Top 150 Pitching Prospects

(Who've been video reviewed, for dynasty purposes)

There’s nothing more maddening than ranking pitching prospects, but some are dumb enough to try. Putting these things together feels like an optimistic angel on one shoulder, a pessimistic devil on the other, and you are stuck in the middle. So these stream of consciousness turmoils are shared here. Under the players’ will be a line starting with “A:” signifying what the angel was telling me, and a “D:” signifying what the little devil was telling me. Sometimes they contain wise things, sometimes not so much.

As it was this offseason, only players’ video-reviewed during full-season action are included. There are undoubtedly plenty of omitted players worthy of a spot here, I just haven’t seen them yet. Andrew Painter had one horrible quality broadcast, useless to us, so he’s not here. Tink Hence and Inohan Paniagua of the Cardinals haven’t been broadcast. Jaden Hill is yet to make his pro debut. I’ve never seen Matthew Allen pitch, nor the Pirate’s exciting young two-way prospect Bubba Chandler. The MLB draft is right around the corner as well, which will surely have worthy arms. Please don’t be shy about hitting me up with players you find deserving. Some of the highly ranked prospects below are there because of things learned from such discord. If you want to better understand how I try and value players, here’s a link to the big offseason review with a set of rules at the beginning of the first installment. (link)


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Nate Handy

Nate is an advocate of drafting more pitchers. Originally from the planet Eternia, he aspires to become the Master of the Prospect Universe....or just watch baseball, share observations, and have an enjoyable dialogue about this great game, particularly the young players trying to make the major leagues.

23 responses to “Top 150 Pitching Prospects”

  1. JOSUE says:

    what about Matt Allan?

  2. Burrowed in ER says:

    Mike Burrows has had some clunkers in AAA. You expect him to bounce back im guessing? You’re one of my favorite dynasty authors so thank you!

    • Nate Handy says:

      Thanks! That’s mighty kind of you. I’m not shocked he’s hit some bumps at his new level. In a way, good, I’m glad. I happen to think the caliber of AAA lineups is a significant difference than AA. He’s still a guy amidst some big time progression. So again, not shocked, not concerned unless he doesn’t learn or can’t tighten it up to get good hitters out consistently. I’ve become fairly skeptical of certain types of pitcher’s lack of production, in AAA especially. Guys like Liberatore, Winn, Cavalli, Burrows, and hopefully Balazovic, those challenges bring about good things or are even brought upon themselves as they challenge themselves to get better. Now if we’re talking guys like maybe Jameson, Nelson, Hall…their lack of statistical production might mean a little more to me. Burrows has some relatively new weaponry, and there’s prudence and time that can come along with learning how to use it.

    • Nate Handy says:

      I know one of his lines was sneaky bad/good. He was lights out for 4 and then got blown up in the 5th. Is thata good or bad outing? I lean great sign.

  3. Eric says:

    Andrew Hunter?

  4. Me says:

    What happened to Trevor hooth? ? Sorry I had to

  5. Bob says:

    I see Griff McGarry is not included. Is that because you did not see him or because you feel he doesn’t merit being in your top 150?

    • Nate Handy says:

      I have watched a few outings. Cut up some video and shared some thoughts in a weekly review a little ways back. He was definitely considered and could easily be on here. End of the day for me, as this is my best go at hunting starting pitchers, I’m not sold he finds the consistent execution to get a MLB SP try. Of course it can tighten up and that changes the game big time. No denying the K possibilities, but he’s just too far in the direction of the type I’m not valuing much. Yet anyways. Joe Boyle, same story. If this wasn’t a strict SP hunt, they’d both be in there.

  6. Sean says:

    No Gunnar Hoglund. Still recovering so not able to rank?

  7. patrick.vereb@gmail.com says:

    Thoughts on Matt Canterino MIN? He was rolling through 34 IP before begin shut down (again).

    • Nate Handy says:

      The likelihood of him being able to stay on the mound long enough to start was too low for me to put on a SP hunt. Think the wheels were already in motion to try and go a multi inning reliever with him. And tbh, he’s never really been one of my favorites. Too much going on for my tastes.

  8. CW says:

    Have you seen Mason Erla?

    • Nate Handy says:

      No, not yet anyways. Do tell. I’ve probably spent more time watching Rocket City arms than any other team that I admittedly get a little worried I’m doing it too much. Angels just have so many new guys on the full season scene I wanna see what’s cooking.

  9. John says:

    Nate, check out Noah Cameron. KC A+. Would love to hear your thoughts. Great work here.

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