Thirty B-Side Prospects: 2022

Who are 2022's Noels, Grissoms, Tovars, Tenas, and Castillos?

Everyone wants to hunt superstars, I get it. But the fact is the majority of players you will use in fantasy aren’t superstars. B-List prospects probably won’t fit the mold of league-winners-to-be, but crazier things have happened.

A true B-Side prospect is rostered in 0%-2% of Fantrax leagues, but we’ve allowed a few 3%-6% exceptions. The idea is to try and identify a player from each organization capable of taking the dynasty prospect stage in 2022; ascending from dynasty undesirable to more mainstream. This will be our third edition after February 2021  and July 2021.

Once a player’s rostered rate increases by 5% or hits 10%, the B-side has turned hit (or more of a mid-grade name), and they aren’t their organizations’ list representative anymore. These were 2021’s biggest B-Side successes in terms of increased dynasty interest:

This might feel a bit like the land of misfit toys, but there are good baseball players here, some I expect to have big 2022’s, some I think are blatantly overlooked, some who have an outside chance of hitting an MLB roster someday, some here due to lack of better options in the organization. Whether you dig the player or not, this is part identifying good players who haven’t garnered the attention, and part playing the game within the game…turn a nickel into a quarter if you can.

These first six prospects leave me feeling like the dynasty world has missed a boat:


Yankees – Andres Chaparro, CIF

22.8-years-old (Played .7 years old and a year young for leagues in ’21)
2% Fantrax Rostered

Nate Handy

Nate is an advocate of drafting more pitchers. Originally from the planet Eternia, he aspires to become the Master of the Prospect Universe....or just watch baseball, share observations, and have an enjoyable dialogue about this great game, particularly the young players trying to make the major leagues.

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