spot

Shelly Verougstraete on Stephen Strasburg: “In League 1, we started before the playoffs began and I was able to get Stephen Strasburg in the fifth round (52nd overall). Looking at the other leagues, the next lowest pick was #40. The Playoff Tax is real, folks.” On Scott Kingery: “I definitely could have waited much longer before picking him. I should have gone after a closer, like Liam Hendriks or Ken Giles.”

Tim Jackson on Marcus Semien: “The depth and sheen of the position is making it easy to forget about Semien, who by PL ADP is the 14th eligible shortstop. I’m betting his improved plate discipline keeps letting him make the most of his contact and sees him finish better than a good deal of the 13 ahead of him.” On Willson Contreras: “I caught the tail-end of a catcher run here and didn’t appreciate the depth the position offers after the first four guys or so. Contreras is a fine player but production at catcher is available a lot later. I’d rather have taken a shot on another player at this spot.”

Alex Fast on Mike Moustakas: “At the time, Mike Moustakas was still a free agent but I figured he was far too talented to pass up in the 13th. Since then, he, of course, signed with the Reds and has become the 100th player off the board by NFBC standards. I would’ve been happy wherever he landed but the fact that he ended up in that beautiful hitter’s park only makes this pick look all the better.” On David Robertson: “This was a complete mental lapse as he had TJS in August! I like to take saves late and there was another person I should’ve gone with—you know, one that was healthy?—in Matt Magill. They won’t be pretty but he’ll get 10-15 saves.”

From the 5 Spot

Max Freeze on Austin Meadows: “He’s still just 25 years old and broke out in a big way increasing his hard-hit and barrel percentages in 2019. He’ll hit in the top third of the Rays lineup and I could see a 35-homer, 15-steal type of season with very solid counting stats.” On Eduardo Rodriguez: “He’s coming off a career-year and his value was boosted by an elevated win total which can’t be trusted. He reached 200 innings for the first time but he does have a poor injury history. His changeup is great but it’s really the only pitch that generates whiffs, so his strikeout upside is limited. I feel like I could have passed on him for Max Fried or gone with a position player with upside like Gavin Lux instead.”

Alex Drennan on Adam Eaton: “I would’ve preferred quantitative easing to prevent further price deflation on Eaton, but given Clicky Draft’s limitations the best I could do was create artificial demand. If you could guarantee Eaton at his min pick of 201, I may have considered taking a pitcher in one of the first nine rounds.” On Bryce Harper: “Harper is the fantasy equivalent of a Tiffany diamond: the cut is excellent, but you can get “identical” quality for a fraction of the cost in Michael Conforto.

Travis Sherer on Luis Arraez: “Getting a known quantity is difficult in round 17. We know what Arraez is good at: hitting. Maybe not for power, but this is a guy who qualifies for 2B/SS/3B/OF who will pull your average up, and by getting on base so much, he’ll be in the mix for runs and RBIs.” On Corey Seager: “I’m fine with where I picked Seager. What I don’t like about this pick is that I found myself having to rely on Seager. If I knew that I’d wind up with Seager, I probably would have made a play earlier for Adalberto Mondesi or Bo Bichette.”

From the 6 Spot

Andy Patton on Miguel Sano: “Sano fell really far in the first staff mock, and I’m not sure why. His average ADP was 167, which feels more appropriate for his value considering his 34 home runs in 380 at-bats last year, not to mention Statcast data that was through the roof. Strikeouts will always be an issue, and he doesn’t add any speed, but 40 home runs is certainly attainable with regular at-bats, and is a steal in Round 19.” On Aristides Aquino: “I took Aquino lower than he went in most of the other PL drafts, but I still think it was too early for a guy who struggled mightily to finish off the season. His start was electric, and he finished with 19 home runs and seven steals in 56 games, so it’s easy to see the appeal, but I think he settles in as a .240ish hitter with a lot of home runs and little else. I got that in Round 19 with Sano, and clearly didn’t need to chase it five rounds earlier with a less proven player.”

Kyle Bishop on Justin Upton: “It’s crazy to see him so overlooked in drafts after one injury-wrecked season; he’s still only 32 and routinely finished as a top-30 outfielder during the last decade, plus the Angels’ lineup is looking better than it has in a long time after adding Anthony Rendon.” On Domingo German: “With the news that he’ll be suspended for the first couple months of the 2020 season, this one looks like a bust already.”

Nick Randall on Matt Olson: “Olson fell into my lap in the 9th round. In just 127 games last year, he hit 36 HRs with 91 RBIs and his metrics remained as strong as ever.” On Jose Altuve: “Altuve isn’t a bad pick, but I’d rather have the younger Ozzie Albies in this spot. And that’s not even taking into consideration the Astros’ cheating scandal, which throws an additional layer of uncertainty around Altuve for 2020.”

From the 7 Spot

Mark McElroy on Starling Marte: “I love getting a second power-speed stud in the third round. Pairing Marte with Jose Ramirez secures a solid stolen base floor without sacrificing any other category. Marte is always underappreciated.” On Adalberto Mondesi: “I should have moved to more power (Stanton, Meadows, Bryant) or secured another SP (Strasburg, Flaherty, Snell, Kershaw, Corbin). I love building stolen bases early but after rostering Jose Ramirez and Starling Marte, drafting Mondesi was overkill. His injury also worries me and drafting him, knowing that he will miss time early in the season, meant that I was forced to use another pick to draft a replacement SS (Jorge Polanco at 12.6.138) later in the draft.” 

Alex Isherwood on Giancarlo Stanton: “He lost 2019 due to a myriad of injuries but I still believe Stanton belongs among the premier power bats, so I’m elated to take a chance on him in the 5th round.” On Edwin Encarnacion: “I waited too long to find a first baseman (with LeMahieu at second) and ended up having to take Encarnacion in the 12th over some much more interesting pitchers like Zac Gallen, Lance McCullers, Jesus Luzardo, Max Fried, and Luke Weaver.”

Ryan Amore on Josh Donaldson: “Josh Donaldson in the 9th Rd. He hasn’t signed yet but I really like the value there as he had a tremendous bounce-back season last year backed by excellent batted ball data and Steamer has him pegged for a near repeat in 2020 with a .368 wOBA and 129 wRC+.” On Nate Lowe: “I’m still a big believer in Lowe’s talent but with the Rays adding Jose Martinez and Tstutsugo (we drafted back in Nov) and Choi/Diaz being still in the mix the 1B/DH game of musical chairs in Tampa is looking like it could be a major headache at least in the early going.” (Note: after the draft, Donaldson signed with the Twins.)

BatFlipCrazy on Gerrit Cole: “Cole is my number one player in fantasy baseball this year, so to get him at pick 7 was a nice surprise. He separates himself from other pitchers with his combination of relative youth, consistency and strikeout skills. While Yankee Stadium is known as a bat park for HRs (if you’re a pitcher), it plays pitcher-friendly on the overall run environment. He should get plenty of wins with the stacked Yankees lineup. Would love to start any team with him.” On Adalberto Mondesi: “I don’t hate the Mondesi pick and I needed stolen bases after going SP-SP to start, but having an unbalanced profile as my first hitter is not the way I prefer to start. Even more so in a guy who is coming off a pretty major shoulder injury. If I were to pick over, I’d probably go with Ozzie Albies or Austin Meadows, both of whom I expect to contribute in 5 categories in 2020.”

From the 8 Spot
Daniel Port on Carlos Santana and Mike Moustakas: “Both are incredibly underrated and could represent 60+ HRs with 200 RBIs and 175+ Runs. There’s just not a combo that can do that in the 10th and 11th.” On Friday Pirate Ryan Yarbrough: “It’s not to say I don’t like Yarbrough’s talent because I do. It’s more because of his undefined role. I think he’ll have a place with the Rays no matter what but I would love to have more clarity as to what that place is before I invested in him.”
Ben Palmer on Justin Upton: “I feel like that’s extremely low for a guy who, prior to an injury year last year, was a lock for about 30 HRs, at least 80/80 runs and RBI, and a few steals. I think if he can do that again this year (and I don’t see any reason he can’t), 17th round will be an absolute steal.” On Yordan Alvarez: “I do think he’s a guy who can produce early second-round value and I very much do believe in his talent, but now that we’ve done more drafts, I’m starting to see that I probably paid the absolute premium for Alvarez and could’ve likely gotten him later.”
Yancy Eaton on Tommy Pham and Tommy Edman: “Pham and his locked in 20/20 in the 6th round, or Tommy Edman WAY back in the 21st round. The positional flexibility Edman allows along with the steals and batting average makes him super appealing to me, especially now that the Braves signed Ozuna and opened up what seems to be more playing time for him.” On Whit Merrifield: “Looking back, the pick that immediately repulses me is Whit Merrifield in the 3rd round.  It was just a wildly ambitious pick that looked bad in the moment and still looks bad weeks after the draft as it’s pretty obvious the elite stolen base totals aren’t coming back.”
Craig Mish of Fantasy Sports Network on Fernando Tatis Jr.: “Won’t be available at that spot as ADP rises. ” On Robbie Ray: “Unsure if Ray is ok for my SP2/3, may have needed a pivot there. Looks like some other more stable SP were available.”
Ben Palmer (again) on Nolan Arenado: “Getting him in the second round is WILD to me. Dude is consistently an elite producer in every category but steals and to get him in the second round is amazing.” On Yoan Moncada: “Not because I dislike Moncada; on the contrary, I love him. But it didn’t work for roster construction. I already had a 3B and grabbing what is essentially our utility guy in the fifth round felt like bad strategy to me.”
From the 9 Spot

Nick Pollack (again) on Zach Wheeler: “I was shocked to see him last until the 12th round, even if his 2020 team wasn’t determined yet. His excellent fastball paired with a slider that could develop into a strong out pitch suggests a ceiling of a strong #2/#3, and I was thrilled to have him as my fifth starter.” On Carlos Carrasco and Lance Lynn: “While I think this ADP may be what we see in March, it still hinges on two key elements: Health and confirmation of an SP role. At this price in October, I didn’t bake in the possibilities of one these facets not coming to fruition, and seeing Glasnow picked quickly after, I had my regrets.” (Note: after the draft, Wheeler signed with the Phillies.)

Jamie Sayer on Khris Davis: “I’m going to guess last year was so poor thanks to a lingering hip injury. I would also hazard a guess his hip was the reason he was so awful against fastballs, as his xSLG dropped from .730 (!) in 2018 to .455 in 2019. I think with his hip fully healthy going into 2020 he should be able to catch up to the fastballs easier.” On Rhys Hoskins: “I think I reached on [him] as 1st base worries me but with Carlos Santana going two rounds later, it wasn’t a good pick looking back. Our own Dan Richards wrote a fantastic piece about repeating pulled fly balls year-to-year and came to the conclusion it’s hard to trust fantasy players that tend to rely on them for their home runs. Enter Rhys Hoskins, one of the kings of pulled fly balls the last couple of years. With his barrel rate dropping two years in a row it’s hard to depend on his power reaching its full potential.”

Colin Ward on Charlie Blackmon: “His speed may be diminished but the guy still stuffs the stat sheet come years end. Blackmon could, and has, easily put up comparable numbers to JD Martinez who went a full 3+ rounds earlier.” On German Marquez: “I  do believe in Marquez’s skill set and his ability to bounce back but I think I reached due to pitching flying off the boards in this draft. I wish I had taken someone like Mitch Haniger to fill my first UT spot.” 

Chris Blessing of Baseball HQ on Josh Donaldson: “Getting Donaldson in the 10th round at 3B was a motivated move given the strength of the position relative to the rest of the field. It was my favorite choice. There’s not much drop off between the 3rd or 4th best 3B and Donaldson’s likely production. Getting old guys at a discount is a strategy I’ve learned from the masters I’ve been in expert formats with before.” On Victor Robles: “I really liked my draft and hit a lot of the benchmarks I look at. I usually don’t look at ADPs intensely because I trust my process in drafts. I missed out on speed and shot Victor Robles up my chart as a response. I have a hard time with his barrel rates and where the Nats have bat him in the lineup. I’m not confident he’ll be worth the draft position, even factoring in the SBs. Definitely a player who I like better in a dynasty format.”

Frank Stampfl on Vladimir Guerrero Jr.: “Am I allowed to say anybody else? He was a disappointment as a rookie but all reports indicate he’s in phenomenal shape plus he’s only turning 21 years in March. Expect a near .300 batting average with close to 30 home runs and exceptional counting stats.” On Jesus Luzardo: “Don’t get me wrong. I like Luzardo A LOT but in hindsight, I like Max Fried and Frankie Montas more. Luzardo showed us his electric stuff late last season but will likely be an innings cap. I trust guys like Fried and Montas to provide similar production with more innings in 2020.”

From the 10 Spot

Colin Weatherwax on Yu Darvish: “He was the end of the elite options for me at the SP position so I was happy to make him my SP3 along with Bieber and Nola.” On Alex Bregman: “The World Series high was still on my mind when I made this pick. Looking back now, deGrom/JRam/Soto would have all been better picks.”

Nathan Mills on Shohei Ohtani: “Getting him at 58 overall is a steal, considering he’s a guy who is projected to put up 5 to 6 WAR when you combine his efforts as a pitcher and a hitter. He’s got first-round potential, and getting him in the fifth is a no-brainer.” On Andrew Benintendi: “I definitely think there’s bounce-back potential for the former top prospect, but I probably could’ve (and should’ve) waited a couple more rounds — maybe longer — to add that potential to my roster.”

Jonathan Metzelaar on Robinson Cano: “I think Cano’s nagging lower body injuries last year and the fact that he’s 37 mean most people are going to be staying far away, but there were a lot of signs that a healthy Cano could still return top-15 value at second base. His average exit velocity and barrel rate were exactly in line with his career norms, he still made a ton of contact, and his .256 AVG came with a .280 xAVG.” On Hyun-Jin Ryu: “For the purposes of this draft I was experimenting with grabbing a bunch of starting pitchers early to see how the rest of my team would turn out. Ryu was still a free agent at the time, and I thought I was getting good value here considering how well he pitched last year. But seeing that I could’ve have waited several rounds and grabbed a Zack Wheeler or a Madison Bumgarner for my #5 SP instead made this pick look like a real reach. “

Steve Gardner of USA Today Sports on Lucas Giolito: “He changed his mechanics last year and what a difference it made — he struck out 228 batters in 176 2/3 innings with an ERA (and FIP) under 3.50.  And he’s my SP3.” On Jo Adell: “It’s not that I don’t like the talent, it’s the uncertain playing time that makes him a reach at that point. Taking Luis Robert — which I was trying to do but was battling the clock — would have been a much better upside gamble.”

From the 11 Spot
Scott Chu on Edwin Encarnacion: “This pick felt really good at 203. His 34 HR and 167 combined R+RBI came in just 109 games and now he’s going to hit in the heart of a new and improved White Sox lineup.” On Luke Voit: “Value was fine, he’s a fine player. Just didn’t need him and that pick would have been better spent on literally anything else (like Lourdes Gurriel Jr. who went right after).”

Nicklaus Gaut
on Danny Santana: “Santana was the #46-earner in 2019, according to Razzball, and in only 511 PA Maybe he’s a flash-in-the-pan and will bust, but Santana had launch-angles and exit-velocities unlike anything we saw in 2015-17 and he’s going to steal bases, even if the bat takes a step back.” On Pete Alonso: “With already having selected Freddie Freeman in the first, I should’ve ignored what I saw as a value pick and looked elsewhere. More specifically, I should’ve taken Blake Snell, which would’ve then allowed me to grab Ozzie Albies or Joey Gallo in the fifth, instead of taking Charlie Morton.”

Alex Fast (again) on Omar Narvaez: “This is sort of cheating because at the time of this mock, Narvaez was yet to sign with the Brewers but man oh man he couldn’t have ended up in a better place. Last year, Narvaez knocked in 22 home runs in Seattle. I truly believe he could’ve had more had Tom Murphy not eaten into his playing time more than a usual backup catcher would. Narvaez is a lefty who pulls his HR, which is a recipe for success in Miller.” On Christian Walker and Yoan Moncada: “These two are linked: I should’ve forgone Moncada as Moustakas would give me 2B and instead picked a more solid 1B like Olson, Abreu or Gurriel.”

Drew Silva of Rotoworld on Chris Paddack: “I didn’t think Paddack would fall to me toward the end of the seventh round with such a SP-heavy top of the draft, but he did, and he can be a fantasy ace in his age-24 season.” On Josh Bell: “I worry about Bell’s power dropoff in the second half last year, and how the roster teardown that’s going on in Pittsburgh might affect his more team-dependent fantasy scoring numbers.”

 From the 12 Spot

Jim Chatterton on Jorge Soler: “I loved all of my OF picks, but Soler at the start of the 8th was too good to solidify my team’s power. I drafted him right in line with the mocks’ ADP but feel he’ll easily deliver beyond this selection in 2020.” On Vladimir Guerrero Jr.: “I drafted him as the first pick in the fourth round which felt like a reach but I did not realize how much I reached (about 20 picks) until seeing the other mocks. With who Vlad is it could still pay off but I passed up plenty of sure-fire talent.”

Colin Charles on Mitch Haniger: “Haniger’s 2019 was basically a disaster. His AVG and OBP both took a tumble, which are likely related to some troubles with his plate discipline. His O-Contact% and Z-Contact% both decreased from the 2018 levels, and his SwStr% went up. So why is he my favorite pick from the mock draft? Because I believe last year was an anomaly. In his MLB action over the previous 3 years, Haniger was posting ~22% K% and sub-10% SwStr% rates. The power was still easily there as he posted a career-high 12% Brls/BBE and popped 15 home runs in only 283 PAs.” On Jordan Hicks: “Didn’t realize how long he’d be out for.”

Ben Pernick on Jonathan Villar: “Many worry he’ll be a bust, but the power/speed ability and run production at a scarce position far outweigh the risk here, while concerns about regression and the new team are overblown.” On Amed Rosario: “While he offers potential for a well-rounded profile, the limits to his power/speed upside make him not worth reaching for, given the substantial depth at the position.”

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