Top 100 Prospects for Dynasty Baseball 2023

Top 100 Prospects for Dynasty Baseball 2023.

Welcome to the amazing Pitcher List Eight! I hope you are finding your way around and enjoying all the new content on the site. If you are into dynasty leagues, this list is for you!

If you are looking for the top prospects for redraft leagues, you can check out our top hitters and pitchers to stash for 2023.

This list was compiled as a consensus ranking from several members of the dynasty team. Chris Clegg, Jake Maish, Will Garofalo, and Matt Heckman all contributed.

Generally, these prospects are considered to have the most trade value in your dynasty leagues, according to the four writers. Many of these prospects could also contribute soon, which helps in a win-now focus for dynasty. But, without further ado, let’s get to the rankings.


Top 100 Dynasty Prospects




Adapted by Chris Corr (@Chris_Studios on Twitter)

2 responses to “Top 100 Prospects for Dynasty Baseball 2023”

  1. Ryan says:

    Nice list, guys.

    Would you draft Pfaadt before Mervis in a fypd if you were competing for a championship?

    Love the Evan Carter placement! Why did he get bumped so high?

    Also, Esteury Ruiz fall after 100? If so, why? Gabriel Gonzalez (for example) is a distant lotto ticket with moderate upside, but Ruiz is a ready-to-punch ticket that bested the entirety of minor league baseball last year. Matos was terrible last year.

  2. Fainter says:

    I took over the worst team in a 20 year 14 team dynasty league last year and took the year to trade off what decent pieces I had for prospects and to rebuild the farm system on my team. I was able to acquire Julio Rodriguez, Volpe, MJ Melendez, and Mead before the season started and also pick up free agents like Strider, James Wood, Tovar, and Evan Carter as well as a few others so now I have the strongest crop of prospects in the league. My question for you is…. I have the #1 overall pick in the FYPD draft and I’m torn on taking Jackson Holliday, Drew Jones, or Kyle Manzardo. I have been all over Manzardo last season and I’m terrified he won’t last back to the 15th pick. Do I just take the younger prospect like Holliday or Jones and hope Manzardo falls or do I try to be the smartest guy in the room and take Manzardo at 1? I’ve tried to trade to get another pick in the 5-9 range but noone is biting. Thanks for you help!

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