Hitter List 6/15: Top 180 Hitters For 2022 – Week 10

The top 150 (plus 30 more) hitters for 2022 fantasy baseball.

Scott Chu

Scott Chu is a Senior Fantasy Analyst here bat Pitcher List and has written about fantasy baseball since 2013. He's also the inventor and mascot for Fantasy Curling (as seen the Wall Street Journal) and a 3x FSWA Award Finalist. In addition to being a fantasy analyst, he's a dad, animal lover, Simpsons fanatic, cartoon connoisseur, amateur curler, a CODA, and an attorney.

27 responses to “Hitter List 6/15: Top 180 Hitters For 2022 – Week 10”

  1. Mike Honcho says:

    Unless I missed something, Grisham off both the 180 and the leftovers. Oof!
    Droppable in 12 teamers?

    • Scott Chu says:

      Hey Mike!

      Yes. I’d cut him in deep 12s, even. Exactly 1 SB attempt on the season, no signs of life besides taking some more walks, hitting .224 at the bottom of the order, no power, the list goes on.

      Forget 15hr/15sb, at this there’s actual, plausible doubt that he gets to 10/5.

  2. Farva says:

    Where would Luis Garcia rank? He’s looked pretty good so far including a 113 mph 442 ft shot – impressive raw power for a MI. Guys with that kind of power who don’t have strikeout issues are rare.

    • Scott Chu says:

      Agreed – I am a fan of Luis. He’s on there now – he fell off the top 150 when I was moving stuff around and I didn’t catch it (I have up to 200ish guys on the list at any given time, but it only will show the top 150 here).

      In the last tier right now, but given that they hit him 6th yesterday and that he’s the full-time SS, I could see him jumping ASAP.

  3. mik3brooks says:

    Moncada? He sure seemed to turn it around *today*

    Top 183?

    • Scott Chu says:

      He’s at 150 – same thing happened to him as Luis Garcia.

      That said, I’d argue he did NOT turn it around, just a normal good game. Watch the pitches. Got a GROOVED fastball from Faedo for the HR, flare down the LF line for his double (not hit particularly hard), hits a changeup right at Austin Meadows but it lands JUST in front of him, and the last 2 hits were in the 8th and 9th against position players throwing 50mph with a double-digit lead and wanting to go home.

      If it brings confidence, great. But it wasn’t really an impressive display of skill or anything. He did what we’d expect a LOT of major leaguers to do against that kind of pitching.

  4. Jacoby says:

    How can you justify dropping Hoskins 8 spots?

  5. Chucky says:

    Mookie at 5? He’s unplayable right now over his last 10 games. His one and only HR accounts for all of his counting stats.

  6. Idles of Marsh says:

    As the owner of Bregman in a deep 12-team OBP keeper league, this is disconcerting to me, although the walk rate is still good. Do I hold? Trade? If trade, who would a couple of potential targets be?

    • Scott Chu says:

      Bregman is a guy who I want to get more eyes on, but his batted ball profile closely matches profiles that Statcast overestimates: heavy pull hitter, high FB%, heavily shifted. I need to see if he can make adjustments against lefties AND if he can stop hitting so many fly outs and infield flies.

      If your leaguemates think he’s going to rebound because of the xstat gap, listen to the latest H&J pod (it’s a 35 minute rant that I’m not ready to write down yet) and see if you think Bregman fits the mold I discussed.

      • Idles of Marsh says:

        Oh, I’ve already listened to the rant. :)

        I’m just having a difficult time deciding what I think, but I do feel a bit uneasy about him going forward.

        • Scott Chu says:

          Great to hear! Hope it was helpful. Bregman IS a bit of a conundrum. I’ll try to pencil in a deeper dive on the next List, and if you want to beat me to the punch, I’ll be looking at whether pitchers are pitching him different to force the fly ball issues. A guy with a low barrel rate like Bregs (and it’s actually always been that way) can’t really be successful with a near-50% fly ball rate.

  7. Joe Mulvey says:

    Please give me permission to let Javy go.

  8. Not Oscar says:

    Thoughts on Oscar Gonzalez? He’s been making a ton of good contact.

    • Scott Chu says:

      He was the segway into my 30+ minute rant on expected stats in the H&J pod (please listen – it’s the best work I’ve done so far on that show), but worth a stream for sure as we figure out what kind of power he might have at this level. He’s hitting well, sure, but that 0 HR total has me just slightly concerned that he’s more of a doubles guy right now.

  9. Mariners Fan says:

    Ty France is top 10 in fantasy points in my dynasty league and is 8th in AVG, 10th in OBP, too 25 in OPS, 3rd in hits and 12th in RBI. Why do you keep him around that 50ish spot, hasn’t he earned at least top 25-30?

    • Scott Chu says:

      Great question – if I did ranks specifically for points, he’d be higher. His ratios are great but his counting stats are often a bit limited. I could see him getting to that range, I just want to be convinced he can hit 20 home runs. His path to that range is the same path Bryan Reynolds took last season, and it’s not an easy one when you have a limited power tool and an inconsistent supporting cast.

  10. larry womack says:

    Hi Scott

    A couple of trade offers

    Riley & Alvarez for Teoscar and K. Tucker

    At first the manager offered Alvarez and Nola for Teoscar, Tucker and Harris 11

    Would you make either of these trades. I would probably take Harris out so I could keep some of the speed lost with Tucker if I accept wht one trade.

    i prefer the is offer of Riley and Yordan as I have Bregman at 3rd and I worried about him.

    Thank you

  11. Eric Fincher says:

    Hi, Scott.

    Just wondering: why is Austin Hays only ranked #90 on this week’s list? He’s batted 19 R’s, 5 HR’s, 24 RBI’s, 1 SB and a .292 average over the last 30 days. That’s well above average, in my opinion.

    For context, Bryce Harper’s 30 day stats are as follows: 15 R’s, 6 HR’s, 19 RBI’s, 1 SB and a .333 average.

    Are these rankings just a snapshot of where we are right now or do you factor in season-long expectations into your rankings? What are your expectations for Hays?


  12. Jay says:

    Hey Scott, I have a leaguemate offering me Yelich for Bregman. Who do you think performs better ROS?

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