Expected SP Schedules: Who Has the Best Matchups in Weeks 7-8

EVERY starter on EVERY team broken down!

As the season unfolds, I’ve broken down every MLB team’s starting rotation and forecasted them with each team’s upcoming schedule. You may ask, why would you do this? The most straightforward answer is finding the best upcoming matchups for the lesser-known starting pitchers.

This way, we can maximize the end of our rosters and try to squeeze every last ounce of value that might be available on a waiver wire. Or, perhaps, drop a fringe-worthy pitcher early due to horrendous matchups.

Churning your roster at the correct times is critical to in-season management. Think about it this way: do you really need to hold onto that pitcher if you’re not going to start him in these key weeks?

Indeed, we are ranking these matchups based on the opponent’s offense, and here are my offensive tiers to do so. Also, please don’t get held up on the offensive rankings … if your preference is to stream against STL instead of LAA, or you think CLE should be in the “Fine” tier;  go for it!


Dave Swan’s Offensive Tiers

(OFF) means the team has an off-day before they play that team. 

(DH) indicates a doubleheader that day.


Arizona Diamondbacks


Diamondbacks’ Expected Schedule
  • Adequate OFF days and some favorable matchups could make the Diamondbacks a sufficient place to find a streamer.


Atlanta Braves


Atlanta’s Expected Schedule
  • With the extra OFF day, Atlanta will likely skip a spot and jump right into Elder. Then, Dylan Dodd could jump back in to reset the rotation.
  • I’ll admit, this rotation is a massive headache to maintain as it constantly leaves a wake of questions in its pathway.


Baltimore Orioles


Orioles’ Expected Schedule
  • I wouldn’t suggest targeting many of these arms for the next two weeks. If you can, make other plans for an immediate impact.


Boston Red Sox


Red Sox’s Expected Schedule
  • Stick to the first two starts as you evaluate the SPs in Boston. Once they run into the extra OFF day and a double-header, things could change. Although, the matchups aren’t outstanding prior to then either, so do what you think is best for your team.


Chicago Cubs


Cubs’ Expected Schedule
  • Kyle Hendricks should be rejoining the rotation for a start on Friday (5/19). With a couple of OFF days coming up, the Cubs won’t use a six-man rotation. Instead, Hayden Wesneski will either head to the bullpen or get optioned.


Chicago White Sox


White Sox’s Expected Schedule
  • The matchups are great but only Mike Clevinger will be available on your wire.


Cincinnati Reds


Reds’ Expected Schedule
  • Note: The Reds are taxed one tier anytime they are home. Hence, different shades for games vs. NYY, STL, and MIL.
  • Levi Stoudt was optioned to the minors but should be back for the second turn (vs. STL) in the rotation.
  • UPDATE: Brandon Williamson will jump into the rotation. Over eight MiLB starts this season, Williamson carries a 2-4 record with less than a K/9. Additionally, he’s not a ground ball pitcher. Best to stray away.


Cleveland Guardians


Guardians’ Expected Schedule
  • Scattered OFF days will keep the arms fresh and easy to predict these matchups.


Colorado Rockies


Rockies’ Expected Schedule
  • Note: The Rockies are taxed one tier anytime they are home. Hence, different shades for games vs. CIN, MIA, and NYM.
  • The horrific comebacker took Ryan Feltner out of the rotation. With the OFF day, they’ll be able to skip his spot and bring Peter Lambert back, but not until the next rotational run.
  • The matchups are viable but we don’t stream pitchers at Coors Field.


Detroit Tigers


Tigers’ Expected Schedule
  • After seeing this chart, you’ll see a bunch of people racing to get Michael Lorenzen. Solid starts til Week 9? In this pitching landscape? He’ll at least be on someone’s bench very soon.
  • Even Boyd, Faedo, and Wentz have good matchups for the next two weeks.


Houston Astros


Astros’ Expected Schedule


Kansas City Royals


Royals’ Expected Schedule
  • In a very rare spot, the Royals will get two consecutive OFF days after Greinke’s third start. That’s a tricky spot and the rotation could get shuffled or even skip a start. I wouldn’t make plans for anything after the @STL series.
  • A lot of great matchups ahead. Find which one works for you.
  • Daniel Lynch is penciled in as the starter for Wednesday (5/17). Currently, he’s making rehab starts but lines up for a return to the rotation.
  • UPDATE: Carlos Hernandez makes a spot start on Wednesday. Daniel Lynch will rejoin the rotation soon.


Los Angeles Angels


Angels’ Expected Schedule
  • Six-man rotations are tricky because anytime there is an OFF day someone could get skipped.
  • If someone might get skipped, we would assume it’s Chase Silseth but he’s been confirmed for the Tuesday(5/16) start.


Los Angeles Dodgers


Dodgers’ Expected Schedule
  • Noah Syndergaard appears to be healthy and should make his upcoming starts.
  • For now, it appears they’ll run with a five-man rotation.


Miami Marlins


Marlins’ Expected Schedule


Milwaukee Brewers


Brewers’ Expected Schedule
  • Eric Lauer can’t seem to find the fastball velocity and the arsenal tanked. So, he winds up in the bullpen and Colin Rea sticks in the rotation.
  • You’ll get a decent series vs. SFG but not a ton to choose from in Week 7.
  • UPDATE: Eric Lauer jumps back into the rotation and Rea heads to the minors.


Minnesota Twins


Twins’ Expected Schedule
  • The Twins are one of the more consistent rotations and everything should line up nicely with the extra OFF days.


New York Mets


Mets’ Expected Schedule
  • Carlos Carrasco will rejoin the rotation but likely not until the vs. CLE start. David Peterson should get one more start (@WSN) to show you what he can do. Unfortunately, it’s probably not enough to stick in the rotation.
  • Additionally, with OFF days in each of the next rotational turns, a six-man rotation isn’t happening.


New York Yankees


Yankees’ Expected Schedule
  • We touched on this last week. There shouldn’t be much confidence (outside of Cole and Cortes) to start the rest. Schmidt @CIN? No, it’s a bit too risky.


Oakland Athletics


Athletics’ Expected Schedule
  • Bad matchups and lackluster arms. Not enough here to consider much value for fantasy purposes.


Philadelphia Phillies


Phillies’ Expected Schedule
  • Bailey Falter and Taijuan Walker have been very hittable. So, playing the matchup will be crucial since they aren’t carrying you past any offense.
  • Ranger Suárez rejoined the rotation but came off of a Still-ILL. Basically, he only went four innings and looks to build off of it. Unfortunately, after CHC is ARI and @NYM. None of that is excellent, and waiting several weeks for @WSN just isn’t worth it.


Pittsburgh Pirates


Pirates’ Expected Schedule
  • There is plenty of workable matchups and intriguing arms in Pittsburgh now. The challenging part will be timing things just right.
  • Mitch Keller has been stellar. Hope you scooped him up before the rest of your league.
  • Rich Hill could be useful for the @DET start but send him packing afterward.


San Diego Padres


Padres’ Expected Schedule
  • Ryan Weathers got a start on Sunday. However, it looks like it’ll be his last one, for now. The Padres have an OFF day for the next three rotational turns, and it’ll make things easier to stick to a five-man rotation until Week 9.
  • If you’re looking for immediate help in Week 7, Michael Wacha could make things work for the win against KCR.


San Francisco Giants


Giants’ Expected Schedule
  • Alex Wood returns and Ross Stripling heads back to the bullpen. But with no extra OFF days, we could see Stripling re-join the team and push things to a six-man rotation. This remains one of the staffs that is most difficult to predict on a week-to-week basis.


Seattle Mariners


Mariners’ Expected Schedule
  • Marco Gonzales will be the only SP available. If you can stash him for a week, vs. OAK and vs. PIT would be a terrific two-start in Week 8.


St. Louis Cardinals


Cardinals’ Expected Schedule
  • If you can hold these arms for a couple of weeks, things get a touch easier. However, most haven’t put up the production we’re looking for.
  • UPDATE: Matthew Liberatore will join the rotation and start Wednesday(5/17). For now, the assumption is a six-man rotation. The charts have been updated to represent changes.


Tampa Bay Rays


Rays’ Expected Schedule
  • Well go ahead and pencil Taj Bradley in for Tuesday. I mean, someone has to start there. Although, no official word has come out, and probably won’t until sometime on Tuesday(5/16).
  • As we’ve become accustomed to, Josh Fleming will draw an opener.
  • UPDATE: Chirinos will get an opener as well.


Texas Rangers


Rangers’ Expected Schedule
  • After a dreadful start to the year, Jon Gray looks like a great bounceback candidate. With a few cupcake matchups ahead, it’s a great time to double-check the wire. He was dropped in a few of my 15-teamers, no reason to think he isn’t available in a 12-team league.
  • Andrew Heaney settled down nicely in his last start. Start against COL(on the road), hold for @BAL, and fire him back up for @DET. That should work out nicely.
  • Looks like Cody Bradford will get a spot start on Monday. Over seven starts in the minors, Bradford touts an ERA and WHIP under 1.00 with a decent K%. Although, squaring off against ATL is a daunting task.


Toronto Blue Jays


Blue Jays’ Expected Schedule
  • The matchups aren’t what you’d like to see but there are plenty of opportunities for wins.
  • Over the next few weeks, Toronto only has one OFF day. On the flip side, it’s great because you’ll have an easy time lining up matchups. Although, I wouldn’t expect the starters to get pushed too hard in games since there’s not much upcoming rest.


Washington Nationals


Pirates’ Expected Schedule
  • Not a bad first start for most of the rotation. However, Josiah Gray looks like the must-get piece from here.
  • Patrick Corbin has two workable starts (vs. DET, @KCR). Except he’ll only gain value in a daily transactions league format since the DET series falls in Week 7, and @KCR is Week 8.


Dave Swan

Dave Swan is an avid Chicago Cubs fan that enjoys all aspects of fantasy baseball-especially DFS. He would trade his right arm for a GIF library of Greg Maddux pitches. Swan's baseball thoughts are available at @davithius.

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