Hitter List 8/3: Top 150+ Hitters For 2022 – Week 17

The top 150 hitters for 2022 fantasy baseball, plus a taxi squad.

It’s the first post-deadline Hitter List! While most players didn’t move a whole lot, I’ll be sure to touch on players who saw any kind of change in their rest-of-season outlook.
First, let’s get some basics out of the way in terms of how to interpret these rankings. None of this stuff should come as any major surprise, but it never hurts to provide background:







  • Andrew Benintendi gets a boost because he found the perfect landing spot for his fantasy value. He’ll play every day for an elite lineup in a ballpark much better suited to his somewhat limited power.


  • J.D. Martinez will probably put up better numbers soon, but then again, it seems like a total mess in Boston right now.
  • Amed Rosario has been good and I didn’t notice, so I fixed it.





  • I still find Jurickson Profar to be an uninteresting fantasy piece in general, but he’s swinging a hot bat and is continuing to hit leadoff for the rejuvenated Padres. I do wonder if this changes when Tatis returns, but if it doesn’t, he could lead the league in runs scored the rest of the way.


  • Alec Bohm is hot again, but I want to see if he can keep the magic longer than last time. What’s a bit more interesting this time is the power—he had four doubles, a triple, and three home runs in July. He wasn’t close to that kind of extra-base damage the first time he heated up.


  • My patience ran out a bit more on Taylor Ward (who may be playing through an injury), Jared Walsh (who is simply struggling), and Alex Verdugo (just can’t take another step forward from mediocrity).




  • Joc Pederson has been limited by concussions before, so we’re all hoping for the best right now. He’s been slumping, too.





  • Harrison Bader could get a stat boost playing for the Yankees, but I worry he might not do much of that until late September. His timeline is hard to predict and the possibility of missing most of the rest of the year is very real.


  • Lots of new faces because they’re interesting bats who are fairly hot right now. They’re all roughly Taxi Squad-level players, but they’re the ones I’m interested in right now.



  • I added a few options if you’re looking for specific stats. Just look for the “Cheap” and you’ll find them.


Scott Chu

Scott Chu is a Senior Fantasy Analyst here bat Pitcher List and has written about fantasy baseball since 2013. He's also the inventor and mascot for Fantasy Curling (as seen the Wall Street Journal) and a 3x FSWA Award Finalist. In addition to being a fantasy analyst, he's a dad, animal lover, Simpsons fanatic, cartoon connoisseur, amateur curler, a CODA, and an attorney.

6 responses to “Hitter List 8/3: Top 150+ Hitters For 2022 – Week 17”

  1. larry womack says:

    Hi Scott,

    Which two OF’s would you go with-Mancini, Benny(NYY), or Happ

    Thank you

    • larry says:

      Add Castellanos to that above list. Thanks

      • Scott Chu says:

        Happ or Benintendi are the two highest ranked – right next to each other. Happ has more power and speed, and Benintendi will have more runs and RBI along with a better batting average.

  2. Rowdy says:

    Mateo may be worth another look next week. Had been a real hitter for more than a short time now. There was a time when he was one of the hottest Yankee prospects…

    • Scott Chu says:

      Yeah, he was a top prospect for a while with that power and speed, but the lack of hit tool caught up to him and wore out the patience of the Yankees and A’s. The strikeouts have picked back up recently and that concerns me (36.7% strikeout rate over his last 8 games), but it’s hard to argue with the three home runs and three steals in that same stretch. I was hoping he’d move up in the order to keep the strikeouts down, but we’ll see!

  3. Paul says:

    What are you seeing with Andrew Vaughn that led to the 29-point drop? Not an all-star I know, but his wOBA has been trending up. I could still swap him for Happ or Mancini in my league. H2H points, so steals (and BA) less important. Thanks!

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