Hitter List 9/28: Top 150+ Hitters For 2022 – Week 25

The top 150 hitters for 2022 fantasy baseball, plus a taxi squad.

So with just one week left in the regular season (many head-to-head leagues are already over!), this is more like rest-of-season value with a sprinkle or two of the outlook for next season. I didn’t completely remove all injured players but did try to mention the more notable names that have been ruled out for the remainder of the season. The next version of the Hitter List will be focused entirely on 2023.
As always, let’s get some basics out of the way in terms of how to interpret these rankings. None of this stuff should come as any major surprise, but it never hurts to provide background:




One final point: At this stage of the season, specific needs and schedules mean everything! While I may rank one player a tier or two higher than another, there are more reasons now than ever to ignore such a gap in the late tiers if you’re after a specific stat.



  • Matt Olson remains outside the top-15 first baseman despite playing every day this season. The 29 home runs and 95 RBI are all well and good, but a .234 batting average just doesn’t cut it. Olson is also sputtering to the finish line with a 31.6% strikeout rate in September and a putrid 28 wRC+.
  • Speaking of old Dodger hitters who got off to a slow start and who will be free agents in 2023, Justin Turner continues to do Justin Turner things. The home run power hasn’t quite been there, though the four he’s hit this month are more than he hit in any other month, and Turner has an impressive 181 wRC+ since June 30. It’s hard to say what will happen to Turner this offseason, but as long as he’s a Dodger, he’ll have fantasy relevance.


  • Luis Robert isn’t returning this season, and I have no idea where to rank him for 2023 due to the injuries, so I’m leaving him right here. Honestly, this feels about right when you look at the extreme risk.


  • I’d love to see Nick Castellanos put on a fireworks show from now to the end of the season. I was high on him during the draft season but it just hasn’t gone Castellanos’s way in 2022.


  • Corbin Carroll looks every bit like the top prospect we were promised, and his placement on this list directly ahead of Wander Franco is very intentional.




  • Taylor Ward’s .333/.398/.531 line with four home runs and two steals in September have me back on board, baby. Hitting fourth behind Shohei Ohtani and Trout is a good place to be.


  • Triston Casas has three home runs and a 30.8% walk rate over his last six games with just a 15.4% strikeout rate. Whoa. I mentioned in last week’s Taxi Squad that the power hadn’t really shown up yet, but here it is.



And now, once again, it’s time for the Hitter List:

Scott Chu

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4 responses to “Hitter List 9/28: Top 150+ Hitters For 2022 – Week 25”

  1. Chris Griffin says:

    Saw your note about Muncy being a free agent after the season and that he could be leaving the Dodgers. I thought Muncy signed an extension with the Dodgers a month or so ago.

    • Scott Chu says:

      Thanks for the heads up! Totally forgot about that news. I’ll make that correction – Dodgerland is exactly where we’d want Muncy to be anyway.

  2. Leo says:

    Are you going to do a hitter list for the postseason as well? That would be awesome!

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