Hitter List 9/22: Top 150+ Hitters For 2022 – Week 24

The top 150 hitters for 2022 fantasy baseball, plus a taxi squad.

First and foremost, my apologies for not having a Hitter List for you last week during the most critical time of the season. My hard drive crashed and I was without my computer until Friday morning. I know excuses won’t give us back that week, but you all should always know that if you want input on a roster move, you can always reach out to me on Discord, Twitter (@ifthechufits), or in the weekly Pitcher List Reddit AMA that I host every Friday during the regular season. Even if I can’t get an article out to you for whatever reason, I am still here to help!
As always, let’s get some basics out of the way in terms of how to interpret these rankings. None of this stuff should come as any major surprise, but it never hurts to provide background:




One final point: At this stage of the season, specific needs and schedules mean everything! While I may rank one player a tier or two higher than another, there are more reasons now than ever to ignore such a gap in the late tiers if you’re after a specific stat.



  • Amed Rosario had one of the best performances in a doubleheader of all time, and perhaps I haven’t given enough credit to a guy who has hit better than .280 in three of the last four seasons (the off-year being 2020). Rosario is currently ranked 42nd among hitters on the Razzball Player Rater, but the only catch is that the Guardians are all but locked into the three-seed for the playoffs, so they may not be so aggressive on the basepaths once it’s official that they’ve clinched the division.
  • Byron Buxton is supposed to return at some point and could well be a top-five hitter in the league for however long he’s back. Buxton is probably one of the highest priority IL guys left, if only because he’s expected back soon.


  • Max Muncy and Justin Turner are rewarding their faithful fans. I won’t pretend I never waivered, as Muncy did look especially bad for a rather long time, but they are two of several reminders we’ve received this year on the potential short-term impact one of these guys can have when they are locked in.


  • The Rockies are home until next week, where they begin one of the worst road trips imaginable—three games in San Francisco followed by six straight games against the Dodgers with no off days. Honestly, even C.J. Cron would be a guy I might consider cutting in 10- and shallow 12-team leagues next week.


  • Steven Kwan has a four-game multi-hit hitting streak going, which almost feels par for the course with how good Kwan is at making contact. I think he could be a 15 home run, 20 stolen base kind of player with a .300 average in 2023.


  • Vaughn Grissom will get an extended run at second base for Atlanta, and it’s a credit to this organization that they can lose a player like Ozzie Albies and find a silver lining in it. Grissom has slowed down the production a bit of late, but he’s also making a ton of contact, which to me is a very encouraging sign. Those hits will start to drop.




  • I’ve shown little faith in either Yoán Moncada or Javier Báez for quite a while, but they are scorching hot right now and have at one point shown that they can sustain this kind of production for an extended period. If you’ve got a hole in your lineup, there are worse bets to make than one of Moncada or Báez, though I’d expect batting average to be the more reliable contribution (it felt weird to type that but lately it’s true).


  • Brendan Rodgers falls because of the horrible Rockies schedule for the final week and a half. Ditto Ryan McMahon and basically every Rockies player.


  • Taylor Ward showed so many excellent things at the beginning of the season and I want to believe that his issues are injury related and not that Ward was way over his head. This burst in September is helping me cling to that hope.


  • Albert Pujols has a LOT of games left against the Pirates, and I think the Cardinals are going to give him the opportunity to hit as many home runs as he can. For what it’s worth, Pujols has a .406 ISO against the Bucs this season. For context, the Pujols’s best ISO in any single season was .340 in 2006.


  • Tried to cover which players, particularly injured ones, I’d be dropping if I rostered them in redraft leagues.



  • If you wanted to drop one of them for any reason whatsoever in a redraft league, the answer is “sure”.


  • Don’t add Akil Baddoo in your leagues but also please don’t interrupt me while I enjoy the improved production over the last week.


And now, once again, it’s time for the Hitter List:

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