Top 150 Hitters For Fantasy Baseball 2024: Week 1 – 4/3

Top 150 Hitter Rankings for 2024 fantasy baseball drafts.

No one has 40 plate appearances yet, but that doesn’t mean I can’t move some guys around! Lineups and opportunities have changed and players have been injured, meaning we have a few shakeups on the list.

  • As a reminder, these rankings are geared toward a standard, daily, 12-team H2H redraft league, as that is typically the most popular fantasy baseball format. They will only factor in the five standard categories: Runs, RBI, Home Runs, Batting Average, and Stolen Bases.
  • I would recommend not paying super close attention to the specific ranks of each player, and honing in more on the respective tiers that they’re in. Each tier represents a grouping of players that I think could arguably perform at a similar level, and/or carry similar levels of risk in terms of injury concerns or playing time obstacles. If Player X is ranked at #55 and Player Y is ranked at #65, but they’re in the same tier, it means that I personally like Player X a lot better, but think there’s a valid argument to be made for Player Y performing just as well.
  • I take rankings like this as more of an art than a science. Every person’s rankings are influenced by their own biases, strategic philosophies, determinations of risk, and projections. It’s why no two rankings are ever exactly alike. My way of evaluating and ranking players has worked out well for me over the years, but it might not be a great fit for you. I can’t possibly predict your team’s specific needs, your league mates’ player evaluations, or your current waiver wire, and if I could it’d be weird. In a bad way.
  • Yes, these ranks vary from the official PL positional rankings that I also developed in the off-season. That’s because these are only mineno input from others. This is a safe space for me where I answer to no one but myself…and you if you leave a comment.
  • I’m doing my best to use five starts or 10 appearances as the threshold for positional eligibility. I have not included presumed eligibilities based on likely new positions, but once those eligibilities are earned I’ll add them in. This is just a maintenance thing and we will update eligibility throughout the season. Feel free to let me know if I’m missing any!


Ranking Philosophy


To keep things in the same ilk, here are a couple of notes on how I generally evaluate hitters before we dive in:


  • In 12-team formats, I just don’t see much value in guys who only provide stolen bases. It’s an important category, especially in Roto, but in shallower formats, there are too many other (and better) ways to get the steals you need without sacrificing production in the other categories.


  • If I want to get some insight on whether what I’m seeing is new or if it’s just normal fluctuation, I’d use my favorite tool—the rolling chart, which I’ll also reference as appropriate. You can also get rolling charts from sources like FanGraphs or Baseball Savant. If you have any questions about how to do that or how to read these charts, reach out to me!


  • No stat is an island and they should all be taken in proper context. For ranking purposes, the primary starting points I use are plate discipline, wRC+, quality of contact metrics (also known as Statcast batted ball data), lineup context, and the skills we can measure using tools such as our PLV Hitter Attributes. I also use various projections (some free, some I buy) and dollar value generators.


  • Positional eligibility, and specifically multi-eligibility, is neat but also isn’t a huge factor in many 10- and 12-team leagues anymore due to the prevalence of multi-eligible players. It’s of more value in deeper contests like the NFBC, or in leagues with limited roster moves (draft and hold leagues, transaction limits/costs, extremely short benches, etc.), but even then the value is fairly situational and context-dependent.


  • On a similar note, I don’t penalize players for only qualifying in the utility slot. At most, it is a mild inconvenience if a DH-only player is available at a great value and you already have filled your utility spots.


  • Anyone talented enough to make it to the big leagues can be brilliant or putrid for 50 to 100 at-bats—regardless of true talent. Heck, it could even last a month with no change in potential or skill. It also could be wildly meaningful. We can’t and don’t know which of these will be true until it’s over, though track record, scouting, and trends give us hints.


  • If you’d like input on a player or have any feedback, your best bet is to reach out to me on the website formerly known as Twitter (@ifthechufits) or in the comments!


Read The Notes


  • These rankings talk about what I generally project for a player, but these rankings are not projections. They include projections but also take into account performance risk, injury risk, team context, ceiling, and floor.


Check out the Hacks & Jacks podcast featuring Scott Chu and Joe Gallina, which also happened to be a finalist for Best Baseball Podcast of 2021 by the Fantasy Sports Writers Association (FSWA)!

I also host an AMA in the r/fantasybaseball subreddit every Friday (starting sometime in late March) starting around noon ET that lasts through the rest of the day and into the weekend, so feel free to join the fun and ask questions or make comments.


Tier 1



Tier 2


  • Juan Soto is in a great environment with a great opportunity, and there’s a clear path to the top tier if he shows us he can repeatedly get back to 33+ home runs each year.
  • Fernando Tatis Jr. looks fresh and dynamic and that’s all I need to see to keep him in my second tier.


Tier 3


  • No changes here, and that’s a good thing.


Tier 4


  • Adolis García already has a stolen base to go along with the three home runs, and looks well on his way to another 30-35 home run season. He only stole nine bases last year, but I’m getting a good feeling about something closer to 15 this time around. The strikeouts and ratios won’t be helpful, but everything else will be so good that it doesn’t matter.


Tier 5


  • Oneil Cruz is striking out more than I like, but I’m holding firm for a bit longer due to his out-of-this-world raw ability.
  • Gunnar Henderson is the leadoff guy after all in Baltimore despite not always getting looks there in the spring. There was some thought that Mullins might step in at times, but Gunnar has been the guy in every game so far.
  • Healthy Mike Trout is a lot of fun, isn’t he?
  • Elly De La Cruz keeps striking out a lot, and there’s only so much power and speed matters when you’re not connecting. 30-32% is the magic number for strikeout rate, and if he can get at or below that mark (Elly’s growth in decision-making in 2023 suggests he can) he should be able to reach the heights we are hoping for. If he doesn’t, he’ll get moved to the bottom of the lineup, or worse, benched in tough matchups.


Tier 6


  • CJ Abrams is the leadoff man and the Nationals have been quite aggressive on the base paths, meaning a return to 40 or more steals is more and more likely.
  • Nolan Jones’s slow start doesn’t bother me nearly as much as how bad the Rockies look as a whole. It’s too early to overreact but goodness, how does this team win 50 games?


Tier 7


  • Spencer Torkelson’s slow start isn’t coming with strikeouts, so I’m not overly worried about it at the moment. He’s getting the ball in the air and pulling it, so the home runs will come.
  • The encouraging thing for Triston Casas is that he hit sixth against a lefty.


Tier 8


  • Jake Burger had too many strikeouts in the spring but looks locked in so far now that the games matter. Burger’s rolling 20-game strikeout rate has been under 27% every single day since July 27, 2023, and it looks like whatever he unlocked in the middle of last year has stayed with him despite the ugly spring numbers.
  • Nico Hoerner can regain the 12 spots he lost by being the everyday leadoff man. He’ll keep falling if he doesn’t. Hoerner’s skill set is maximized by hitting first, and hitting anywhere else is bad news for his fantasy value. He’ll still be a top-100 hitter batting lower in the order, but the only path to top-50 value is hitting first or second.


Tier 9


  • Christopher Morel hasn’t hit the bench yet and that’s good. The fact he’s raking doesn’t really change anything as we already knew he was capable of getting incredibly hot. What we don’t know is how long he can keep it going and what he looks like during his slumps. Morel’s 2023 slumps were so bad that he needed to be cut in just about every 12-team league, and lasted so long that even the firmest believers couldn’t keep holding. If Morel can get those slumps corrected faster (more consistent decision-making would be a nice first step), then there’s top-50 hitter upside here.
  • Isaac Paredes hit the shortest home run I’ve seen in a long time, and that’s exactly what Paredes is trying to do. The only distance he cares about is the distance down the pull-field foul line.


Tier 10


  • Jarren Duran stayed in the leadoff spot against a lefty, which really opens the door to moving into the top-75 (or higher), especially if he keeps running like this.
  • A healthy Taylor Ward can mash, no doubt about it. He’s just never healthy, and it’ll be a month of very good health and results or so before I get comfortable raising him out of this tier.
  • Masataka Yoshida sat against the one lefty the Red Sox have seen so far, and if that becomes a true platoon then Yoshida probably falls 20-40 spots.


Tier 11


  • Healthy Tyler O’Neill is worth getting excited about, even if history suggests that it’s unlikely we see O’Neill play in 140 games.
  • J.D. Martinez should be up with the Mets soon and should be a staple in the middle of their lineup. This ranking is a bit aggressive, but I think there’s still plenty left in the tank here.
  • Lars Nootbaar should be up soon and this ranking comes with my assumption that he will play 80-90% of the time and will be near the top of the order more often than not. This is bad news for Victor Scott II.


Tier 12


  • Edouard Julien and Matt Wallner won’t have to deal with any left-handed starters for quite some time, and I’m hoping we see them take full advantage. Neither can really afford to blow this opportunity to shine.
  • Nolan Gorman looks like the ugly version of himself right now and just took a seat against a righty. There’s a non-zero chance that the return of Nootbaar leads to Brendan Donovan taking more reps at second while Gorman works through these contact issues.


Tier 13


  • I threw a few more catchers in the list because people keep asking about them. Catcher is deep right now, y’all.
  • Jung Hoo Lee is doing exactly what we hoped he would by avoiding strikouts, taking walks, and slapping the ball around. He may just barely get to double-digit steals and home runs, but the real value will be in points leagues and on teams who need a ratio boost.
  • Mark Canha will keep hitting in the middle of the order for the Tigers and between the ratios and accumulation of counting stats he should be a fine fill-in for your outfield when you need something stable to pass the time.
  • The injury to Royce Lewis is a massive (if not entirely unexpected) bummer. He’s well worth an IL spot, but we won’t see him until June.
  • Ditto Josh Jung. Jung’s injury history is insanely unlucky, so I’m not willing to put the injury-prone tag on him quite yet.
  • Maikel Garcia is lighting up the scoreboard right now and is already halfway to the four home runs he hit over 123 starts last season. If he keeps hitting the ball in the air, we may see him shoot up closer to the top-100 in short order.
  • I really hope Zach Neto takes over the leadoff spot in Anaheim soon.
  • Brendan Donovan won’t wow us with power or speed, but he’s a valuable contributor to ratios and runs while he’s hitting at the top of the order. He’s been platooned in the past but I’m still not 100% sure how this roster shakes out when guys like Edman and Nootbaar are back and in full swing.


Rank Hitter Position Change
1Ronald Acuña Jr.T1OF-
2Bobby Witt Jr.3B+1
3Julio RodríguezOF-1
4Mookie Betts2B-
5Freddie Freeman1B-
6Kyle TuckerOF-
7Juan Soto
8Aaron JudgeOF-1
9Shohei OhtaniDH-1
10Corbin CarrollOF-
11Matt Olson1B-
12Fernando Tatis Jr.OF-
13Yordan AlvarezOF-
14Bryce Harper1B-
15Austin Riley
16Rafael Devers3B-
17José Ramírez3B-
18Ozzie Albies2B-
19Pete Alonso1B-
20Vladimir Guerrero Jr.1B-
21Trea TurnerSS-
22Corey SeagerSS-
23Marcus Semien2B-
24Michael Harris IIOF-
25Adolis García
26Francisco LindorSS-
27Luis Robert Jr.OF+1
28Bo BichetteSS+1
29Randy ArozarenaOF+1
30Jose Altuve2B+1
31Oneil Cruz
32Bryan ReynoldsOF+1
33Kyle SchwarberOF+2
34Gunnar Henderson3B, SS+2
35Mike TroutOF+4
36Manny Machado3B+1
37Jazz Chisholm Jr.OF+1
38Elly De La Cruz3B, SS-13
39Paul Goldschmidt
40Alex Bregman3B+1
41Christian Walker1B+1
42Adley RutschmanC+1
43CJ AbramsSS+9
44Christian YelichOF+1
45Gleyber Torres2B+1
46Dansby SwansonSS+1
47Cody Bellinger1B, OF+1
48Nolan Arenado3B+1
49Will SmithC+2
50Nolan Jones1B, OF-6
51J.T. Realmuto
52Ketel Marte2B+2
53Spencer Torkelson1B+2
54Triston Casas1B+2
55William ContrerasC+2
56Xander BogaertsSS+3
57Anthony Santander
58Teoscar HernándezOF+5
59Josh Naylor1B+2
60Nick CastellanosOF+2
61Jake Burger3B+13
62Nico Hoerner2B, SS-12
63George SpringerOF+2
64Seiya SuzukiOF+2
65Willson ContrerasC+2
66Brandon NimmoOF-2
67Christian Encarnacion-Strand1B, 3B+1
68Andrés Giménez2B+1
69Yandy Díaz1B+1
70Luis Arraez2B+1
71Marcell Ozuna
72Salvador PerezC, 1B+1
73Yainer Diaz+2
74Riley GreeneOF+2
75Wyatt LangfordOF+2
76Evan CarterOF+3
77Christopher Morel2B, 3B, OF+7
78Ian Happ+2
79Lane ThomasOF-1
80Max Muncy3B+1
81Willy AdamesSS+1
82Isaac Paredes1B, 3B+1
83Jorge SolerOF+2
84Ke’Bryan Hayes
85Jarren DuranOF+16
86Vinnie Pasquantino1B+1
87Ha-Seong Kim2B, 3B, SS+1
88Bryson StottSS+1
89Cedric MullinsOF+1
90Spencer Steer1B, 3B, OF+1
91Alec Bohm1B, 3B+1
92Taylor WardOF+5
93Jackson ChourioOF+1
94MJ MelendezC, OF+1
95Jonathan India2B+4
96Anthony VolpeSS+4
97Masataka YoshidaOF-4
98Thairo Estrada2B, SS-2
99Tyler O’NeillOF+14
100Rhys Hoskins1B+2
101Eloy JiménezOF+3
102J.D. MartinezDH+4
103Lourdes Gurriel Jr.OF+5
104Jordan WalkerOF-6
105Ezequiel TovarSS-2
106Daulton VarshoC+5
107Zack Gelof2B-2
108Jeimer Candelario1B, 3B-1
109Lars NootbaarOF+5
110Logan O’HoppeC-1
111Ryan Mountcastle
112Kerry CarpenterOF+5
113Andrew Vaughn1B+7
114Chas McCormickOF-2
115Trevor Story2B+7
116Steven KwanOF+7
117Edouard Julien2B+7
118Brandon Drury1B, 2B+7
119Nathaniel Lowe1B-3
120Jung Hoo LeeOF+10
121Jake FraleyOF-
122Jack SuwinskiOF+5
123Bryan De La CruzOF+5
124Jeremy PeñaSS+5
125Parker MeadowsOF+6
126Jorge Polanco2B, 3B-8
127Matt WallnerOF-1
128Nolan Gorman2B, 3B-9
129Starling MarteOF+5
130Mitch GarverC+UR
131Josh Bell1B+4
132Cal RaleighC+5
133Francisco AlvarezC+3
134Ryan McMahon2B, 3B-1
135Josh LoweOF+5
136Justin Turner1B+5
137Gabriel MorenoC+UR
138Byron BuxtonDH+4
139Colt Keith3B+4
140Matt Chapman3B+4
141J.P. CrawfordSS+6
142Mark CanhaOF+UR
143Carlos CorreaSS+6
144Royce Lewis3B-110
145Josh Jung3B-87
146Maikel Garcia3B+UR
147Ceddanne RafaelaOF+UR
148Zach NetoSS-3
149Brendan Donovan2B, OF+UR
150James OutmanOF-4

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Scott Chu

Scott Chu is a Senior Fantasy Analyst here bat Pitcher List and has written about fantasy baseball since 2013. He's also the inventor and mascot for Fantasy Curling (as seen the Wall Street Journal) and a 3x FSWA Award Finalist. In addition to being a fantasy analyst, he's a dad, animal lover, Simpsons fanatic, cartoon connoisseur, amateur curler, a CODA, and an attorney.

22 responses to “Top 150 Hitters For Fantasy Baseball 2024: Week 1 – 4/3”

  1. Winson vs. Timson says:

    Any thought to Eugenio Suarez? Out of the worst hitters ballpark to everyday playing time in a good AZ lineup?

    • Scott Chu says:

      Eugenio is a streaky power hitter who is a serviceable option to replace Jung if you lost him. He should hit dingers and drive in guys, but the ratios will be painful and the slumps will be very hard to watch.

  2. EsteuryIsLoveIsLife says:

    I for one am plenty worried about post labrum tear Pasquantino. Expected him to be -10 or -15, he’s being dropped plenty on ESPN. Bad savant so far. Currently planning to give him a leash of 2 or 3 more weeks on my team.

    Jazz Chisolm is way too high and is also on that awful Marlins offense. Also pretty injury prone too. Not like he stole a ton of bases at 22 SB in 97 games last season, he’d need to up those SB considerably to be valuable.

    Cedric Mullins also clearly too high imo. Mullins just seems like a guy who is aging poorly. 101 OPS+ last season. He had an atrocious ST and his savant is bad now. Hitting 7th right now for the orioles and I could see him not even stealing 20 bases.

    Would put Campusano top 150. Maybe Turang as well since Turang is showing improved xBA and whiff. And looks like the Brewers are giving him a big green light to steal bases, could get 40+. Would squeeze Henry Davis in the top 150 too.

    • Scott Chu says:

      Vinnie P had some decision-making issues before injury last season too. He could be someone who takes a big tumble in 2 weeks or so. There are reasons to be concerned, but samples are so small that it’s nearly impossible to separate random variation and actual change.

      Jazz has electric skills, and projections love him. Both ATC and THE BAT project 30 steals thanks to the 22 he had in just 97 games last year. If not fornthe injury issues, he’d be up even higher. And that Marlins offense is scrappy, especially at the top.

      Mullins looks like hell be playing nearly every day so for now I’ll hold him there. He stole 22 in 116 games last year and at least 30 in 2021 and 2022.

      There are a ton of catchers you can shuffle around in the last tier or so. As I said in the notes, Catcher is deep. That said, these ranks are for 12 team, single C formats, and there is no reason to roster 2 of them. A bench OF is ouch more valuable than a bench C.

      Turang has speed and took advantage of a Mets team that has always been one of the worst at stopping the run. He could sniff the list if he gets out of the bottom third or if he shows he can hit for more than a week or two at a time. Turang flashed this at times last season too, but was largely unrosterable in 12 teamer in 2023. I’ll need to see more than some steals against the Mets and a 4 game streak to change my mind there.

      Turang did this last season. He

  3. James says:

    Mitch Haniger thoughts?

    • Scott Chu says:

      Haniger has power upside, but injuries and bad ratios have been too much of the story for the last several years. I don’t mind him as a 2nd UT or 4/5 OF for now. I just need to know if he can stay healthy and if he can hit better than 235 for a while.

  4. Edward says:

    Instead of heavily fading him, why rank Royce Lewis at all if he’s certain to be out for at least a month? As many of this list’s components mirror those of the “Pitcher List”, why not have a separate list of injured hitters with the tiers in which they’d feature if they were healthy? Just curious. As always- great work, thank you for these articles.

    • Scott Chu says:

      Good question, Edward. This is one thing I do differently just as a way to provide some context. We have to roster a lot of hitters, and I try to share where I see a guy in ROS value instead of just when he’d be back. I may eventually shift to Nick’s style, but for now I’ll keeo ranking then. Also, administratively, it’s a little easier for me to manage keeping injured guys on there so I don’t lose too much track of them.

  5. John Kramer says:

    Hi Scott,
    Great to be back in baseball season!
    Jordan Walker seems to be married to the lower 3rd of the lineup, his production is putrid to date, and it seems the Cardinal’s have no idea how to develop young talent. Do you think Marmol is a problem for this team, and do you see any concerning signs or have optimism for Jordan Walker’s outlook? Thanks as always!

    • Scott Chu says:

      I need to see Walker get the ball in the air consistently, which is difficult to do. There is potential to move up to the 5/6 spot if he can get the bat going. 40 putrid ABs doesn’t bother me that much.

  6. Pete says:

    Mark Canha? Colt Keith? Meadows, Torkelson so high, your Tiger bias is kind of obvious and it’s hurting your credibility.

    • Scott Chu says:

      I ranked all players well within their ADP ranges, but I am bullish on the top half of that lineup. I’ll admit I’m a Tigers fan, but for example Tork was on a 40+ HR pace for more than 100 games to end the season and Canha is a fantastic cohtact hitter and looks to be hitting right behind two highly routed prospects who could be in line for a breakout in Greene and Torkelson. Meadows has led off a lot to start the season and has 25/25 upside.

      Canha and Meadows, in particular are also in a tier that arbitrarily ends at 150 but would probably extend to 180-200. Lots of guys in that tier who have variable values based on your needs.

  7. John Kramer says:

    Fair enough, thanks Scott!

  8. JD says:

    I see Luis Rengifo dropped off the list completely, What are your thoughts on him and why the drop off the list?

    • Scott Chu says:

      Rengifo is not playing every day not leading off every time he plays. If both things change, he’ll be back.

  9. JD says:

    Makes sense. Thanks for the response! Really enjoy the site.

  10. RowdyFellaz says:

    When does Conforto make the list? Everyday LF now batting cleanup, hit in 17/19 games (,419), seems to be making legit contact.

    Also – Orlando Arcia. Playing everyday, stacked lined up, hitting almost .500. Too early? Coming off a career best season.

    • Scott Chu says:

      Conforto is right on the bubble. Might sneak into the next one. It was good to see him get the start against a lefty earlier in the week. That said, making contact is something we already knew Conforto could do – his issue is streakiness. He had stretches like this last season about 7 or 8 times. The cold spells are truly brutal, though, and led to him getting platooned. He’s always someone who is aroud that 120-180 range, but to really crack the top 100-120 he’ll need to show he can break out of these slumps before he’s 1/30 over a 10-day period.

      Orlando Arcia started 2023 strong as well but faded hard down the stretch and never really did damage to right-handers (career wRC+ v RHP is 76). Atlanta has seen three lefties in their last 6 games and Arcia has always hit lefties well. I think his hot start is mostly a product of those matchups than it is a new and improved Arcia.

  11. BC says:

    Any thoughts on Nelson Vazquez? I’m in a 16 teamer and have him, curious where you rank him.

    • Scott Chu says:

      Velazquez is an aggressive power hitter with contact issue and little patience. The power will come in waves followed by very cold stretches. It’s a classic trope.

  12. BC says:

    Velasquez, auto spell got me ;)

  13. BC says:

    Thanks Scott, will be fun to watch him. Being a 16 team 6×6 roto league we definitely dig for stats. Hope he keeps his average at or above 250 and gets those power numbers! Appreciate your column, ready it all the time

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