The Starting Pitchers I’m Streaming The First Week Of Fantasy Baseball

Early SP Matchups For Fantasy Baseball.

The first week of the fantasy baseball season is filled with confusion, anxiety, excitement, and difficult decisions to make. One of my tenets during draft season is to target late-round fliers who you plan on starting early, instead of staring at a SP #5 who you’re benching as they endure a strong opponent early in the season.

To ease your panic, I’ve compiled all fringe starting pitchers into one table, outlining their first two expected season matchups. This does not include every starting pitcher, but instead those who you would actually consider replacing in 12-teamers from the waiver wire.

I’ve color-coded offenses based on assumed strength (Red = tough opponent, Green = weak opponent, Yellow = averageish opponent) and I absolutely understand if you believe my generalized opinion of these offenses are incorrect for a specific team.

In addition, I’ve highlighted specific pitchers who I’m targeting for at least their first start (if not both) with a Blue label and those who I’d consider in 15-Teamers and deeper with a Brown Label.

Note: Team rotations are fluid, and unfortunately, the matchups below are not set in stone. This table was created mid-day Tuesday, 3/26, and will not be updated after that. Double-check before making any major moves!

Fringe SP Matchups

Nick Pollack

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3 responses to “The Starting Pitchers I’m Streaming The First Week Of Fantasy Baseball”

  1. Bob Loucks says:

    Michael King seems not to be listed here…
    the implication being he’s not worth considering ??

  2. Jimmy says:

    How are you streaming like 50 pitchers?

  3. StatiX says:

    Did you read the little intro? Might help explain how he is trying to help you.

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