Expected SP Schedules: Who Has the Best Matchups in Weeks 20-21

EVERY starter on EVERY team broken down!

We’re a few weeks removed from the trade deadline, and rotations are settling. That said, we’re at the time of the year when managers try to get their starters some extra rest. But never fear; the Expected SP Schedules are here to help you navigate down the stretch run of the season. As a reminder, we break down every MLB team’s starting rotation for the next few weeks to help you plan the back end of your pitching rotation. This tool is beneficial if you’re looking for streamers or flexing fringe starters in and out of your lineup.

Before we delve into the teams, below are our matchup rankings. These match those in Nick Pollack’s SP Steamers for consistency and differ from last week. If you disagree, that’s your prerogative! They are meant to be a loose guide. The most important thing is to pay attention to the matchups.

Nick’s Loose Team Offense Rankings (Updated 8/11)

Here’s a key for a few terms you may encounter below:

(OFF) means the team has an off-day before they play that team. 

(DH) indicates a doubleheader that day.

SPOT STARTER should be obvious, but this pitcher will only start once.

??? represents an unclear rotational spot, and the notes will explain options.

Above all else, please remember that schedules change often! The grids below represent our best estimate at the time of publishing, but players get hurt, come back from the IL, get sent down or called up, or get an extra day of rest all the time. Use this as a guide and double-check a player’s status before making roster changes.


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